Creakic pills from VitaminShoppe???

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My first question is: Creakic pills from VitaminShoppe???.

My next question is: Hi, I am on the point of using it, What can you say about it?..

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This is a very good report but then I could dig out studies on Gh that say you gain muscle mass and get ripped without changing anything else in the diet and we all know that is not the truth.....i have never used it so I cannot really comment but like I say from the results I have seen from those who have I am not impressed.....

Comment #1

Hi Paul, Just one question mate. Can you honestly say that you have seen results from using GH? and that the results were down to GH and nothing else?.

Thank mate..

Comment #2

Yes mate I can, I have been on GH now for 18months, in 2005(pre GH) I dropped 36lbs of fat for my NABBA shows in 2006 I was 16lbs heaveir and only dropped 19lbs to get onstage in much better shape now not all of that 16lbs is down to gh but after 18yrs on gear you don't suddenly make that jump whilst keeping leaner in one my experiance it is not just about using GH it is how you use gh that matters......

Comment #3

Thinks this is where I may of gone wrong possibly, I used GH as you may know but I found that I did not get any noticable gains from it..

I would love to try it again but cant seem to get any jin.

, the stuff I had before was ans and I had no sides from it at all..

Paul, I'm determined more than ever to acheive and id love to make the stage one day. I feel my training is bang on and diet is best it's ever been...

Comment #4

Making the stage is not defined by GH, my personel opinion is that GH is an advanced drug not for the use by newbies to the sport..

With the correct diet/training and AAS protocol will get you on stage in very good condition without GH..

Getting no sides from any GH does not define if it is working or not, some guys are more sensative to GH than others I know guys who cannot take 4iu's ed because of CTS and water retention but others who can use 10-15iu's a day without much issue......

You need to use GH for a good 6months to see any real change in your physique anything less than this is a waste in my eyes.....

Comment #5

Theres an article on CJC in this months Muscular development only a small bit but an interesting read..

I quite like the idea of the long acting GH that is being developed in the UK maybe I can volunteer for some trials...

Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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