Dating (online dating with question

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If a guy likes a woman is it better if he gives his number to her, like on a note, or ask for her number?..

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Your question was: Dating (online dating with question.

I prefer it when a guy asks for my number.Sheri..

Comment #1

I cant answer for all men, but I would think that if a guy asks a woman for her number that he has some interest in her...

Comment #2

No I what I meant was is it do you prefer if a guy gave his number to you or if he asked for yours or both?..

Comment #3

I prefer a guy to ask for my number. If I'm not interested, I won't give him the number. I'll just say "I'm flattered, but I don't think it's a good idea".But if I AM interested, I'll give him my number, and by HIS asking ME, it shows his interest in me. Then if he actually calls, then I KNOW he's interested.And it shows he's not afraid to pursue what he wants...

Comment #4

<And it shows he's not afraid to pursue what he wants.>I'm so frustrated cuz i'm AFRAID to pursue what I want. I have gotten like 3 or 4 numbers from women just in the past few months but afraid to call. What do you suggest I do?..

Comment #5

Under normal conditions, I prefer a man to ask me for my number. Then I would ask for his in exchange...

Comment #6

Why would you be afraid to pursue what or who you want?..

Comment #7

I don't know. Do you have any suggestions to get over my fear? How should I "pursue" what I like or want?..

Comment #8

Unless you can identify specifically what you are afraid really cant do anything to overcome it. Sorry...

Comment #9

So do women consider a guy like me a wimp or sissy?..

Comment #10

If you don't call, these women most likely don't think you really like them. Are you afraid of rejection? Afraid of not knowing what to say on the phone? If you give us a little more information, maybe we can help...

Comment #11

Scared of both. Rejection and not knowing what to say on the phone.Generally is it better to ask for phone number and asking out on phone or asking them right then and there...

Comment #12

Well, if you're going to date, you have to learn how to deal with rejection. It's not going to kill youI can't count how many times I've been rejected and I'm still alive and kicking ;-). It honestly does get easier with practice. Once you're rejected a few times and you realize that it's not fun, but it's not THAT BAD, you can deal with it better.As for what to say, talk about whatever your common connection is for a few minutes, maybe ask how her day was. Then ask if she'd like to have dinner Friday night (or whatever).And as for whether I prefer that someone ask me out on the spot or call me, it really depends on the context. A simple, would you like to go out sometime followed by, great, I'll call you to set things up if she says yes, would work in most situations though.Sheri..

Comment #13

Take a communications class to help overcome the fear.....

Read a few good self-help books on self-esteem:.

How to Raise Your Self-Esteem, Nathaniel Brandon.

The Aladdin Factor, Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen.

The Magic of Thinking Big, David J. Schwartz..

Comment #14

<I can't count how many times I've been rejected and I'm still alive and kicking >Do you ask men out? Or is rejection different for women? Like if a man doesn't ask you out you consider that a rejection? Do you think I'm scrutinizing too much?..

Comment #15

I have, and I've had men not call me again after one or more dates, or even disappear without a word after we have been involved for a while (a year and a half in one case)all rejections of one sort or another.And yes, you're scrutinizing too muchyou need to get out there and just do it. As I said, it becomes easier with some practice. And it's necessary to risk rejection and risk getting hurt if you want to be in a relationshipthat's just the way it is. Sheri..

Comment #16

Sometimes a woman feels more comfortable taking a man's number - do you have a business card? But you can say, I'd like your number if you feel comfortable, but here is mine also.".


Comment #17

How can a man tell if a woman is rejecting him or playing hard to get, like wants to make the guy work for it. Why do you woman do this so much?! Can't they be less elusive?..

Comment #18

You're barking up the wrong tree with this "you women" attitude. All women are not the sameI don't play hard to get and I really don't have women friends who do either. Having that attitude is not going to help you get dates, at least not with women you'd want to be in a relationship (thru with.Assume if she says no, that she means no. You wouldn't want someone who doesn't say what she means, anyway, would you?Sheri..

Comment #19

Hate to be old school and it's not terrible at all if you ask for a guy's number (and oftentimes they're thrilled!) but there is something just really satisfying about letting a guy in the beginning make the 1st moves.


Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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