Curbing appetite during Medifast Diet

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I am sooooo happy!!.

I've been searching all over for something inexpensive, legal, and over-the-counter to help curb appetite!.

MF says some of it's shakes contain SuperCitrimax for appetite control, so I decided to go out and try to get some. Instead of buying the special shakes, I went to GNC and got some regular Citrimax. (they were out of the SuperCitrimax). I've been taking it as directed (one tablet 3x a day before meals) and it's working PERFECTLY! I'm not jittery, have a little more energy AND best of all, when evening time rolls around, I'm not looking to eat everything that's not nailed down! It certainly works for me! I hope it will for you, too! I can definately tell a difference in my appetite at my weakest point of the day!..

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I also purchased some Citrimax and it's working wonders. I take 1/2 of the daily dosage and found it to really help curb my appetite...

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Thanks for the tip I definitely need help in the appetite area...

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Personally I like Hoodia, but we are all different!..

Comment #3

I'm confused if you stick to the plan why the need for outside appetite suppressant pills?..

Comment #4

Because sometimes you are still STARVING and not feeling so hungry is helpful. I don't use them myself - but whatever helps you to stay on plan and lose the weight is fine in my book...

Comment #5

Thanks everyone for the advice on citrimax. I have been on medifast over 7 weeks now and never really felt starved except in the beginning. But lately I just want to eat! I have been restraining myself, but I am so hungry. Maybe it's because I have added exercise to my life. I am going to GNC to get some citrimax!..

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I thought Medifast didn't recommend taking any suppliements? Is this Medifast approved? I get the "hungry's" late at night sometimes so this may help if it's Medifast approved...

Comment #7

It's not going to be Medifast approved, because of course they would prefer you to buy THEIR supplements. If you want an Medifast approved supplement, then get their appetite suppressant shakes...

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Mirashay, thank you so much for posting about Citrimax! Based on your post, I bought some and have been using it over the past week and it is awesome! Not only do I not get the "hungries" anymore, but I have about twice the energy, but without feeling jittery at all! Thanks again!..

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My problem isn't physical hunger. Do they make anything to shut up the emotional eater?? LOL!..

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That is too funny DoBee! Right on. I can totally relate.

I will also add that I did take Hoodia in the past and if you get a good brand (i.e reputable source and not just the cheapest one) it worked for me. I am open to trying additional appetite curbing tools if needed. I am only on Day 6 and I will say that I do get hungry. I won't lie... but then again, I have a huge appetite so these little meals are a stretch for me.

However, at the same time I am focused on all the things I have to gain by losing this weight. SO far, it has been *easy* to stay on plan. If however, these hunger pangs don't let up or get annoying, I would not hesitate to try something in that area. Heck, if it means the difference between on plan and off plan I would assume it would be worth it..


Day 6 and down 10 pounds thus far!..

Comment #11

Has anyone tried CUUR? I saw an add for it in a magazine...

Comment #12

Anyone else out there try Super Citrimax with success? I'm thinking of purchasing it. Too scared to try the phentermine my doc prescribed for me..

Comment #13

I like Hoodia. I struggle with hunger at times... and it helps.

For emotional hunger, I am working with the Abraham Hicks material and also Judith Beck's book.....

Comment #14

I have tried citrimax and found like dobee my hunger is emotional soooooooo brin1269 if you want it I can send it to you to try before you invest lemme know.....

Comment #15

Thanks! I'll think about it; I'm going to give it a while for the program to take full effect. Today I feel no hunger whatsoever (course, that could also be due to the fact that it's my TOM and I'm in terrible pain right now!)..

Comment #16

Hope these Help! Best of Luck!.



These answer many questions on Hoodia and Citrimax...

Comment #17

I'm not hungry yet, but do plan to have some momentum on hand JUST in case!..

Comment #18

Looks like in the medical community there is no conclusive proof that either one of these work. I'm not looking for a supplement to help me lose weight (I have Medifast for that); just looking for something to help my appetite. But some of the users on here are saying it does work for them. I guess it's just one of those things we have to try for ourselves!..

Comment #19

I completely agree brinn1269. To each their own, whatever works. That's the name of the game! Everyone, keep up the hard work! We can do it!..

Comment #20

Just wanted to tell you that what I do is add a drop of peppermint oil to my water and it fills me up, with a nice minty taste...

Comment #21

SUPER idea! And nice minty breath to fight off my ketosis breath!..

Comment #22

Thank you all for the tips I was feeling like a failure because I am so hungry I just have to remember to take a supplement and not raid the fridge..

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Hi all! I've been on the program for 25 weeks, 100% OP. For the first three months I was STARVING, but then as I moved into the end of my 4th month, I felt on top of the world. I really would have liked an appetite suppressant back then and I see nothing wrong with it. I would suggest, however, seeing if you can ween yourself off of them after a while, just to see if you can manage without them. Good luck and stick to whatever works!..

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