Costco Nutrisystem plan?

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What is the Costco plan that I see people refer to?..

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Your question was: Costco Nutrisystem plan?.

Hmmm.... that sounds cheaper than my $249 rate from Nutrisystem with auto delivery since it gives me 35 days. Are all the same items available to choose from through Costco? It seems like I read somewhere that the items were somewhat limited?.

I'm confused about the auto-delivery anyhow. Doesn't it mean they are going to ship after 28 days regardless if you need food, or not? Can you postpone it a week or so and still get the free shipping from auto-delivery?..

Comment #1

You have full access to all Nutrisystem foods with costco.(for the program you choose ie. womens, mens, senior, diabetic, etc.) You get 5% off your 2nd order if you sign up for auto delivery. It does ship every 28 days but you can delay it any time. You can use your 50 clicks codes starting with your 2nd order but not buddy bucks...

Comment #2

Keep in mind that if you cancel your auto-delivery, or postpone the second order more than 30 days, then you will be charged approx $50, equal to the 10% discount you received on the first order and the cost of shipping...

Comment #3

Hawaii costco only has a generic plan. For men, additional carbs are added, (they dont get 2 desserts) and there is no silver or diabetic plan. Plus it costs 50 dollars more than on the mainland. Still cheaper though...

Comment #4

So....I just go to Costco and get the coupon there? Do I need to be a member?..

Comment #5

Not sure since we dont have a costco locally. You can buy it at though without being a member. There is a small fee though for nonmembers. I think around 5-10%(not sure exactly how much). And the fee is only on the initial purchase. Once you are getting auto delivery though NS, you will only pay $269 for 35 days.

Your 2nd delivery will be $245 (5% discount).After that your deliveries will be $259 for 35 days. Not sure why it started at $269 then went to $259 but I am not complaining...

Comment #6

You can order the card online from Costco and pay the non-member surcharge...

Comment #7

If you are the referring buddy those codes do work toward future auto delivery orders. I just applied one successfully on-line.

You get to postpone two orders on-line, after that you must contact customer service. Here is the email address:.

Just email them to tell them when you want your next order. I'm sure it must be within a reasonable period of timethe most I've pushed back is one month but you may be able to delay longer.

Do you have a Sam's Club membership? If so, check to see if they also carry the Nutrisystem cards...

Comment #8

I paid the non-member fee to get mine and I ordered online as there isn't a Costco remotely near me. The trick to selecting the plan is that when you place your order online, I was automatically given the choices for the women's silver plan as I had previously enrolled as a member of the Nutrisystem site but had not purchased..

I got my card on sale and went on auto delivery. The website will ask you if you want to go on AD at the Costco price for the 35 days of food. I paid $244+ for the 35 days, which included free shipping, and was able to select my foods...

Comment #9

Nice to know. I will give it a try. It says somewhere on the site (I cant find it now but know it is there ) that the buddy bucks are only good for the 28 day meal plans..

I was told that with Sams club you cant choose your food...

Comment #10

The Sam's Club card is different from the Costco card. Sam's is now featuring fresh 7 day meal plans delivered to your door...

Comment #11

I have the Costco card also,but was told by Customer Service that I was not entitled to the 5% of for auto delivery since Costco offers free shipping...

Comment #12

The 5% off showed up automatically for my 2nd order. I would call again since it even says you get 5% off the 2nd order in the info they send you with your first order...

Comment #13

I looked on the Costco website, and I did not see the diabetic plan, does anybody know if it's there? Maybe I'm just not seeing it. Hubby is on the diabetic plan, so if Costco offers it, maybe we'll switch......

Comment #14

I dont see it either. But you can customize and order just the items that reflect the diabetic plan. Items for diabetics have a D in a purple teardrop on your cutomize your menu page...

Comment #15

With the Costco 35-day plan do you get free shipping on the auto-delivery?..

Comment #16

Just got off the phone with customer service and thought I would share. Shipping is free with auto-delivery and I can use the additional Costco sale card on my next shipment. This is great since it was on sale for $234.99!..

Comment #17

I havent checked my Sams club but there are some that offer nutrisystem.

Sam's Club to Offer Nutrisystem in Over 600 Locations-click here..

Comment #18

I was originally told it would ship every 28 days, but now it's shipping every 35 days. And I was able to use buddy bucks with it just now...

Comment #19

I'm confused about the cost. On the Costco website, it shows the Women's Advanced Program for $269, and the Men's Advanced Program for $299. But the two programs are the same price when ordering directly from Nutrisystem (hubby and I are both on NS, and we each pay the same price). Am I correct about this, or am I missing something?..

Comment #20

I am not an expert on the mens program but I thought it was priced more because it includes an extra daily snack/dessert. If your DH is paying the same as you and getting the extra daily snack he is getting a really good deal...

Comment #21

With the Costco one you get 35 days of food, includes shipping (you don't have to sign up for AD) and you can choose all your own foods - plus sometimes it's on sale for $239..

Comment #22

I have 2 questions:.

1. If you buy either of these plans and auto-renew, do you always get 35 days worth of food at a time?.

2. If you're already an existing regular member, could you stop your regular orders and start one of these plans?.


Comment #23

I'm on the Costco plan. I signed up for auto delivery when I enrolled and customized my order. My first order was delivered two days after I placed my order online using the website and code on the Costco card. It did contain 35 days of food..

My second order was timed to arrive about the time I would be running out of food from the first order. It arrived three days after the last day to edit and change food selection. It also contained 35 days of food as I checked..

I was on the flex plan about three years ago, so I am using the Costco plan to do that again. My last shipment of 35 days of food cost me $259 with free shipping. If I spent two days a week eating non-NS food but following Nutrisystem guidelines for flexing, this amount of food will last two months for an average cost of $130 a month..

It is my understanding that if you are already enrolled with Nutrisystem on auto delivery, you have to have two shipments in order to cancel without having to repay shipping, etc. You can always call customer service and ask..

Costco periodically has these cards on sale for $25 off the regular price but that sale price is for the first shipment only represented by that card...

Comment #24

Hello Gottalose - I have a costco sorta in my area, but several sam's are closer, so I was interested in your link, not so much about sam's, but what the heck are omega chews? i'm going to do a search for them now..

Edit: okay - I see they're some kind of bar or something. anyway - i'm glad that sam's is jumping into the fray. walgreen's also has a Nutrisystem card system, although between the three stores, i'd be more inclined to buy from sam's - I don't know why. DC..

Comment #25

I STRONGLY recommend ordering thru Costco- but no AD- and customize your meals. I have done it twice now. AD has some expensive "rules" if you quit AD. Costco supports it's customers too. I have read if you order favorites and do not customize- you get alot of foods that are not popular or they are discontinuing. Again- I only read that and do not know that for a fact..

I am very happy with NS...

Comment #26

I just called around to my Costco's and they are showing that they discontinued the cards. You have to do it online. None of my Sam's have the card either..

Comment #27

My DH said he saw the cards at our Sams today. Not sure if you can customize them or not. And he said he thinks they were $289 for 35 days not $259 ($269 if purchased online or $244 when they are running the $25 off promo) like Costco. I purchased mine online at costco since we dont have one nearby. And the $269 price is only for the first delivery. If you sign up for AD it goes down to $259...

Comment #28

I am in the Sac area of California - are you in CA?..

Comment #29

Costco sells a gift card. I think it cost $259 but goes on sale now and again. You call the number on the card once you get it and set up your plan. You can use it as an existing Nutrisystem userI did, although it can cause a bit of confusion and may take a few calls to work out the kinks. I can still apply my click rewards and buddy bucks if I have them. Oh, and it's a 35-day meal plan rather than the 28-day standard plan.

Hope that answers your question...

Comment #30

Hmmm.... that sounds cheaper than my $249 rate from Nutrisystem with auto delivery since it gives me 35 days. Are all the same items available to choose from through Costco? It seems like I read somewhere that the items were somewhat limited?.

I'm confused about the auto-delivery anyhow. Doesn't it mean they are going to ship after 28 days regardless if you need food, or not? Can you postpone it a week or so and still get the free shipping from auto-delivery?..

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