Crab salad recipe for Medifast?

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I've looked for a very long time though the threads but can't seem to find a recipe that I can use canned crab to make a mayo-type salad that will go nicely in a tomato for a fancy brunch I'm serving tomorrow.



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I've never made crab salad, but I imagine it would not be different from any other seafood salad. I would use 7 ounces of crab meat, 2 tablespoons of Smart Balance Omega Plus mayo (that specific brand was approved in that amount by Nutrisystem for me last year as 1 healthy fat), chopped celery, 1-2 tablespoons of chopped onion (1-2 condiments), salt and pepper to taste. Mix everything except the crab, then fold the crab meat in (especially if you are using lump crab you don't want to break it up too much)...

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This is a recipe I use for a crab dip. I've never been a big fan of mayo, so my recipes tend towards sour cream/cream cheese. Since MF, I've started incorporating tofu for extra protein. I'm not sure how you're qualifying salad. A little more sour cream would loosen it up to what I'd call salad rather than dip, but it would change the nutrition too. I serve this dip with sliced cucumbers for low carb people and crackers for others.

Crab Dip.


1/4 cup low fat cream cheese.

1T light sour cream.

1 6oz can crab (6-6.5oz, depending on brand  I used Bumble Bee).

~7oz. Tofu (1/2 block).

1T scallion/green onion/chives, chopped.

1T Old Bay or spices to taste.

Combine cream cheese, tofu, and old bay in blender or food processor until smooth. Move to bowl and stir in crab, green onion, and sour cream. Serve with thin cucumber/zucchini slices, bell pepper sticks or celery..

I used to make this with imitation crab, but I wanted to cut carbs, so I tried the can crab. I will definitely use can crab from now on. Fresh/Seafood counter crab would probably be even better, but I wasnt ready to pay that much..

Nutrition (provided by  I estimated 8 servings (approx 3-4T).

Total cal 47, Tfat 2g, Sfat 1g, Chol 19, Sod 89, Tcarb 1g, Fiber 0, Sugar 1g, Tprot 5g VitA 2%, VitC 1%, Cal 4%, Iron 2%.

I make a tuna salad with 1 can (5oz) tuna drained (I use albacore, but whatever you like) mixed with Newman's own lime vinaigrette and lite sour cream. It's slightly creamy and has good flavor. You could probably sub crab for the tuna in that recipe. Occasionally, I'll use tuna packed in olive oil and lime juice and skip the vinaigrette. For parties, I also make deviled eggs with Newman's own honey mustard and lite sour cream in the yolks instead of mayo..

Good luck with your party....


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Every time I think everyone has a variation of something that has already been posted I find something new. Thank you emma. I love crab salad and get the imitation crab. This sounds really good and good advice on how to serve it. love tuna too...

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Emma, your recipe sounds really good. I would run it by the Registered Dietitians board to see just how this fits in the 5+1. I would imagine it would be a snack, since one serving is too low to be a healthy fat serving, and it is also too low in protein per serving...

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I was thinking party food - a mixture of items available - not a meal...The crab by itself isn't nearly enough and if you ate enough to get the protein, you'd get too much fat and/or carbs..

I use the crab dip for parties, so it's in a combination with other items. I usually include a tofu-based caesar dip with vegetables to dip, the deviled eggs, spinach stuffed mushrooms and some additional non-MF foods like crackers with cheese spread, etc. I sometimes add the Medifast pretzels or puffs for me during or before the party or I might use the party food as part of a L&G and have an egg-white scramble elsewhere in the day (since that's a very lean no carb choice). I've also used quiche for parties because egg/spinach or egg/broccoli are pretty good..

Now, the tuna I eat pretty regular, just not stuffed in tomatoes. Can albacore is a staple in my life..


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Check the nutritional information on the imitation crab. I worked in food service and know it has a ton of sugar in it but i'm not sureof the exact amoounts to know if it's op or not...

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I picked up a container of Seafood Salad at Sam's to read the label...just dreaming, I guess. Of course it was totally off-plan with tons of carbs, fat, etc. Thanks for sharing your recipes for what sounds like a delicious substitute!..

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NS has come out and said plainly that the imitation crab mean is not OP and should not be used during 5&1. Link:.

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Imitation Crab AKA Krab is waaay off-limits on 5&1....

Nutrition Facts.

Serving Size 1 /2 cup.

Calories 160.

Total Fat 8.0g.

Saturated Fat 1.0g.

Cholesterol 3mg.

Sodium 260mg.

Total Carbohydrates 19.0g.

Dietary Fiber 3.0g.

Sugars 4.0g.

Protein 5.0g.

Real crab meat is the way to go! I get a can of meat at Trader Joe's for $8 and there is 2-3 servings in it..

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BTW I noted below the recipe that I changed from imitation crab to canned. Canned crab is fine - zero carbs. In my grocery, I can get can crab about $3 for 6oz. That means I can buy it. Seafood counter crab - prepacked or from the counter person - is usually over $9 a package. Granted it's more like a 10oz package, but still..

For a get-together (original post), I serve a combination of things that are not obviously one diet or another. I don't eat meat, yet I still serve chicken skewers. I'm certainly not eating the ritz crackers I put out. But my guests do. I eat the crab dip on cucumbers, deviled egg halves, caesar dip on celery sticks, etc. I track all my food and, for the one day of the party, I'm still in for carb, protein, and calories - I just may not have items that are on the pre-filled Medifast list (I enter the recipe nutrition data as a private food).

These are not recipes or foods I say are OP or foods I eat every day. I never post with any guarantee things are on plan - I also share my recipes with people not on Medifast but on other diets. I'm looking for a balance of life and diet so I can lose the weight, not a food police. I'm looking for a way to still be creative with food, make it social instead of isolating and shameful, and not make it all black or white and "good" or "bad"..

I've read a lot recently about what being OP means, who's not OP, people complaining about weight loss and cheating or people using this or using that. You do whatever works for you. I'm pretty happy with my current progress weight-wise. I still have a long way to go and I still have a number of personal issues (if you've ever read my blogs ), but I'm working on a healthier me. Not perfection..

Hope you all have a great weekend. Teagranny - I hope your party is great!.


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Emma, I'm not certain who your post is aimed at, but I sure hope you didn't think I was trying to tell you what to eat or how to eat it when I suggested it be run by the dietitians to see how it can fit into this plan. My main concern was for people who saw the recipe and intended to use it as a part of this particular program. I know there are many people out there reading these boards who get very confused about what they can and cannot have on program, and it is always a good idea that they run specific recipes by the dietitians for their input.

You are doing a great job making this program work for you, and I certainly wouldn't presume to try to police anyone's diet but my own. Again, my concern was for the people who do intend to follow the program to the letter and would still like to be able to enjoy your recipe. It would certainly be helpful to them to be able to know exactly how to fit it in...

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Ok I am the one that was confused..... I didn't know imitation crab was not OP because crab is listed on the "log meals" page as: 191 calories, 37g protein, 0 carbs, 2 fat g..

Thanks for the heads up. Now I know...

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Real crab meat is fine, but apparently imitation crab is not...

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Thank you so much for the recipes! I decided to go with the canned crab mixed with low fat carb free mayo and the kicker was that old bay seasoning!! WOW! Yummy.

I had no idea that imitation crab had carbs. If it has sorbitol and no sugar I wonder if that would push it back into the right OP protien? I love crab, the canned is cheap enough and it's a wonderful treat.

I'm madly in love with this program. I have never ever in my life managed to stick with it this long! A full month!!! Now I just need that shipment........

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I like to make a really simple crab dip out of crab, ricotta (or cream cheese, but ricotta can be used in greater quantity as part of my lean), fresh garlic, and worcestershire sauce. YUM! I just made it w/ a container of crab from costco (15 oz = 2 leans) and a container of ricotta (a little less than 2 cups = 2 leans). Divide the result in four and it's four leans..

Did I say "yum"?..

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In case you didn't...I will...YUM!.

That sounds good...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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