Couldn't make it 1 week on Medifast

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Couldn't even make it a week... It has been very hard watching family & friends eat & drink what they like (and what I have fixed for their meals). Last night I got up after everyone went to bed & raided the fridge. They have all been very supportive of me. But in the end the only one I was truely disapointing was myself by sneaking to fridge...

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The first week is the hardest. I think there are some that do not make it past that. Once you do it is so much easier..

You need to decide what you want. Maybe remember how you are feeling right now about falling off the wagon. You have to want it for you and not for anyone else. Once you do that you need to take it hour by hour not even day by day. I would restart it as soon as possible and come here when you want to cheat. The posters here are very helpful and supportive...

Comment #1

You haven't really blown it until you quit trying! Sometimes all or nothing thinking gets in the way of pursuing our goals in the long term. If you get back on the wagon now in a week or so this little slip up will barely matter...

Comment #2

I am on my first week too! The soy chips help with the "junk" food cravings and I also found myself cooking the family dinner, and letting them eat it while I occupied myself with something else outside of the kitchen. I have tried every type of weight loss program there is and if I can do this so can you! Today is a new day. Grab a shake, and smile because you can do it!..

Comment #3

You have not blown anything.

Get right back on track, don't beat yourself up. It DOES get easier, the first week can be really hard - but it really does get easier!.

In the beginning, I would eat my Medifast meal right before cooking for my family. Then I'd have them set the table and serve the food while I went upstairs to read and drink LOTS of water. I would not come down until they were done with the eating and the dishes, with any leftovers put away..

Some days, when I felt weak and tempted, I did not cook at all. Hubby would do it, or he'd go pick something up for them all to eat..

It is not a problem anymore, and I enjoy cooking for them and I am almost never tempted these days. I know this program works when you follow it, I know how much better I feel and look, and I know I am healthier.

Like you pointed out, you only disappointed yourself. YOU are worth not disappointing. You should feel proud of yourself. You are worth the work it takes to stay on plan. You deserve a longer, happier, healthier life, and only YOU can make that happen. Be your own best friend, and take good care of yourself.

You can do this. If I can, YOU can, too!!!.

The best of luck!..

Comment #4

Buddycat - changing your relationship with food is HARD! Realizing that you won't "die" from hunger is HARD!.

However, knowing that you can eat every 2-3 hours ROCKS! I sometimes get hungry and look at my clock and realize I have 15 mins and then I have a delicious shake/bar/whatever waiting for me!.

You can do this! Pick yourself up and start again! The "yucky" stuff goes away and what appears is a healthier, thinner YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #5

This is a journey & we sometimes slip - pick yourself up & look where you went wrong & make it a learning experience. I spent the first week convincing myself that this wouldn't work for me - because nothing works for me. But I kept one foot in front of the other. I slipped after my second week - HUGE. The next day I felt physically ill - so I learned something & started over & have been 100% since. And guess what - it IS working!! Most days I make my family the Lean & Green but might add a healthy starch to theirs.

Also, there is a book that a lot of posters have recommended called the Beck diet solution. I just started it & it talks alot about thoughts and behaviors that sabatoge us while losing weight. I'm learning a lot already.

Good Luck & know that we are here for you!!..

Comment #6

It is hard to get your head around any significant changes to lifestyle but I am sure you gave following the Medifast program serious consideration before you decided to invest and time and money on this effort. Now you need to give some thought to making it work for you day-to-day.

Have you given any thought to making the dinner meal for your family "lean and green" to the extent that you choose to make lean proteins (sauces, etc. on the side), a salad, one or two vegetables (or a sauted mix of vegetables) and whatever the starch is (rice, pasta, potatoes) is something you don't put on your plate. In order for this to work, it has to fit your life and YOU HAVE TO WORK IT. There are plenty of options with the lean and green - fajitas (without the tortilla and with more veges); grilled chicken with a large salad (the rest of the family can have the pan roasted potatoes); fritatta (sauted zuchinni, peppers, mushrooms with lowfat cheese - healthier for everyone - the rest of the family could have a fruit salad and bread); fish packets (mahi mahi or tilapia with onions, peppers, zuchinni, other veges, a tinge of olive oil and herbs with a little vegetarian broth - all in foil packets - and baked in oven) with a large salad (lettuce and spinach mix, tomatoes, and a few olives); grilled steak with grilled zuchinni (cut lengthwise and in half) with a tomato and olive salad (3/4 tomato and 1/4 olives with a tinge of balsamic and olive oil). All of these are simple, have the ability to add to for others not on the plan, and in fact have been our menu this week.

It helps to think about what you can do and postive changes you can make rather than beating yourself up for mistakes. But you also need to make a decision that you are not going to waste your time and money by going off plan and that taking care of yourself and your family is important. Don't come up with anything too complicated for your meals the first few weeks and make sure that the sides are either in the kitchen (everyone plates their own) or if served family style, that the starch and fruit is not at your end of the table. Also - let your family help with items not on your food list (the prep - they can make the fruit salad and prep the starch) and let them take turns doing the cleanup - get out of the kitchen - if that is not possible - make it TEAMWORK.

I am sure part of the reason you are doing this is to be healthy and be there for your family. They need to step up and be there for you as well. Best of luck and remember that if you are at all tempted - you should try WATER first, MEDIFAST second, and the MEDIFAST COMMUNITY third. Hopefully, that will get you through the rough spots...

Comment #7

Thanks to all! Ya'll have giving me some great ideas & encouragement...

Comment #8

AMEN! You havent blown anything. Just get back on the wagon in the morning. I think the first week is the hardest, it does get easier..

However, I will say, those of us who must cook/feed others (especially small children ) have it hardest. There is constant temptations..

For me, the mantra is "NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS"!!!!!! And, I dont want to spend money on Medifast forever, so I have to get this done as quick as possible. If I cheat, it will set me back that extra time..

You can do it with us! We are all here to support and help you make it!!!!!..

Comment #9

The very best way to start a restrictive diet is to purge the house of anything not on plan. Hard with kids and family but if you only buy the stuff you don't like it will be easier. If I was going to eat candy, it's not the gummies and sweet tarts so those were safe in the house. I'd also be making L&G for everyone for at least the first week. They can have a starch with it, just make one that doesn't "ring your bells." It's very doable if you ask them for help and support. After the first 7 days (maybe earlier) you may find the triggers disappearing and making off plan food won't bother you...

Comment #10

On my first try with Medifast 2 years ago my daughter was away at school so I was only fixing meals for was soooooooo easy. I blew off T&M and gained it all back so here I am on it again. This time however, my daughter is back at home. We have the same lean, but I fix the rest of her meal, non-MF. I have cookies, cakes, chips and candy in the house, but I know I can't eat them, so it doesn't bother me because I have this weight to lose and I know that if I do eat just one, I'm screwed!.

You can do this! You just have to think what is more important, the cookies, candy and cake or making yourself healthier. It's hard, very hard! For me it boiled down to how much did I want to be happy with myself.

As the others have said...just get back on the wagon and watch the scale go down...

Comment #11

Others have already suggested what I was going to suggest, make your L&G meal for your whole family. My DH and I are both doing Medifast but our DD isn't. We make what we want for dinner and she eats what we do. Last night, we made mashed pototes for her with no leftovers..

If this is going to me a system for you after you get to goal, you need to start finding ways to incorporate it into your life now. Are you really going to make 2 different meals every night forever? Probably not, so find a way for your whole family to eat healthier...

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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