Coffee OK to drink during Nutrisystem?

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OK, I am obsessed with coffee. I drink it like there is no tomorrow. I do; however, drink caffeinated only in the morning. I love lattes and I don't know if I could give them up. Help?..

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Your question was: Coffee OK to drink during Nutrisystem?.

You don't have to give up coffee. You just have to account for all the milk in the lattes. Also coffee doesn't count towards your water every day unless it's caffeine free and sodium free...

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You don't need to give up lattes. You can have caffeinated beverages but try to limit them as they do not really hydrate you.

You can use a protein serving (8 oz. skim milk) to make a latte.

If you're ordering at the coffee house just order a skinny. (sugar-free flavor) and go for the smallest size...

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One of my favorite Starbucks drinks: Tall iced decaf skinny caramel latte, with an extra shot of decaf. It's a mouthful to say, hee...

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Yes, please! weren't offering to buy a round?<pouts>..

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I either make my own latte at home, or I'll grab a NF one at lunch from McD's with SF vanilla syrup. I even bought a mini frother if I want a cap. I still have to try it out though...

Comment #5

Yay for coffee..... now to just learn to like water..

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Hi everybody...I just returned to Nutrisystem and my gosh...I forgot how many CALORIES and FAT! And Sugar is in my coffeemate creamer!!.

I love about two tblspns in each cup of coffee and am drinking a tall cup of at least two a day...well if I have 4 tblspns of Coffeemate Creamer-Fr. is adding over 200 calories and fat to my daily intake! It's not even food..

So...this will be a little difficult for me to give up the Coffeemate....i tried Coffeemate FAT-FREE before and really, really hated it. Sugar-free...cannot go without sugar...guess I should buy Splenda for sugar and buy a fat-free creamer?.

Anybody like me and drinking Coffeemate or did in the past...WHAT DID YOU SWITCH TO???.

I am thinking if I cannot switch than I better get my morning coffee intake to ONE cup a day and not two.....sad ....sad....

(I was at 3 cups a day so good think I cut back recently before N.S.).

And when I was on N.S. before I still drank my coffee and creamer and still lost 14 lbs....but I was walking at least an hour several times a week and on an incline and doing yoga..

Advice on CREAMER would be appreciated!.



Encinitas, CA..

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I switched to black, 1 or 2 splenda. Plain fat free creamer is good too. Land O Lakes is lower calorie. I don't use enough of it before it goes bad so sometimes I just put in a spoonful of almond soy milk and call it a day...

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Buy either the FF or the SF (just add splenda) one and start off with one tbs of the regular and one of the FF/SF. Gradually decrease the amount of the regular you use over the course of the week. By week's end you will be off the full fat/sugar stuff and on the SF or FF. Your taste buds will adjust trust me. First day or two may be a little difficult. In a couple of weeks you won't know how you used the other stuff. Next thing to do would be to gradually cut back from 2 tbs to one...

Comment #9

I have not given up my CoffeeMate - I use the SF French Vanilla (it already has Splenda in it!). If you can learn to drop the amount down to 1 tbsp (that's the normal serving size anyway), you can count that as one of your "free foods". If you need the flavor more than the cream, buy some of the sugar free flavored syrups (they're usually in the coffee aisle) or buy flavored coffee to brew. You might also try to find the dry CoffeeMate in your flavor choice (and/or ff or sf) and add extra water to make it go farther. I know they have the "flavorings" as singles now with Splenda already in it, but I prefer to add my own amount of sweetener. I have found that I am more interested in the flavor of the creamers than having to whiten the coffee, so this works for me...

Comment #10

Hahha! I hear ya! I started adding Crystal Light to my water and it helped a lot!.

Pa. LOVE the Johnny Depp pic *drools*..

Comment #11

Hey thanks people for the advice...I think I will buy the Fat Free/Sugar Free coffeemate and keep the rest of the Reg. coffeemate. 1 tbspn of each and gradually cut back on the regular coffeemate. It's just too caloric and has too much fat in it anyway..

I have heard Splenda is not good for you either...but hey either is sugar...

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I have an espresso machine and make a latte every morning for breakfast. The skim milk is my protein. I could foam it with the machine but I never bother. I just heat it in the microwave. I sometimes get an iced skinny latte at Starbucks but I have to have my morning espresso. I have also found that the Starbucks instant coffees are great to have on hand...

Comment #13

You guys are so awesome!!! Thanks Hey Friend me If I have friends to talk to I might actually log on every night before I head off to bed. I don't bite!.

OH yeah! Got my food... starting monday!..

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