Day 2 of Medifast: Resisting

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I am supposed to attend a bachelorette party tonight for a wedding I'll be in next month (part of my motivation for losing weight.) I already told the bride I don't plan on drinking and she is trying to pressure me to having "1 drink" or one night of drinking won't make a difference..

My goal is to lose 10-15lbs in 4 weeks..

I'm on day 2 of the plan.... Yes only day 2!! I need help!..

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Either just stand by your guns and keep saying that you choose not to drink, or cheat like I did..

I had a big function to go to in my first few weeks of MF, and the people we went with, well they drink quite a bit, and I used to as well. The wife kept on pressuring me and in the end I just told her I was on antibiotics and was absolutely not allowed to drink. That stopped it in it's tracks, and I figured that it would stop anyone being stupid and trying to slip me a drink that I didn't want or need..

That worked, and the night was great fun. Since then of course they have seen the weight coming off and they respect my decision not to drink..

Good luck, you will have a great time believe me...

Comment #1

I'll have to remember the antibiotics one! I already told her it was due to doing Medifast, so I can't use that one on her this time. But I'll keep that in my back pocket for future uses..

Comment #2

My mother taught me a trick long ago, go to the bar and order seltzer with a slice of lime, people can't tell it's not an alcoholic drink...

Comment #3

That might be just the thing I need... as long as she doesn't go start ordering drinks for me!.

Another tip - and I don't know if this is all bars or just my friend who does this. But if guys want to buy her drinks and she doesn't want one. She tells them she wants a White Dolphin. It happens that she frequents a certain bar, so they know that it means water. But that's our little secret..

Comment #4

Darn! I know I'm late on this, but I would have told her, "Listen, if you want me to fit in my bridesmaid dress next month, please support me with this program. I really want to look great for your day." How could she disagree with that?.

I'm so glad I don't drink. I'd rather eat my calories any day. lol..

Comment #5

UGH I feel you on this one, I never drink anymore because of Medifast and havent really drank anything over the past year in other efforts to lose weight, my friends are sort of used to it now, but I always just order a club soda with lime and it seems to pass the time pretty well and have people question me less. I do feel like I'm annoying to my friends when they drink without me but what can I do? My friend has recently picked up on my habit trying to be healthy and now we screw up the whole bar thing... if one person goes out with us we just order club sodas and I think the bartender just wants to kill us. haha..

Comment #6

Maybe not for the bachelorette party, but for other occasions where your friends want to go out drinking, you can offer to be the designated driver. My friends never turn me down for that! Plus, they'll never push drinks on you!.

I say stick to your guns for the party. Once she gets there and starts enjoying everyone, she probably won't be playing close attention to your beverages anyway, so enjoy the club soda and lime...

Comment #7

Definately stick to your guns about not drinking alcohol. Not only does it mess with the Medifast program and the way the body processes carbs, but it leads many people down a slippery slope when they try to get back on plan. I gave advice to a team I belonged to here a few months ago, and I left the team due to the reactions I got,,,,but even then, I stand by this advice,,don't drink and MF,,period!..

Comment #8

Hope it worked out okay! LOVE your icon XD..

Comment #9

LMAO, that's why I always tell the bartender/waiter "I PROMISE I will tip you good if you keep these coming all night!", lol my friends all think I'm a very generous tipper..

Comment #10

I happy to report I did not have one drop of alcohol! I had water at the first location while everyone else was finishing eating burgers, fries, beer... and at the party bar I nurse one diet coke all night. I was so proud of myself. Thanks for the encouragement everyone!.

I did try to offer to be the DD, but the maid of honor truly had the medication excuse so she drove...

Comment #11

GREAT job on not giving in and short changing yourself by CHEATING! YOU are so worth staying 100% ON Plan, GREAT Work and Congratulations!..

Comment #12

I work in marketing and am constantly around tempting foods and cocktails and people enjoying them and wanting me to enjoy them as well. It gets tough some days when they are really pushing with that "Just have ONE". thing..

I've found the honest approach has worked great. I tell them that I'm on the Medifast program and it's working GREAT! Then I tell them that "just one" equals about 5 days worth of really hard work down the drain, not to mention the financial loss (these are business folks, after all). Then I tell them that I'd love for them to come celebrate with me once I've reached my goal and in the maintenance phase, which their support helped me to achieve, and THEN they can all join me in a toast!.

Everyone has been VERY supportive when they see it in those terms. In fact, they are coming to me daily and asking about how I'm doing and really cheering me on! It's really, really helped! It needs to become personal for them. If they see themselves as instrumental in your success or failure, their outlook is different...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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