Day 1 of Medifast and I'm afraid to eat?

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Ok this is my first day and i'm afraid to eat. It's noon time and I haven't had a single thing yet. (did get up at 10am though) I'm afraid i'll be starving at 8pm , I have to work tonite until 11pm and I always get bored at work because it's not busy. ( doesn't help that I work at a restaurant either) I'll be having my L&G at work probably around 8 but it's after that I really go down hill. It just seem like it's enough food and i'll be satisfied. HELP!!!!..

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A rule I stick to is eat when you get up, gets your metabolism going, waiting does nothing but harm your potential loss. You can space everything, eat every 3 hours and you will be fine. Drink lots and lots of water. I used to work in a restaurant, so I know how being around lots of food is, and how everyone sits and eats, it is great to save your meal til then, because that will be satisfying enough to get you through almost til the end of your shift. You can do this girly, have breakfast and enjoy it...

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You HAVE to eat the Medifast meals!!! Why does it scare you so much? If you do not eat the Medifast and stick to only eating 1 meal a day, your body is going to STORE fat, not release it! Trust me, I know. I gained 60 lbs eating only once or twice a day. Your body believes it's starving, so will hold on to every calorie. What the Medifast program will teach you is that eating small meals every couple of hours and the nutrition content of the Medifast products, lets your body know that you are taking care of it and it's ok to let the fat go..

It's a tough mindset to break, and even in mainetnance I find myself falling back into my bad habits. But at least now I understand the harm in this and am able to correct the behavior before it gets out of control..

No go fix yourself a shake or hot cocoa or something and EAT!!!..

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Thank you!!! no sooner did I post I received a couple of replies that were very helpful. Im sipping on the shake and it's not bad at allReading the threads also helps ! I can do this!!..

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Plan out your day so you make sure you are eating every 2-3 hours. You may need snacks (pickles, celery, etc) to get you through the first couple of days..

If you get bored at work, drink some water or have some tea.

You will do just fine. Welcome to day one!..

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Hi suzan-.

I work sort-of the same hours as you are talking about (3-11:30) and yes, it is difficult to figure out when to eat. here is what I do:.

11am: Medifast 1.

1pm: MF2.

3pm: MF3 (a bar as I walk into work).

6: L&G.

9:MF 4.

12: Medifast 5 when I get home.

Just a suggestion. you must must must eat your meals. you are sabatoging your efforts & wasting money if you dont. good luck!..

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Yep, I work 1-9, but I get up at 7 or 8. It can be strange..

One trick I do is break my meals into smaller meals. I know working in a restaurant it's hard to make time to eat, and my desk job is a little different, but your situation sounds kind of similar..

For example, I tend to make a recipe out of 4 meals (you'll probably discover this later) but cut it up into 6 pieces. That way I eat six times for four meals. Some days when I'm super hungry, I have 10 half-meals.

Another thing I do is wait a few hours to start eating on mornings that I don't work out, but I have my caffeinated beverage right away to get things going...

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For the last 2 weeks I have been waiting too late to eat and then I had to cram all my meals into a short amount of time.My loss was very minimal and I think that was the reason why my weight loss was so minimal..

It is very important (telling myself that)to space your meals 2 or 3 hour apart .And drink lots of water..

We can do this together!..

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She's TOTALLY right! You want to get your metabolism up and running and eating every few hours- as weird as it seems- keeps our blood sugars leveled out throughout the are you drinking water???..

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