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Hey all! I don't post much, but I'm reading here all the time. Thought I would post something as a little bit of encouragment for anyone who's been in my situation. So here we go...I'm approaching the finish of my 4th week (friday) and the first couple weeks the weight loss was great. I lost 12 pounds the first week, so really couldn't complain! Then the second week I lost 4 pounds. The 3rd, I weighed myself mid-week and I hadn't lost anything! I was bummed out but I still had a couple more days to go. Friday rolls around and maybe I'm a pound down.

So my calorie deficit was huge, I figured that had something to do with my pretty good weight loss, but last week, my hip started REALLY bothering me and I had to go to the doctor and he said to take about a week off to give it a rest etc. So I'm in pain, really bummed cause I don't want my mileage to decrease, and, I haven't lost anything this week! Also, the scale read 182. My body LOVES being in the 180's. I've been there since I was 14! (I'm now 21) The scale for me always has gone between 180 and 200, depending on the year, but the 180's are popular. So I'm starting to think that maybe my body just won't let me get below 180 unlesss I work out for 10 hours a day and starve.

I went on these boards and looked up all the posts that had anything to do with plateous and everyone was uniform in saying 'don't give up, give it a week or two and your body will adjust." So I think about it and decide that I might as well keep going a couple weeks to see if my body will respond, plus I have another months order coming so I should stop being a whiney baby, grow a little chest hair and stick with it, cause I'll regret giving up when my weight creeps back up to the 200's! I had to just keep telling myself that my body is in shock from everything, and is comfortable in the 180's so is gonna fight hard to keep me at that 'safe' weight. So I commited to staying commited. Well....I decided to hop on the scale this morning even though I shouldn't till friday, AND.....I'M 178!!!!! OMG!!!! Anyway, thought I'd share with everyone who may be getting a little discouraged, because I'm really starting to believe that this could be my answer to my weight issue that has troubled me since childhood. Cause seriously?! How many people can say they've lost 22 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks! Not many, and I've done it with the help of all of you here, and medifast! 125 HERE I COME!!!!!..

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Good for you, rae! It does get discouraging at times, but you did the best thing for yourself when you decided to just trust and keep going. Nice job!!!.


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HI rae86.

Thanks for your post! I am having one of those weeks where the scale just won't budge and it feels like a struggle to keep going. I am going to hang in there knowing I am not alone and sooner or later that scale will have to give it up!..

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Way to go RAE!!! How great does that feel?? I'm loving your attitude....

As a new runner, I am in awe of your 12 miles...I am at about 4 right now and steadily getting better. Any tips??..

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Fantastic!! I always thought the same thing about my body. It likes to weight 200 lbs. well not anymore I gotta tell you the running is super impressive!!!!! You couldn't get me to run that far even Jason from Friday the 13th was chasing me!!! I am happy that you are doing so well. I hope your hip feels better soon..

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Be careful with the amount of exercise you're doing on 5&1. It's recommended to only do 45 min per day because of the very low calories (that also may be why you saw the scale drop - diet plus giving yourself a break from the amount of running.).

Congrats on the marathon, but I'm thinking you should probably talk to Nutrition Support about how to make sure you eat enough to fuel that amount of running...

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Exactly my thought. The weeks I've lost less are my higher exercise weeks. I also run but I've found I've had to cut backto try to adhere to the plan. If you're running 12 miles...I think you may need some additional calories. This is a sure way to stall you weight loss because your body will go into starvation mode (hold on to calories) to survive on the small amount of calories we are giving it while on Medifast. Good luck. You will enjoy some new found speed with the additional weight loss!..

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Hey guys, thanks for all the positive feedback! In terms of eating x-tra on my runs, I eat an extra oz of protien and I also drink electrolytes when I run longer that about 6 miles. When my runs get to 20+ miles, I know I'll have to add more or perhaps switch to the 4-1 on the days I run. In terms of tips on increasing mileage...I'm no expert! I read practically every article on and I listen to my body. Some weeks I've bumped my long runs up 2 miles and other weeks I can just tell that I'm not ready and I'll stay at last weeks mileage. It's funny, 6 miles was hard for me to break mentally, but after that it hasn't been hard! Especially if you just zone out I also went ahead and signed up for a 1/2 marathon that was 12 weeks out, so I had a deadline/goal. I ran a couple 10k's just to kind of 'get in the groove' with the other runners etc. For me, if I don't have a goal, I'll procrastinate FOREVER.

The funny thing about my loss so far is that a lot of people at work are saying they can see a difference, but I can't tell at all!!! My clothes fit exactly the same! I'm hoping to see results myself when I'm down 35 pounds! I think I'll cry when I get to the 160's! I think I'll pass out when my boyfriend finally notices that I've lost weight When did you guys start seeing actually body changes? how much did you lose before you noticed?..

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COngratulations RAE~!!!! I found your story very inspiring.. thanks for posting.. ;o)..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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