Craving sweet stuff during Nutrisystem?

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Although while on Nutrisystem I haven't typically craved sweet stuff (I love the Nutrisystem desserts) the one thing I crave is gummy kind of candy. Like swedish fish, gummy bears, etc. Does anyone else crave this? I wonder if Nutrisystem has ever thought about it......

I find myself snatching a couple of my kids vitamins now and then because they taste like gummy bears..


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Your question was: Craving sweet stuff during Nutrisystem?.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were a sugarfree variety of gummy candy out there...

Comment #1

There is, but from my experience it was disappointing (and you have to worry about the, um, sugar alcohol back-lash LOL). I crave that kind of treat sometimes problem is it's a trigger item, so I wouldn't be satisfied with just a few. Best for me to avoid it entirely to prevent a "gummy" binge LOL..

Comment #2

OH wow............sooooooo raising hand! I LOVE chewy kinds of candy! I'm not even a chocolate person but I totally crave gummy bears and the like! WOWWWWWW! That's funny......I'm so glad I'm not the only one!..

Comment #3

Yes I crave swedish fish, licorice and jelly beans but I have no resolve around them...

Comment #4

And I get the *poops* when I eat sugar free gummies! (sorry, TMI, I know!)..

Comment #5

YES! I love Gummi bears, and sour patch kids. Those Trolli Sour Worms are good too. You're trying to use my tactic....I take Fiber Gummis. LOL I'm only limited to 2 of them a day though...

Comment #6

I have tried sugar-free gummy bears as well as sugar-free jelly beans. They were pretty tasty but they didn't agree with my stomach...

Comment #7

Sour patch kids (evil little things) and Gummy Lifesavers too...

Comment #8

I take the fiber gummies too No where near the real thing,but they will do..

Comment #9

I just ordereds mine Nutrisystem today...but I'm gonna be craving the gummies!..

Comment #10

I'm eating these RIGHT now... I swear for like 3 months I could not find them in any stores anymore, so I started ordering them in bulk. Some days I will go through a whole bag (original, tangy, and wild berry) in one sitting. I do drink a lot of water with them though... if that means anything. lol...

Comment #11

Icebreakers spearmints are my problem! I keep them in the car, but it's not working. I'll have to quite buying them!.


Comment #12

Yeah, too much sugar alcohol can be a big problem!!! Maybe Nutrisystem can whip something up for us!.

Jen- I love the ice breakers too. My favorite are the lime. yummy!.


Comment #13

I see them all the time. Wild berry are my favorite. I got people at work hooked on them. Bad news when you are cooped up in a conference room on a call for hours. I really avoid buying them unless I am headed to friend's house when her son will polish off the bag and I will just have a few. I really have a hard time keeping a bag, opened or closed, in my house along with jelly bellies (individual flavors) and some other similar chewy candies. So it is best to not keep them at all...

Comment #14

Oops you found me out. I eat the gummy vitamins, but only one a day. The vitamin c ones are soooooo good, Nancy..

Comment #15

Yeah, I eat the gummy vitamins as well.........but darn, it's only two..

Comment #16

And you know what? I didn't like gummy anything before ns. Go figure, Nancy..

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