Cheesecake recipe for Medifast

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Ok I got this one from Medifast Center. Take 1% cottage cheese and put it in the blender with vanilla and equal and blend it smooth and it taste like cheesecake. I made a bowl and go to it if I am having a craving. It was really good...

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Yes! You just have to figure out the math on how much you make. I made a bowl and have had 2 tbsp for the day and I just deducted that from my lean. I have probably enough for 3 or 4 days. The Medifast Center said if you are craving sweets which my trigger food id PB then make this and have a couple of bites of that. Much healthier for me than 2 scoops of Peanut Butter...

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Ok - so help me here..... you can count it as part of your lean (so how much of this would essentially equal 1 lean serving/replace 5-7 oz of protein?), right? And how much in terms of measurement are you talking about making? I'm so new at this, and the thought of "cheesecake" sounds delicious, but I dunno that I want to give up a bigger serving of protein for a bite or two only. Perhaps though, I'm just not completely getting the trade-off idea. Chalk it up to my tired brain!!??!..

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What she's doing is using this as say 1/4 lean and then having some other lean like steak or chicken for the other 3/4 portion. Does that help?..

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Here is a calculation guide for figuring out portions..... Hope this helps..

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Awesome chart thanks for sharing where I could find it. I was also wondering how much of the container of cottage cheese, vanilla and Equal that you blend together for the "cheesecake" recipe; or do you just go by taste and add more of the ingredients to balance as you mix it? Thanks - don't mean to be dense on things...

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I used 1/2 cup CC, 2 equal, and 2 tsp of vanilla. But I did it by taste. That is what I came up with...

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Oh THAT'S what you needed the link for!! lol.

Cottage cheese whirrled up with stronger cheese like extra sharp cheddar work well to lessen the fat content of the strong cheeses too..

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Good point Jessica! I hope it was ok that I used your link for that.... :0)..

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Thank you ladies! I love everyone's help around here. I'm so hungry for something that gives me a sense of "dessert". Can't wait to give this a whirl...

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I made this for the first time. I was such a skeptic and it way Delicious..............

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I shop at Kroger...they only carry 2% and 4% cottage cheese...they also have a "low fat" cottage cheese but it doesn't say what % it is anywhere on the container. What brand of cottage cheese is your 1% and where do you get it/can you get it??..

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Yes but if your looking for a PB that is soooo awesome. Try Better'n Peanut Butter you can find it at Trader Joes for 2 Tbsp it is 100 calories, 2g Fat & 13g carbs. I usually will only have 1 Tbsp so you can cut all of those in half. I have mixed it with my chocolate pudding and my brownie..


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Mine is 90 calories for 1/2 cup, 2 gms fat and 4 carbs...

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