Cooking for your family while doing Nutrisystem?

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How do you cook for your family and not eat any part of it while making it? No tastes or nibbles. I always seem to be doing that and I know the calories will add up. Any suggestions? Duck tape?..

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Your question was: Cooking for your family while doing Nutrisystem?.

What stopped me was knowing that, if it went in my mouth, I had to write it down!..

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Eat you afternooon snack in late afternoon & drink lots of water..

Comment #2

These are great tips. I will sometimes eat part of my dinner before making theirs (or save fruit or veggie to snack on). Every cheat means slower loss - just not worth it. I also stay away from cooking my FAVORITE meals and sometimes enlist kids ( 6 and 9 years) and/ or hubby...

Comment #3

I just started in May. I try to cook the same meals. Hamburgers for them, hamburger for me. Pizza for them, pizza for me. Spaghetti for them, spaghetti for me. It just takes some planning.

I also agree with you regarding avoiding favorite foods. I avoid buying the ones I loved. My family loves dorittos and fritos. I HATE fritos. Guess what. My family only eats fritos now.

I know they sneak them in the vending machines at work and school. As long as I don't see it.....

Comment #4

I have to cook several times in a day, several different meals. I used to nibble all the time- cheese here, meats there, etc. BUT when I started Nutrisystem I told myself EVERYTHING is off limits! When I cook for the kids, or make my hubby's lunch, breakfasts, etc. I do not nibble. It is part self control, and part a challenge. I love a challenge. I also know that the scale is not as forgiving as we think it can be...

Comment #5

I think it all boils down to self control. Usually, when I am preparing food for the family, that is the time where I will eat my afternoon snack.....I usally have some fruit or veggies. There are times where I don't even want my snacks. You can do this! Just focus on what you are trying to achieve! Good luck and hope you have a great day!..

Comment #6

I too try to match my Nutrisystem dinner with the meal I cook for my family. Also,I have my large water container nearby to drink from often. It was not easy when I started, but it is getting easier to stay out of their food...

Comment #7

Kama, you reminded me of two big things: WATER, water, water and my food/ their food: their are times that my family is interested in my food (especially my dessert), but when I ask them not to eat my food - they understand it better if I'm not sneaking bits of their food...

Comment #8

Hey, don't knock duct tape!! It's a great tool! lol.

I think you simply need to change a habit. It isn't easy, is it? But it is worth it!!.

Maybe fill a lovely stemmed wine glass with sparkling water and a lemon and sip rather than snack. It's elegant and fun and keeps you away from those extras!..

Comment #9

I have to echo the comments on gum. I chew gum every night while I make them their dinners, keeps me from nibbling..


Comment #10

How about if hubby does the cooking for himself and the rest of the family.

If you can't do that, how about cooking things during the weekend and putting them in the freezer/fridge for your family to "fend for themselves". Tupperware and Rubbermaid are your best friends for this. The kids are old enough to have fun with putting their own dinners/lunches together, just make sure you let them know what they can and cannot have. If they need adult supervision to microwave or heat in the oven, you can be on hand for that (or hubby). My DH fends for himself because he does not eat any of the same things I do (and can get away with it, the rat!) and doesn't want me to go through the trouble of fixing two separate meals...

Comment #11

Not too sure. I cook for my dog. Meats and treats. Looks good, but if he catches me nibbling on his stuff, it's all ova for me. Good to be owned by a German Shepherd...

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