Could VitaminShoppe's weight gainer 1850 cause type 2 diabetes?

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My first question is: Could VitaminShoppe's weight gainer 1850 cause type 2 diabetes?.

My next question is: I have some IGF-1 and looking to start my course at the end of the month, can anyone tell me if I need to mix this with anything as it arrived in just 2 botles, so I'm assuming you dont mix it with anything..

Thanks guys,.

P.s. what sort of dose would you use. ive read the best results are between 60mcgs and 120 mcgs..

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You'll just need som Bac water then, just to deaden the 'sting' a little..

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Neil is correct what you need to do is get some Bac water or sterile water from boots draw up 30iu's into a slin pin then draw into the pin 4iu's of the IGF-1 (1ml of IGF-1 = 1000mcgs so 4iu's = 40mcg's) this does is sufficient for a first timer take this all IM bi-laterally PWO..

There is one thing I will say and that is GroPep only sells to a few supplies mostly in the states and even then only to pharmaceutical labs and then they make sure the lab does not make it public, I was not aware they sold to UG labs like AnT I would love to see the paper work that would come with the order from GroPep to AnT....maybe AnT can provide us with it ??.

Shane can I ask how you used the IGF-1LR3 to come to the opinion it is over hyped mate I think that many over estimate what IGF-1LR3 can give you in my opinion if used with a AAS cycle 1-2lbs maximum can be achieved but even this would take time as new muscle cells don't just appear overnight..

What most feel straight away is a huge pump when training they mistakenly take this as new muscle growth which it is not, another problem is that many take to much to soon for to long and saturate the IGF cells this will stop any further progress with the drug......

This drug is being seen by many as a quick and easy way to big hard ripped muscle which could not be further from the truth....the best time to use this drug is PCT......

Comment #2

I have tried lr3 igf-1 and I felt the increased pump. initially. after my course I felt it honestly hadn't benefitted my physique in any way. perhaps it is useful during pct as you say, but you already know my approach to pct so it's not for me there either. maybe I should experiment with it more to get the best effect from it, but I prefer to keep it simple and basic. works for me this far. bottom line for anyone, do what you're prepared to do, if it works great, if not don't do it again...

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40mcg's into 1000mcgs is 25 shots of 4iu's. however theres no way ill get that, lucky if I get 3 shots of 4iu's out of the bottle so I'm obviously not getting something here, can someone explain..

The way the calculations are working out and the cost it makes it more than 6 times more expensived than GH and I was told that it's cheaper.

Thanks guys..

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Ok then do you have a bottel with 1mg(1000mcg) of IGF-1LR3 in 1ml of an AA solution if the answer is yes then you have enough....

Ali are you measuring this with a slin pin?? and remember that 4iu's is 2 of the smallest lines not of the biggest lines..

Comment #5

Yes I'm using a slin pin mate and now you have mentioned it ive taken a look and the slin takes 100iu's... I can see now what you mean...

Thanks PScard (paul) much much appreciated. I knew something was not right...

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