Medifast recipe for Cheese?

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I'm confused. I see a lot of people adding things to their meals, particularly the lean and green that I haven't read are part of the program (like cheese). Are people just upping their calories, or did I miss something reading through my info packet?..

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You missed something. You can have 1 cup of low fat cheese as your lean or you can replace one ounce of your lean with low fat cheese. Cream cheese is not included...

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1oz of lean to 1oz of l/f cheese? OK, got it. THX...

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Yes. I think I wasn't clear though as I reread this. You can also replace 2 oz of lean with 2 oz of cheese. you can proportion it however you want as long as the cheese doesn't exceed 1 cup...

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Where is the "cheese" information located (on the Medifast site, in our welcome packet)? I'm confused b/c I see people naming other things besides the things listed on the 5-1 list. I didn't know that we were allowed to have things like salsa, cheese, and other items that I've seen on the post. This is day 3 for so I was excited to see that there are other food options available...

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As for the cream cheese...i made the cream cheese icing recipe posted on here....

4 oz of fat free cream cheese, vanilla extract, and some splenda to taste....

Havent gained any weight??? still losing...

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Can anyone provide a list of what kinds of cheese are allowed?.

I know that ff cottage cheese is allowed, and I hear a lot of people mentioning laughing cow. What about Velveeta? Also, where is the best place to look for lf cheeses? And what are the calorie/fat/carbohydrate limits on them?.

I love cheese, and have been leaving it out lately. It would be great if I felt confident enough to use it in cooking again. Don't want to blow it on the Medifast program yet - only been doing it just under 3 weeks!.

Thanks for your help...

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I just read somewhere else on here today that Nutrisystem is busy updating the list of approved foods so I'm sure we'll see something soon. In general you can substitute cheese for some portion of your's posted above. If you search the Nutrition Support thread for "cheese" I bet you find a lot of info!!..

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Chris from Nutrisystem said:.

"For a meatless option an individual may choose to have 1/2 to 1 cup of cheese (whether cottage cheese or a lower-fat favorite such as reduced-fat colby, swiss, etc). Additionally, some individuals like to have a bit of cheese with their meat (as part of the lean and green meal) for this we generally say to limit it to an ounce or less (as the calories and carbohydrate contents of select cheeses can vary significantly) and to count it as follows: 1 ounce of low-fat cheese replaces 1 ounce of lean meatsuch as beef, lamb, pork or replaces 2 ounces of very lean meatthe chicken, fish, shellfish option.".

The way I read this, if you are eating nothing but cheese for your lean then you can have 1/2-1cup. If you are adding cheese to a non-cheese lean they want you to limit it to an ounce or less...

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I'm not even certain that Velveeta is actually cheese!!! LOL..

Comment #9

That. Is. Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Thanks for the laugh - I really needed it!.

I truly miss cheese, too.....................................really really badly. I think I had a dream about it last nite...

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Actually, I think you are right - Velveeta probably is not really cheese! It is "processed cheese food" - just had to ask if it was allowed... I prefer the real stuff anyway. Going shopping tomorrow morning, so wanted to get it straight what was allowed. I have not been eating cheese recently except with my Sunday morning omelette. A tradition I started since I don't have time for a "real" breakfast during the week! My husband appreciates something besides cereal now and then.

So now at least I have a justification when I buy some REAL cheese that is more expensive! Thanks all!..

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