Coffee allowed on Medifast plan?

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Just started Medifast today. My shipment came in yesterday and it felt like it would take forever to recieve it, but within 2 days, I got my shipment! I took photos of myself, which was kinda hard to do, considering I know this isn't the real me. But, I'm so happy to finally start this program and hope to make some friends along the way....

5/7/10 - 205 lbs.

7/31/10 - 134 lbs GOAL!!!.

Is having coffee in the morning ok on this plan? I usually put half 'n half in my coffee, but I don't think it's allowed is it?..

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Good luck on MF!.

I think it's good to have goals, but not to put limits on them. Medifast affects different people different ways, as I've seen all over the boards. You might lose FASTER than that or slower, but I don't want you to be disappointed. Think of it this way: Any loss is a win!..

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Oh congrats on getting your MF!.

Mine took to come too!.

You can DEFINITELY have coffeebut limit it. The max they recommend is 3 servings= 300mcg (or some abbreviation like that) because you'll be more easily affected by the stimulant..

Second- YEP! You can! Half n Half - 2 tbsp = 1 healthy fat..

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Theknittingbookworm - thank you thank you thank you!!! It's bad enough giving up all the foods but to give up coffee would make me very sad i'll enjoy a cup of coffee tomorrow am. :-)..

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I hear ya 100%!! ! ! !! I'm a complete addict and the day I don't drink coffee is the day that I'm dead in my grave..

I love Medifast because it still allows me those small indulgences...

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Welcome! I still have my two cups of coffee in the morning and now drink it black so as not to mess with condiments and such.

By the way, taking pictures was a really good idea! I took some, too, and can't wait to see the end result and compare my pics. You can see mine on my page. Did you post yours?..

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I haven't ordered the program yet as I am still trying to figure out if it's for me. How many Healthy Fat servings are we allowed each day?..

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Almost all of anyone's questions can be answered in the Quick Start Guide. I read it from cover to cover and I still refer to it!!.


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I drink 6-8 cups of coffee daily and lost 87lns in less than 9 months. I use a Medifast Cappuccino or a shake to flavor my coffee. No splenda, just coffee and either cappuccino or a shake.

I asked Nutrition Support if coffee is limited because it may hinder weight loss. I was told that it DOES NOT hinder weight loss but they suggest limiting caffeine because Medifast is so low in calories that excess caffeine may cause dizziness. I have not had any problems so I drink more than 1-2 cups per day.

I strongly suggest that you read the Quick Start Guide. Many of your questions will be answered. I still refer to the guide.


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The amount of healthy fat servings will depend on what protein you choose for your lean and green meal. It will be anywhere from 0-2..

All the info is in the Quick Start Guide and it is online in addition to getting a copy when you order..


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I started the plan today. I tried the oatmeal and it was yucky. I think I will send the oatmeal boxes back. I did the chocolate shake and it was pretty good. Hope I can stick with this. If I can just get past the first week.........

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I just started my Medifast today as well! WE CAN DO THIS! Now, if my husband will stop going to fast food joints for biscuits! (He's trying to keep me from having to cook! LOL)..

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Good for you for starting. I am coming into the end of my first week(I weigh-in on Monday). Just keep a positive outlook and take one day, one meal at a time. I am determined that I am going to adjust to the oatmeals since the program is all about learning to do things differently. I will associate the oatmeals with something that I binge on and maybe when I get to add other foods my trigger food is no longer pleasant to me.Hey, I can't afford therapy, so I do it on the fly and by the seat of my pants!.

Wishing you well on your journey...

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Congrats on starting. I remember my 1st day (3 weeks ago) and have not turned back since. Good Luck!..

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I just started Thursday, and I'm already down 8 lbs. I know it won't always be this fast, but I'm very happy so far...

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You will make it! I just started week 3, if I can make it I know you can too!.

The oatmeal can be made into muffins and I think pancakes and other things. Also, your tastes will change, so I would give it a few weeks before you send it back..

Also, if you havent tried yet, BLEND THE SHAKES WITH ICE, they are very very good that way..

Cant wait to see your first weigh in numbers!!!!!!!..

Comment #15

Welcome! One packet at a time you can do this!!!! I wish I had done this years ago!..

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Thank you all for your encouragement and support as well as your helpful hints... I'm glad I'm not doing this alone... i've got you guys to help me out! :-) Let's all be buddies and keep the support going! Im on day 4 and kicking some serious butt! went to a 40th birthday bash and never once did I ever feel like having anything but my Medifast that I snuck in my purse... as for beverages, I stuck with club soda and lime... amazing how everyone thought I was drinking a real drink... NOT! Then with Mothers Day today, it was a breeze...

I did 30 min. on the treadmill this morning too and feel SOOOO good. Im drinking about 128oz of water each day...

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Good luck to you, Donna!.

I just started yesterday. I have a terrible headache and bad hunger pangs, despite eating Medifast meals at regular intervals as instructed and drinking tons of water. I've read in a few places that the first 3 days are the hardest and I'm gritting my teeth and hanging in!.

I did the treadmill last night for an hour and wonder if it was too much for Day One. I've had the headache since I woke up this morning..

Trying very hard to stay positive!..

Comment #18

First of all - welcome and hang in there, in 3 days it really will get better..

Next - if you've been exercising regularly, Medifast recommends cutting this in half for the first 2-3 weeks. Even after that, 45 minutes per day is the MAX...

Comment #19

Ahhhh, thanks. I need to go look over the materials again. I had been working out about 6 hours a week for the last month. 45 minutes a day is just slightly under that, but it makes sense that I would need to tone it down awhile as my body adjusts...

Comment #20

Welcome to MF. This program absolutely works and I know we all have goal weights and goal dates. Please be careful to not get discouraged if the numbers don't drop like you anticipate. It looks as though you expect to lose at least 5 pounds every week. I am not sure how tall you are but I was the same starting weight and it has taken me 4 months to lose 40 pounds. I am slower than most but steady at about 2.4 pounds each week.

I exercise exactly as indicated. I only lost more than 3 pounds twice the whole time and once was my very first week...

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Way to go on starting. I'm starting tomorrow..

My goal weight is around 134 lbs too. I have 60 lbs to lose, we can do it :-)..

Comment #22

Okay, I'm babysitting my sister's children tonight, which I love to do, but why did one of them have to go pop a bag of microwave popcorn??..

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Welcome to the program. It is truly wonderful and life changing. I am just concerned that it looks like you want to lose about 70 pounds in 3 months. That is an awful lot, more than 20 pounds every month. I started at twice your weight, and I won't even come close to that. I just don't want you to get discouraged if you don't meet it.

Good luck!!..

Comment #24

I started Medifast today, too!! It's very exciting to be doing something you know WILL WORK!..

Comment #25

Hi ladies.

I am on day two and so far so good, I have had headaches, but nothing much more than that..

I am going to try the oatmeal as a pancake and I bought the WaldenFarm blueberry spread and use that on it, it might make it easier to eat. So far the food tips have ben great and the food has been good, I am a daily weigher, but I will try to weight till next week to weigh in!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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