Chips to eat during Medifast?

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Any one found an accepable chip, tortilla, etc. to eat with salsa???, dip, etc??? You know with the holidays coming up & so many dips, & I love salsa anytime plus cheese ball, etc....

Wonder if anyone has found a very low everything - ??? Wish Waldenfarms made a 0 carb, 0 calorie one, heck even if it taste bad if I had something to dip with - Ha !!.

(I'm afraid there is 1 day - I've got to have some of that food close to Christmas)..

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I just made the cracker recipe with the cream soup. I added 1 TBSP of low carb bake mix. It's really great. Like bread/cracker. Nutrition says we can use it. I am doing it once a day when I bake and giving up my snack.

Carbs and 25 calories. And you can dip it in stuff. I don't think that Nutrition is ever going to approve a store bought chip, pita bread, dorito, whatever because of the carbs...

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Can we have the recipe for the cracker?? And do you think carbquick would work in it - as I happen to have a big bag in the house!!!..

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I just take one of the cream soups, 1/2 tsp. of baking powder, 1TBSP or so of the low carb baking mix (yes I am sure carbquick would work) and some spices and a little grated parmesan. Mix it all up in a bowl and add water until it is a "dough" consistency. Then spread into a round on release foil and bake until brown on bottom at 350, flip it over and bake until the other side is brown. I think it would have been more bread/crackerish if I would have used 2 TBSP of the baking mix and not just 1. But I am watching it.

Do you know offhand?..

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I'll check the carbquick box tonight and will let you know the calories / carbs...

Comment #4

I made the one out of cream of chicken this morning and just ate it for lunch. Didn't even put anything on it. Really good texture. Until Medifast comes up with a baking mix I am using 1 TBSP or so a day of this stuff...

Comment #5

Here is the CarbQuik info off the manufacturer's website:..

Comment #6 what is 1 oz. of dry mix? Because that is high, 9 gr. of carbs. But I am assuming that is more than we would use. Mine is from Bob's Red Mill and has 10 gr. carbs and 100 calories per 1/4 cup.

Carbs and 50 calories. 1 TBSP is 2.5 gr. carbs and 25 calories, etc. How do we figure that on an ounce???..

Comment #7

Think you're probably going to have to suck it up and weigh it on a food scale...

Comment #8

Too complicated for me. Will stick with the Bob's Red Mill and my 1 TBSP...

Comment #9

Actually, on the label I posted it says (in the yellow portion) that 1/3 cup of CarbQuick is 100 calories. So, if 1 oz. = 50 calories, 1/3 cup must be 2 oz. Ergo, 1 oz. = 1/6 of a cup or 2 level T + 2 level tsp.

(16T = 1 cup. Divide 16 by 6 = 2 2/3 T or 2T = 2tsp).

Math and science major ......

Comment #10

Well, I can calculate but I cannot type!.

1 oz. - 2T + 2tsp...

Comment #11

Okay Judy, MediRocketScientist...Then what would it be calories and carb wise for that 1 TBSP...

Comment #12

Don't forget in the system of weights and measures we (US) uses that 1 oz of volume is not equal to 1 oz of measure. check the label to see if it says volume or weight. then that tells you how to measure it...

Comment #13

That 1 oz. would be 3.5 g. fat, 9 g. carb, 7 g. fiber and 3 g. protein..

Too pricey for me!!!!.

I will stick with my medi-rebel Flaxseed meal, thank you very much!..

Comment #14

A serving size of Carbquik (17 grams) is 2 tablespoons...

Comment #15

Medifast has a converter..ounches to grams and cups etc. It is at the bottom of the MY PLAN page..

Comment #16

Duh..sorry...I did not read the rest of the train of thoughts...oh well, it's Monday..

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Loved the comment on your signature about the "have you cut your hair.".

I noticed you are HALFWAY THERE! Congrats!.


Comment #18

I would not recommend using this product along with the Medifast program. Medifast does not recommend it...

Comment #19

This is a confusing one from Medifast Nutrition...When Orangeblood asked, it said that 1-2 TBSP. of the Atkins baking mix could be used as a snack. Is the no-no directed to the Carbquick product? Because, as mentioned, we were already told that we could use the low carb baking mix if it had close to 4 gr. of carbs. Hmmmmmmm.......

Comment #20

When Orangeblood asked he was implying he was using is as part of his snack. I would not advise to a brand new customer to just use this product. When individuals start adding in a bunch of different things it may add in additional carbohydrates which in return will effect their weight loss. Carb mix that was referred to in this post seems extremely high in carbohydrates...

Comment #21

Okay well that's what I was doing. Using the recommended amount 1-2 TBSP. to throw into the recipes for texture and logging as my snack. As I have posted, the 1 TBSP. has only 2.5 gr. of carbs and 25 calories. Thanks...

Comment #22

That is ok as long as you are taking the nutritional content it adds into account and are counting it as a snack. Some individuals may not include a snack at all...

Comment #23

Okay well I am watching like a hawk and really the recipes only need 1 TBSP. to make them better so I will stick with that and log as snack. Thanks so much...

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You been pulled over by the food cops AGAIN?!?!?.

You Medi-Rebel, you!..

Comment #25

Honestly Judy, if there really was a MediJAIL, I would be on death row. Yeesh...

Comment #26

You know that old game, "Hi BOB" where you would watch the Newhart show and take a shot whenever anyone says Hi Bob?.

I just want to do SOMETHING everytime I read, "___________ is not recommended during the weight loss phase of the program. We suggest using ___________ during the maintenance and transition phase ...".


Comment #27

Judy, where do you buy that stuff locally? I don't see low carb baking mix on the download list yet, but if it was approved as an allowable snack, I'd like to be able to find it. My local Natural Foods Market (Mrs. Green's if anyone else is in the vicinity of the several states that this small chain serves) didn't have "low carb baking mix" and the supermarket didn't have CarbQuik..

We have Bob's Arrowroot powder (unrelated to baking mix, just noticed the brand) in the house, so they do carry Bob's merchandise, but the ground flaxseed meal was a different brand, and from what I understand, it's even better to grind up what one needs on a daily basis with a "Magic Bullet" the store said they had one of those but they didn't, we are still looking, since it seems to be an indispensable item, at least one that makes things better..

I don't think I would use it all very often, but I'd like to have it in the house if it's allowed to use every now and then, and I can't find it with so many things being ordered online, I'd much prefer to at least get this item in a market or Natural Foods shop..

Thanks in advance to anyone with a suggestion the shipping fees add up!.

PS: Hysterically funny website


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Marianne Williamson..

Comment #28

Argh, we need a delete or edit key for posts when something duplicates or gets messed up or we find an error..

Apologies for that spamfest of a sig., going to go fix it right now.

Gomen, ne?..

Comment #29

I love Mil Millington. His "Things My Girlfriend and I Argue About" is priceless. I miss the fact that he doesn't post to it anymore. I get his newsletter though...

Comment #30

I really have no idea which stores would carry CarbQuik. I found the nutritional info on their website, because Bettina wanted to know what it was..

I *have* seen it for sale on the net, though. has it (and a TON of other stuff most of which, I am sure, "cannot be used during the weight loss phase of the Medifast plan.")..

Comment #31

We only state what we recommend vs. do not recommend so that all who view these threads will know what the official Medifast stance is on a particular product or issue. No discouragement intended... just letting everyone know what the company's official stance is...

Comment #32

Our post has been removed from the "April starters..." thread, because it was being very misunderstood. We apologize for any confusion this has caused...

Comment #33

Medifast Support: We *LOVE* you guys and I was just razzing you a little bit! Since we all keep trying to push the envelope, it is just *funny* when we get the inevitable response!.

I *still* think some form of Medifast "Hi, Bob!" would be fun. Maybe I'll slug water each time .... or do 5 mins. on my elliptical ......

Comment #34

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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