Crumbling up a Medifast bar into brownie mix?

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I would not recommend doing this on a regular basis. Part of being on the 5&1 is to learn to space your meals and eat 6 times a day. Doubling up on meals may be OK if you are struggling to get your food in, but should not be done often...

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On occasion when I have not been able to fit in all my meals, I will end the day with a crunch bar crumbled into a pudding, frozen for a 1/2 hour or so and then mixed, it is as close to Ben and Jerry's as I get these days......

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It would be great if you could do it and then divide it up into two separate meals, not necessarily eat both at the same time. There are several recipes on the board that use two Medifast meals, but they just divide them into two separate meals.

Someone posted about mixing a bar with frozen pudding, like a "blizzard" - sounded good to me!..

Comment #2

I haven't tried it yet, but been thinking about it, I was going to try chopping up a caramel bar and making a brownie with chewy bits, mmmmmmmmmm actually I WILL be trying that one in the next couple of days, now I type it instead of just thinking it it sounds good...

Comment #3

I'm in month 6 of the program and do realize how to space out meals, thanks...

Comment #4

You asked for recommendations and I gave you mine! No offense intended...

Comment #5

I don't see a problem with using two meals and splitting them. I have actually made this recipe and it's good. That's my 2cents!..

Comment #6

I do this on a regular occasion. I double up meals so I am full longer. I also rarely have a sit down5&1, just mix the chicken and veggies in soup or add bars to puddings, etc..

Nutrition Support says it's fine and they do it themselves. You know YOU and if you're more satisfied doubling up, go for it. We're all different and have to make this work for us...

Comment #7

I haven't tried it, but it sounds good! I did a brownie with vanilla ice cream a few days ago and it was great! I ate 1/2 for one meal and the other 1/2 for the next meal..

Under success tools-eat right, Medifast lists a recipe for chocolate covered banana that contains more than 1 Medifast packet, so I would think that it's ok from a nutritional aspect. Especially if you are planning on having both 1/2's in the same day...

Comment #8

I don't think I was clear in my question, or somewhere along the way people got the wrong idea about what I was asking-most of the replies I have gotten are addressing the doubling up meals aspect-I am simply asking what bars in which puddings are best and how it tastes after being microwaved..

I've been OP for 6 months and do not have questions on if I can double up meals or whatever lol I was more looking for answers like "Ohh the best is chocolate pudding with peanut butter bar or vanilla pudding with lemon bar"..

Comment #9

I make ice cream out of the pudding mixes, and I think I would like chocolate ice cream with mint chocolate bar crunched up in it. If I were going to put a bar in brownies, it would definitely be the caramel nut bar. Yummy!!!!.

Good luck on your concoctions. So far my greatest accomplishment has been making soft serve ice cream and adding a little s-f syrup. I have it almost every night. Good luck again!!!..

Comment #10

I sometimes do what mamaturn does, too. I am most hungry in the middle of the day, but I often don't have time to have my lean and green then. Also, if I have my full lena and green in the middle of the day, then I am more apt to cheat because I also want to sit down with the family at dinnertime. So I sometimes add a bit of brocolli or chicken to the soups. And if you go over a bit for your veggies for the day, don't sweat it. As my nutirtionist says... "Ain't none of us got fat eating brocolli!!"..

Comment #11

Brownies with peanut butter bars is excellent, I add 4 TBs of water and microwave for 1 min, it is my favorite!..

Comment #12

Well that is 100% true, LOL, BUT use caution while on the 5&1, I know it's daft but those carbs creep on up there very quickly, so don't overdose on the veggies. I don't panic to much but it is interesting to watch as you log it into your meal plan...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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