Cruelty and medifast

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Just a little vent....yesterday was a bad day. I'm recovering from foot surgery, so I'm not completely back on plan (the doc wants more calories) and so I'm not losing weight. I'm frustrated already. One of my closest friends was diagnosed with cancer and just shaved her head before she loses her hair (found out yesterday). Nothing went right at work, but I fixed all the problems before anyone was affected, so my boss was happy. Then, as I'm leaving last night (in a wheelchair for the foot), my boss and I ran into my stunningly beautiful and thin and wealthy coworker friend, wearing a gorgeous outfit.

My boss, who knows I'm on Medifast and stops into my office each day to ask what meals I'm having, says, "Oh, Heather, forget that. You'll never be thin, and especially not thin enough to wear something like that. Can you imagine how this would look on you? It was a very long crying jag last night. Why are people like that? What joy can they get from tearing someone down?..

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Dig your heals in and prove them all wrong! What an inspiration you WILL be! People are gong to be coming to you with "tell me how you did it"!.

Blessings on your journey!.


Comment #1

Best revenge is to show up wearing something like that and rubbing it in their faces. Success is sweeet revenge...

Comment #2

I agree with you, as far as I dont know why people think it is okay to make remarks and be so cruel like that. If you want that dress, you go out and get that dress and show them you can do it. Because you know you can!!!!..

Comment #3

#1-Your doc who's telling you to eat more calores after foot surgery had better have a DARN good reason. Remember, many docs are CLUELESS about weight management. Medifast was designed by doctors and people have taken Medifast to lose weight so their surgeries go better! I'd watch out for listening to him AND I'd get a second opinion from a doc who actually is educated about Medifast and it's benefits first..

#2-to be successful in your weight management it has to come from within You for You. You have to learn to disregard what other people say, both in favor AND against. You have to disengage your life's situations from your weight management decisions. They do NOT have to be linked. You can make healthy weight management choices NO MATTER WHAT is going on in your life. To convince yourself otherwise is just to fill your mind with sweet-tasting poison..

I think what the "boss" said wouldn't have bothered you nearly so much if you weren't afraid that he was right. We are often most injured when people say what our insecurities already believe. Realize that and accept the experience as a way to grow and become stronger. To wrestle with, not the boss, but your own inner demons and come out victorious..

If you're not doing Medifast right now, nothing is stopping your from limiting your carbs to 60 or less a day, right? Then, at least, when you get back on plan you don't have to go through carb withdrawal, and it will leave you feeling a bit more in control in the meantime..


Hear of six degrees of separation? Your choices will affect not only you but wave out through six levels of acquaintance. You can be the light that changes those dark-visioned people. You have amazing power to make change in your life and your world. Grab onto that power and DON'T LET GO!!!!.

*hugs tightly and tries not to bump the ol' foot!*.


Comment #4

I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure a higher calorie intake is required after surgery so you can have a better chance at healing. Do what your doctor says. Medifast will still be there when you are all better..

Comment #5

Sorry for the response from your boss,,but like others said,,yep,,just prove them wrong! And sometimes the most beautiful person on the outside, is very lacking on the inside. dont let those type of remarks get you down!.

As to your Dr wanting more calories, my neurosurgeon when I had my back fusion in may expalined enough calories are needed and increased protein, for proper healing, especially with bones. Not sure if your bones were what was cut, but if so, yep, your Dr knows best. Medifast will be here when you are all beter. In the meantime, those extra calories DONT have to be junk or high carb,,just choose wisely and when given clearance, jump back OP! A big MFin (((( HUG)))) for you from me!..

Comment #6

There's a lot of truth in what silvertaurus said..

I just want to add that, for me, proving someone else wrong isn't a motivating factor, but becoming healthy and feeling great is. And it is that that keeps me going.

What your boss said was amazingly thoughtless ... and leaves me very unimpressed with his/her people skills. I'm also curious as to why this person wants to know what you're eating every day. There's something odd about that. Does this person tend to micro-manage? Just curious...

Comment #7

Probably someone who micromanages everyone's life but his own. His own is probably a mess. /shrug I don't know him but that's the type that usually does things like that...

Comment #8

Oh mansome people!.

Use what works...if it is anger that someone could be so thoughtless, or inspiration to prove them wrong...if it works, use it. If not, write it off..

Take care of yourself and know you are on the right track..



Comment #9

Yeah, when I was showing my day-old daughter to my coworkers (after a 50 pound weight gain), one said "You know, I refused to leave the hospital until I could get back into my size 4 jeans. Took me a day, but I did it!" I went home and cried all day. Nice welcome for a new baby..

MAD Magazine was one of my favorites as a teenager (a thousand years ago...) Anyway, they used to have a section called "MAD's snappy answers to stupid questions". I think that we need a blog for "snappy answers to stupid questions and ridiculous statements". Not that we should ever actually lower ourselves to the level of those people, but thinking about a nasty, sarcastic response just feels good. So, is he short - or old - or forgetful?.

Winston Churchill was famous for his drinking and his wit. A woman came up to him and said "Mr. Churchill, you are very, very drunk". To which he replied, "Ma'am, you are very, very ugly. In the morning, I will be sober, but you will still be ugly." So, in some months, you will be beautiful and he will still be a brainless twit, right???..

Comment #10

<Ok, *stands corrected.* I didn't mean to suggest to not listen to your doc, I am just, well, a skeptic and have had some rotten docs. Just don't give up or give in!.


Comment #11

[quote=silvertaurus]#2-to be successful in your weight management it has to come from within You for You. You have to learn to disregard what other people say, both in favor AND against. You have to disengage your life's situations from your weight management decisions. They do NOT have to be linked. You can make healthy weight management choices NO MATTER WHAT is going on in your life. To convince yourself otherwise is just to fill your mind with sweet-tasting poison..

This is So Well Said! Our journey is just that, our journey. We have to own it. Comments in favor of releasing wt. and against our choices for reducing from others are just that, comments. We need to brush off outside commentary and do what is best inside ourselves. I see it this way.........I have 75 pounds to release or whatever the number may be on a given day.

It is my load and no one can carry it for me, not even for a second. So it is my business what I do with this load. If I decide I want to rid my carcus of this extra load then so be it and I will not listen to outside commentary. For me the comments have always circled around "keeping it off" as historically I have been able to dump it, but not keep it in the dumpster! Anyway, just listen to your inner self and ignore the rest! You own your journey!.

Happy Melting..


Comment #12

Wow, I can't get over how rude some people are. Such a shame; I actually feel sorry for your boss.

But prove everyone wrong! Stay OP and you will be in that dress - ANY dress you want - in no time. Good luck and remember, lots of people who make comments like that are very insecure, jealous in the first place (whether they are thin or not, wealthy or not often as little to do with it.. it's just how some people are, plus some folks just react very strangely to the whole weight loss thing, so who knows. Still no excuse, though)..

Go for it!..

Comment #13

Success is the best revenge! Lose that weight and rock and even cuter outfit...

Comment #14

Then, as I'm leaving last night (in a wheelchair for the foot), my boss and I ran into my stunningly beautiful and thin and wealthy coworker friend, wearing a gorgeous outfit..

Wow, it sounds like you really put this woman on a pedestal. How about putting your beautiful, thin self on a pedastal??..

Comment #15

First, I would like to say that I find it amazing that your boss would deem something like that as acceptable to say to you. Even if you have thoughts like that, most rational people are aware what damage words like that could do, especially since your boss is aware of your efforts to lose weight. I strongle agree with everyone else and encourage your to use the experience as motivation..

One thing that has yet to be pointed out, use it as motivation as well as anything else negative people may have said to you, but make sure that you don't lose sight of the fact that you are doing it for you, not to rub it in someone's face. I have found that most people who are that callous are the type of people who would just find some other insecurity of yours and attack that. Some people are just a-holes, so use it as motivation, but I suggest you not use incidents like this as a primary motivator. People who use negative reinforcement as a catalyst for changing something often suceed in changing, however you don't want the taint of anger and other ugly emotions which often remain. Don't let negative emotions sully your beautiful personality that will compliment your beautiful new figure.

I sure everyone knows this, but I felt compelled to call it out! One question though, Is your boss overweight or suffer from some other body image disorder? If so, and they are aware of your efforts to change yours, this incident sounds like a very transparent attempt to knock you down so she can feel better about herself.

Keep OP and there is nothing or nobody that can stand in your way...

Comment #16

EWWWW!! That wasn't nice...I can't imagine why someone would say something like that. Yes it was very hurtful but just a little motivation to say...I'll show you..

Hang tough your worth it!!!..

Comment #17

Sounds to me as if your boss is a little jealous. Don't worry, you'll look smashing in no time!..

Comment #18

I've found that the people who ask the most questions about what I eat daily and want to know the personal details without me volunteering them first tend to be the spectators. These are the same people who are obsessed with soap operahs and reality TV. Nothing interests them more than what they consider a sideshow novelty act. And the bigger the failure the bigger the entertainment value. These people are not your friends and their behavior should not be mistaken for support! This has to come from within and be done for no one but you. I would personally avoid talking about your weight loss with either of these people. It's absolutely none of their business...

Comment #19

I agree...I have at least one of these types in my family...they like to gossip a lot too...

Comment #20

I use to be married to a man that would tear me down to nothing to make him feel empowered... We can't change what other people say or do but we can change how we let them effect us...I agree with everyone, make these positive changes for you, to become healthier and more active. I would stay on the MF, I know it sure gives me all the vitamins and minerals that I need, and would help with your healing...even if your eating 2 L&G for more calories......

Comment #21

Oh I would slap the *****. I'm evil. LOL..

Comment #22

I usually don't tell people what I am on. I just say I have made some significant changes in my lifestyle and I am managing what I eat and how I eat. This usually keeps their big mouths closed and cuts down alot on the negative comments...

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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