Dangers of Colon Cleansing

The colon is a section of the large intestine that could hold up to 10 pounds of toxins such as fecal matter and/or undigested food. These toxins have been linked to such afflictions as acne, bad breath, insomnia, low sex drive, poor memory, gas and many more.

Many holistic practitioners believe that colon cleansing takes the waste out of the colon and allow the colon to properly absorb minerals and vitamins. They also think that by doing colon cleansing it will restore normal muscular activity in the colon.

Their belief is that many illnesses such as the flu, colds, cancer, arthritis cardiovascular disease and allergies have been linked to unhealthy colons because of large amounts of poor quality food along with improper disposal of such food. This waste collects in the body for days, months and even years and can poison the entire system of the body.

The idea is that a clean, strong and healthy colon helps the body maintain the best possible health. In order to achieve this clean healthy colon holistic practitioners believe a colon cleansing is a must. There are two main types of methods for colon cleansing.

One is using a supplement in powder or liquid form the other is a hydro irrigation called a colonic where a rubber hose is inserted in the rectum and it is flushed with water. Scientist says that doing either of these methods may be doing more harm then good. They say that these processes are invasive and maybe unnecessary.

Why is a colon cleansing “dangerous”?

· The colon knows how to do its job. Doing a colon cleansing can hurt the process of shedding nutrients and absorbing minerals and vitamins. The colon might not work as well if this process is interfered with.

· If the equipment that is used to flush the colon is not clean then a bacterial infection could develop.

· Doing a colon cleansing could cause the body to absorb too much water. This could possibly cause a chemical imbalance which would result in feelings of nausea, vomiting, heart failure and fluid in the lungs. The colon wall could also break which is fatal.

· Supplements can be dangerous because most are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Manufacturers could make health claims that are not supported by evidence so it probably is a waste of money. The user just does not know what they are getting.

· Taking laxatives or colon cleansing pill can prevent the body from doing its job because then the colon relies on the pill to do it and it will not empty normally. Some pills contain senna which is harsh and can irritate the lower digestive tract which could lead to diarrhea and create a mineral imbalance in the body.

· One of the most dangerous things about doing a colon cleanse is that many people do the treatment without consulting a qualified physician first. Any kind of enema or alternative form of medicine should be discussed with a qualified practitioner.

· Constipation can be caused by a lot of other reasons like medications thyroid problems or diabetes. Instead of doing a colon cleansing for constipation try finding and treating the cause.

· Total fasting as a way to cleanse the colon puts an unnecessary load on the liver. The liver works overtime to flush out all the toxins without anything in the body. The toxins are just recirculated and reach the liver again. Use lots of water and fresh organic juices or raw vegetables to help flush toxins out of the body without recirculation.

What to do instead of a colon cleansing?

Colon cancer is the third most common diagnosed cancer in the U.S. Here are ways to try to prevent colon cancer from occurring:

1. Get regular colon cancer screening especially if colon cancer runs in the family. Generally at age 50 regular screening should begin however that is dependent on age, family and medical history. Colon cancer must be caught early, before symptoms in order to treat it effectively.

2. Exercise regularly.

3. Do not smoke.

4. Eat food rich in fiber and low in fats. Also get lots of vitamin D. Studies have shown low vitamin D increases risk.

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