Day 2 of Medifast: It's tough!

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Okay so I'm on day 2. I knew I had bad eating habits but doing Medifast has really brought them to the forefront. I can't believe how much my life revolves around food. I find myself almost instinctively reaching for a snack all the time-when I wake up, when I'm tired, when I'm stressed, when my little ones eat, when I'm watching TV. It's almost like I am missing a friend. This is hard and I am hungry but I want to stick it out and see what happens.

So I am looking for people to chat with and share successes and tough days with. Good luck every one!..

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Hang in there! It totally gets better! Get one week under your belt and the rest will be history. The great thing about Medifast is you get to let go of your relationship to food. Just do 5 packets of Medifast and your meal and move on.

Hunger is really hard. Hunger and tired are even worse, so make sure you get plenty of sleep this week!.

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

You can do it!!!!!!.

Next week you will be offering advice to other newbies!!!!!!!!..

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Bethy is telling you the truth! Stay Strong and stay on plan I've found myself hanging out here on the Medifast board a ton and I've found that I'm not in this by myself!.

The people on here are great and very supportive..

You can do this and you will be amazed at the results!.

Stay strong! Ruthie..

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It's so amazing how much you learn about your relationship with food on mf. More than any other diet I have been on in my life. Stay strong, drink water like crazy and stay busy!!! you can do it!!!..

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You hit the nail on the head. I too didn't realize how bad my habits were - open the pantry, eat a cookie. Open the fridge, eat a stick of cheese. Get up for the phone, grab a snack. I've been on plan for about 8 weeks now and it is amazing how the cookies last, the ice cream lasts, etc. I was the human garbage disposal in our house..

The first 2-4 days are the worst, but like all the others have said, it will get better. I was tired and hungry, but then by about day 5'ish I had energy and haven't been very hungry since. Sometimes I forgot to eat my snacks on time...

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Ccbk I'm only slightly ahead of you - I started on Monday so today is Day 5. Today something magical happened.. I'm energetic! I hope it lasts! LOL. I had headaches for the first few days, but they also went away..

The hunger was helped by lots and lots of water for me.. also hubby and I (he also started Monday) bought a "food clock" and hung it in the room we spend nearly all our awake time in.. and posted a list of our meal times under it. It helps us a lot.. both keeping us on track, but also letting us visualize that it is okay.. we can last an hour, lets just drink more water..

I can honestly say I only had about an hour total of hunger today.. MUCH improved (and that spread across several "meal gaps")..

Hang in there - I can see doing this for a long time, now that I've gotten a good start. I hope it works for you too :-)..

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Congratulations! I am about 6 days ahead of you and doing well. My advice would be to order the food that you enjoy as it all has the necessary nutrients. I originally ordered the variety package, but find a few of those foods unpleasant. So, I ordered some different things which just arrived. This morning I had the chocolate chip pancakes which were good. I also just received the Parmesan Puffs which taste good, have some crunch, and last quite a while as they are small and fairly plentiful.

Drink your water. Be sure to use your condiments wisely and take advantage of the fresh summer veggies.

Good luck..


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