Combining Medifast pancakes and brownies?

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Okay, I hate asking for things that I know I saw posted, but I've been looking all morning and can't find it. I could have sworn someone combined pancakes and brownies to make chocolate pancakes. I can't find it anywhere. I actually make my pancakes in a coffee mug like a muffin and love the idea of muffin/brownie mixture. However, I can't find that original post. I do know it has zero additions (that's the way I like to make things).

I may just experiment today if nobody responds because maybe I just think I saw it...

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I copied this from a post I found:.

I don't really like them much so I mix one pancake mix with one brownie mix, 5 and 1/2 to 6 T of water, cook like pancakes, makes two of course, one per meal... eat one in the morning one mid morn.... it's good!..

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I tried this yesterday and they were icky. They didn't cook right in the center. Maybe mix the brownie and the pancake and microwave it and it would be a chocolate muffin??? The brownie needs to be microwaved maybe to get the right texture...

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Kr: Yes, actually my plan from the start was to cook it like a chocolate muffin. I always cook the pancakes like a muffin. Same recipe..just pour it into a rather large coffee mug. One minute and ten secs later (in my mw anyway) it is a nice puffy muffin that plops right out. So...I want to try the pancake/brownie muffin. Keep your fingers crossed...

Comment #3

Let me know how it turns out. I may try it out tomorrow!..

Comment #4

Well, I made the chocolate/pancake/brownie muffins this morning. Very tasty. I followed the directions above, but cooked them in 2 rather large (at least 12 oz) coffee mugs. I zapped them for 1 minute 15 seconds which seemed to be adequate in my mw. I have to say that the pancake lessens the chocolate flavor of the brownie, but it's very good and a nice change. Also, I now have one of the muffins sitting on the counter waiting for another meal.

It may be even better if one TBS of sf choc syrup was added in place of one of the TBS of water...

Comment #5

I love this recipe. I make it in my sandwich maker machine. The best part about it is that it makes 2 meals. That means one to grab and go when I need something quick...

Comment #6

Great idea about turning pancakes into muffins...anything to make it quicker and easier works for me..thanks!!..

Comment #7

Slw maybe try the chocolate chip pan cakes and the brownies to get more chocolate flavor or add 1 tbs of sugar free syurp and less water. Got to try the pan cake muffins...

Comment #8

Yes, LMS I am going to use the choc chip pancakes next time, but I don't use syrups and such. I save my condiments for my Lean and Green. A chocolate muffin was a nice change. I'll make it again...

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When you cook the pancake like a muffin, do you grease the cup? How much water to one pancake mix. I really appreciate everyone's comments and suggestions. It makes staying OP so much easier...

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Lms: I am not into syrups and other additions, but omg did I discover the "ultimate" brownie and/or pancake/brownie muffin. I replace all the water with espresso from Starbucks. I have one next door to me, so while I was at Albertson's grocery getting a few things, I impulsively got a 2 shot espresso to go. I made a brownie last night with it. good. Today, I am going to make the pancake/brownie muffin. I will let you guys know...

Comment #11

Freetime: I don't spray the cup with anything when I make the Pancake Muffin in a cup. It is the same recipe made in a shaker. Make sure you shake it no more than 5 times. It plops right out with no spray. Make sure it's a rather large coffee mug. Mine is 12 oz.

When I made the brownie/pancake muffin, I did spray the mug with butter flavored pam. I was worried about it sticking because of the brownie. I'll try it today without the spray and let you know. If it sticks, I'll just eat it with a spoon...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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