Medifast recipe for Chili and minstrone soup?

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I just received my second order and I have added chili and minstrone soup. I havent heard anyone say anything about the minstrone soup but have heard a lot of negative comments about the chili. Is there anyone who actually likes the chili? And can you advise how to doctor it up as well as the minstrone soup. Im not gonna use it until I am done with my 1st order but I wanted to know in advance..


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I LOVE the chili...but I always doctor it up.

I add tomatoes and canned chopped Ortega chiles (subtracted from my green), and I also add either chili powder or a tsp. of Better Than Buillon chili base.

I also either cook it on the stove, or I put it in tupperware, add water and let it soak all morning before making it for lunch at work. If you're having cheese for your lean, you can put a few shreds of grated lowfat cheddar on it too..

The soaking (or stovetop) method improves all the soups that have solid bits in them..

I doctor almost everything with veggies, spices, extracts, Better Than Buillon or flavorings... just can't help it!.

Just make sure to count anything you take from your L&G...

Comment #1

Also, for the minestrone, I add tomatoes, zucchini and a dash of cooking sherry. A sprinkle of lowfat parmesan on top. Mmmm..

I actually like it plain too, but I'm probably the only one here who does...

Comment #2

The minestrone soup given that it is as high in carbs is the highest bar, and has to my taste, and almost everyone I've spoken to, a very unpleasant taste indeed is something I ordered, and sent right back.

I won't work hard to make something that has 2 Medifast meals worth of carbs marginally palatable, when I can have chicken noodle soup, made with twice the water, cooked on the stove, with a teaspoon of Better than Bouillon in it (then into a thermos for a few hours, and it comes out thick and full of flavor and noodles and "chicken" - soy bites) absolutely wonderful 13 grams of carb. Same thing Chicken and Rice. Same thing Beef Stew Soup, only here Beef Better than Bouillon... and it tastes amazing..

I knew I could have worked with it, added water, added this, cooked it longer, but for 4 grams (a whole salad's worth) of carbs over my favorite bar, if I'm going to have something with that many carbs, I'll opt for the occasional once or at most twice weekly bar..

I think you're the third person, Gatita, who has admitted liking this soup someone referred to it as a "medi*gag*miss" when they were talking about the eggs being a "Medi-hit" I'm sure many others also like the Minestrone, and I *wish* I did because I truly do love minestrone soup, and it's such a wonderfully healthy soup, made properly, with tons of fiber, all those legumes, and wonderful vegetables..

Great for you that you enjoy it, I wish I did!..

Comment #3

For the chili, before nuking it the second time, I add crushed red pepper and extra seasoning. I can tolerate the ministrone with just a tad of salt. I am one of the weird ones on the ministrone soup...

Comment #4

I like the chili but I doctor it too. I make mine quite thin (because I like soups like that) and add chili powder and bouillonwhatever veggies I have on hand..

I hate the minestrone. I've doctored it a LOT and still it makes me gag. I didn't realize after I'd ordered it, that I could send it back for a refund. Every so often I force myself to use a package (because all of this food is SO expensive) but I will never buy it again..

I agree with the comments about the lower carb chicken noodle soup..


Comment #5

I LOVE the Ministrone Soup! ThereI said it! I do add a touch of salt and some garlic pepper to everything! Garlic Pepper seems to make any food taste better to me..

As a conesseir of chicken soup (I am Jewish, after all) I can't stand the chicken noodle!.


Comment #6

I really like the minestrone. I add some chicken base with a little chili powder and cayenne pepper. Then about 10 ounces water and some nuked cabbage. I nuke for two minutes and let it sit for two hours. Then nuke for 2 minutes when I am ready to eat..

I think it is pretty good. I do the same thing with the chili. I eat it as a soup not thick...

Comment #7

I love the minestrone as well.....sprinkle a little parmesan ....umm ummm good!! Its one of my favorite meals in fact. Filling and very satisfying...

Comment #8

I cook both of them in the crock pot and I love them now. (I hated the chili at first) For the chili I put 6 packets of chili, 4 cups of water, 1 can of mild rotel, and a packet of chili seasoning. I cook it on low for about 6 hours. I do almost the same thing for the minstrone. I just don't put in the chili seasoning. I use some salt and pepper instead.

I then pop them in the microwave when I am ready. They have a very good flavor and they are thick like I like them. I tried the chicken and wild rice soup today. I put 4 packets of chicken and wild rice and 2 packets of chicken noodle, 4 cups of water, 2 teaspoons of better then boulion mushroom, and some chicken seasoning. I only cooked it about 4 hours on low and I just had a bowl and it was really good!! Good luck...

Comment #9

I'm the really odd woman out...I love all the soups/chili/stew except the creamy broccoli. Sometimes I doctor with a bit of cumin and pepper, but that's about it!..

Comment #10

I love the chili. I put it in the crockpot. Add spices and a can of tomatoes and jalepeno peppers. Divide them equally and pop in the freezer. When I reheat it, I add some shredded cheese on top. Sometimes I'll put it on salad greens and make a generic taco salad.

If I make either the minestrone or beef stew, I make sure I let it sit for a long time (1 1/2 - 2 hours). I'll also add boullion like others have said.

Haven't found a way to make the cream soups more palatable other than the crackers and those are just "okay."..

Comment #11

I'm going to attempt the chili today in my crock pot I bought chili powder at the store last night and I'm going to add some canned tomatoes and a very little bit of onion. I'll let you know how it turns out. As for the Minestrone, it is by far my favorite. The first time I had the chicken noodle I was gagging. That was becuase I didn't let it soak after that, I let EVERYTHING soak. Anyway I'm going to have my L&G meal for lunch, then later tonight have some chili. I hope it's good!..

Comment #12

I had the chili yesterday my first day. So I knew I needed to doctor it a little. I made it on the stove, added a little more water, lots of fresh ground pepper and a little Adobo seasoning. I brought it to a boil, then turned it off, put the lid on and let it sit about an hour, then heated it up again. It was pretty thick, and tasked really good. Hope that helps..

Comment #13

I love the chili cooked on the stove with extra water, chili powder and onion powder. I just made a pot for today and added extra chili powder and believe you me, someone could blow up a building with this stuff now......

Comment #14

I am very strange in the way I prepare Medifast chili - but I know that I'm not alone out there because I got this idea from the boards!.

I use 4 ounces of Diet Dr Pepper and add it to the chili mix and then nuke for 2 min 40 sec on 70% power. After, I give it a shot of Shilling's Mexican Seasoning mix and chow down. The Diet Dr. Pepper + chili gives it almost a "barbeque" flavor, sort of sweet and spicy..

Very good if you like spicy barbeque!..

Comment #15

I did not like the minestrone at all til I added some splenda to it. For some reason that made a big difference in taste tho it is still not my favorite...

Comment #16

I haven't tried the ministrone, but love the chili, only if I make it in the crockpot first. I have one of the small crockpots, so I make two packs at a time, I always add fresh green peepers, onion, and a can of diced tomatoes, garlic, pepper, mrs. dash, chili pepper, and celery salt. To me it just tastes better if I slow cook it. I'm trying that with the beef stew now, hopefully it will taste just a good...

Comment #17

I really like the Chili but I cant be putting so much effort into it. Im more the fix it and forget it type. The chili needs time to soak to get the texture right but I can never seem to get it together to start making food hours before I eat it. Thats partially why I like this program so much, it's quick. So.....

I mix (whisk) it with 6oz of water and four dashes of Tapatio.

Then into the microwave for 20 minutes on 10% power. Works for me...

Comment #18

When I first started Medifast the chili was one of my favorite things. I still like it but I ate it so much that I kinda switched to some other things for a while. The only doctoring I do is to add lots of Chipolte Tabasco. Also I soak it overnight or nuke it, cover it and let it soak for at least a couple of hours and then nuke again. I found that the beans were always like wee pebbles unless I allowed time for them to get re-hydrated..

Sometimes after above stuff I squirt some mustard on top to give me a taste like a chili dog/burger. I never was really into junk food much but I do love me some chili cheeseburger! *sigh*.

I also like the minestrone and think it is a nice change from the other soups. But I never eat it without shaking a bunch of Italian seasoning into it or sometimes even snip a little fresh herbs into it. And salt and pepper. Oh, and it needs soak time too..

To me it tastes no worse than some canned minestrone soups but not nearly as good as my homemade kind of course...

Comment #19

For those of you who are adding cans of tomatoes, rotel or onions to the chili, how do you account for the green part of your L&G? What portion of your Green do you think you are using when you eat the chili this way?..

Comment #20

Since I use one can per 6 packets of soup mix, I don't count it. So far I haven't had any problems...

Comment #21

I actually like the Chili. I put a tablespoon of yogurt in it and count as part of my protein for the day. Add some whole grain crackers, and I find it a quick filling lunch...

Comment #22

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