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My first question is: Critique my ad?.

My next question is: Sooo ... I've had this friend since I was in college who is a boy...there was always an obvious chemistry between us that my friends have always noticed, but ive had a boyfriend since ive met him. Despite having a boyfriend, my guy friend would tell me hes better for me and I should dump the loser.  I told my boyfriend that I needed a break to clear my head and ended up spending more time with and eventually hooking up with my guy friend-the sparks and chemistry were BEYOND words and Ive never felt anything like that in my life.  I ended up getting back with my boyfriend because I felt terrible despite knowing that my feelings for our relationship (thru were "iffy" because I love him, but wasnt sure that I was in love with him.  Three years later, having graduated college, I began speaking with my guy friend again after sort of losing touch.  He began telling me that we would be a great couple and yadda yadda.  I broke up with my boyfriend because my feelings for my friend were so strong.  We made a date using to hang out one day (we live an hour and 30 mins from one another) and things were so perfect I felt like I was in a chick flick, he said all the right things, was soooooo sweet and said he "is so in love with me" (which I didnt believe as it was after having a few drinks).  We made plans to hang out again in 3 weeks but the wierd thing is that we barely talk... I know hes soooooo busy with work, but being that I'm single now, id believe that he would want to prove himself and try to make things work, even if that just means IMing me to say "im busy but ill talk to you soon" or something simple... anyways, 4 days have gone by and we havent spoken at all... is this wierd and this boy is all talk, or is not talking for 4 days considered normal for guys (considering we arent really commited yet and are just starting out)? I am sooo confused because when we do talk things are so perfect and he says things like "i miss you" and "im excited to see you", but how come he doesnt want to talk more often? if there is a guy who can explain this, I'm begging you, please do so...because I just cant read guys AT ALLLL!!!(sorry for the novel!!)..

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Your question was: Critique my ad?.

Hi there..

Maybe he really IS busy, or maybe he has figured the chase is over (since you left your bf for him) and he doesn't have to try so hard any more..

To be honest, some would say that 4 days isn't very long, but when a man is really into a woman, he makes time for those phone calls/texts. You did say that you two aren't committed though, so you can't go demanding answers from him or getting upset. You can either say something about it to him calmly or let it go. Remember - you chose to leave your bf, your friend didn't force you; don't assume that everything will magically fall into place and that he will be the perfect guy..

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Well, you'll get different opinions, but I think 4 days is too long.  And I am of the opinion that if they would make the time for the short texts etc Case in point, my boyfriend was going to go out with the boys a couple of nights ago, and before he went out he texted me "Im looking forward to going out with the guys tonight, but just wanted to say I'll miss you.  I'll call you when I get home, hopefully you're still awake." And I was so we chatted and he told me about his night.  Whatever, he is great <3..

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If he wanted to speak to you, he'd call you.  Now he may feel and say that he is really into you..and that may be the extent of how he wants to feel. In other words, he may care for you in some way so that you can be part of his life...but not his entire life or willing to place you in that type of priority in his life.  So, he cares, but not bad enough possibly to satisfy you.  It's not a guy is a priority/extent of love thing...

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>>Well, you'll get different opinions, but I think 4 days is too long.<<.

Maybe you meant to respond to the OP. Because my response was the same as yours:.

>>To be honest, some would say that 4 days isn't very long, but when a man is really into a woman, he makes time for those phone calls/texts.<<.

CL - Women of Color  ..

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