On Murad Acne Complex, people complimenting my skin

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Hello everyone,How's your Murad Acne Complex course going? Well, I'm on my 2nd week and I can see considerable improvement on my face acne. I really hate this dry lips though. I just want to know how everyone reacts when people compliment you on your skin. After reading a handful of posts, I've read many people mentioning how their friends and families comment on their skin.Whenever someone comments on my skin, I somewhat become irritated and embarrassed, even angry if I'm at a bad mood. I don't really know why I'm acting like this, I mean shouldn't I be happy? I guess I've suffered from acne for so long, my self-esteem and self-confidence is just at a all time low and taking any compliments just contradict the fact that I can't accept my acne at all.Perhaps it's because I think people notice I have pimples, which are definitely noticeable, but I deny that anyone sees it even when it's obvious. I'm actually mad at myself because I've given mad stares, ignorance, cockiness, and the like to people so close to me when they were just trying to make me feel happy.Acne is such a horrible thing to occur to me and to anyone, since it can lead to physical and mental problems.

Wish I had used this sooner... plus I'm on a 3 month program with 40mg per day. I only weigh 100lbs and 15 years old male (Thought I weighed more though hahaha I'm pretty buffed up too lol.) I'm still shocked I got a pretty high dosage at my weight and age; this time I actually did not cajole.....

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The most memorable compliment that I have received is, "Your face looks beautiful now."I was thinking, "So are you telling me that I was ugly?"..

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Same here. I hate when people comment on my skin. they have no clue what I go through...most of my acne is cystic and so it is very painful not to mention disfiguring. in my mind their opinion is meaningless and unwanted. i'm doing it for me. it definitely has alot to do w/ not wanting to hear/think about what they thought BEFORE...

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I understand how you feel. This is where I hear the saying, "sometimes the truth hurts." daaamnnn you acne!..

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Not nearly as many people as I hoped for complimented me on my clear skin during or after my Murad Acne Complex course. besides my boyfriend & derma telling me my skin looked beautiful, pretty much my grandfather said, 'wow! what have you been putting on your skin?' and that's all. I hoped strangers would come up to me and tell me they liked my skin. never happened...

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Don't worry hon, most people are so self-conscious about acne and drawing attention to their own imperfections that they'll only internalize a compliment regarding your nice skin!Back in the day I became very popular after losing a little weight, going blonde and learning how to apply makeup. I was friends with this guy and we were laughing together at a hockey game and one of my female buddies was like "you two should go out" and we were like 'ugh...why" and she said because we both had perfect skin! First off...what a crock, I wore BP 24/7 and I actually was an expert with my Colorstay lol and secondly the compliment was there, but in the form of a sort of snide, off-putting remark. Third we were already out!In short lol, people may not be commenting (I mean your granpa sounds dope he is the exception!) but they ARE noticing <- even if they have crazy eyes like this dude..

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