Medifast is giving me a headache, help?

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Hi- I am in the middle of day 2 and I am hungry, tired, and have a really bad headache. Any words of wisdom?..

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Don't give up, how you feel today will not last. Drink plenty of water, get the proper amount of rest and stay on plan. As I was told, the body is going through a detox and getting adjusted to the decrease in caloric intake. Some suggest bouillon for the headaches, I found an aspirin or two helped me..

Check the boards also for other threads relating to the first few days on MF. Hang in there, you will be so glad you did. We have all experienced it. We are rooting for you!.


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It will get better. It is my memory of those first few days that has kept me on plan for 7 weeks now. Your body is going through withdrawl from all the stuff you were eating before Medifast. I lived on Excedrin for the first 4 or 5 days I was on plan. I have seen some people say they had boullion (sp?) to get some salt or ate a pickle and this helped with the headaches. I hope I helped a little.

I am by no means an expert, but I'd be glad to give you any advice I can...

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I am on day 2 also and got the beginning of a headache, it goes away after day 4 for me, but I didnt' stick to plan 100%, so gotta get back on thewagon..

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So you lost 14lbs in 2days as it says day 2?????..

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I also am on day 2. I dont have a headache but I am hungry. I just keep drinking water like crazy and crystal light. I got on the scale this morning. I couldnt stand it. I lost 2.5 lbs in one day. I cant wait to see the weight loss at the end of the week, although most of the weight loss is water weight the first week...

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Stick to the plan you can do this!.

Also, I wish both (all of you newbs) great weightloss for your first week and upcoming weeks to follow!.

You can do this!.

Look at me...down 47lbs already in little over 9 weeks!..

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If you were a carb addict, your detox will be worse. Just hang in there and you'll do great. Do NOT give up. The way you feel right now is a good indication that you are doing the right thing with MF. You are simply getting worse before you get better. I'll be excited to hear how you feel a few weeks from now.



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Wow - I am glad I found this post! I am on Day 3 and suffering from a wicked headache. It is nice to know there is light at the end of the tunnel!..

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It's not just Medifast - with any WL I've ever tried, I know the first week can be really trying. This is my first week on Medifast and I've been sick with some kind of bug on top of trying to loose weight. Day 4 was the worst, but today was a vast improvement - my Medifast food finally arrived (I'd been following the 3 small L&G + 1 dairy since Saturday). I can't agree more about the broth/bouillon. I keep a jar of beef & garlic flavored cubes in my desk at work, that way if I'm feeling really low I can pop one in some hot water & slowly sip myself out of my funk...

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