Cheating on weekends on the Medifast Diet!

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So this was my first weekend on MF, and I didn't do too well at all. I so totally cheated on Friday but I didn't have any problem getting up the next day and going right back OP, or so I thought. I'm wondering, how do you juggle the weekend with getting all 5 of the Medifast meals in? In between the mall, or shopping, or getting up late and not being on my workday schedule I wasn't able to get on track all weekend. I tried bringing my meals with me, which I did use but the problem is I can't seem to keep within the 2-3 hour guideline. Any suggestions would be great!..

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I find that weekends are harder, but have managed to stay OP since I started 6 weeks ago and even stayed OP while out of town for a weekend. I find that when I am on the go, it is easier to have a Medifast meal that I can just "grab and eat". If I am going to be out, I just make sure I put some bars, pretzels or puffs in my purse. I can't go more than 3 hours without being hungry, but if you find it hard to get the meals in, maybe you could set an alarm on your cell phone to remind you when it is time to eat. I hope this helps. Good luck, it gets easier the longer you are on the plan. :-)..

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I have daily alarms set on my phone for the times I need to eat, otherwise I would not eat at the right times at all! If for some reason I sleep in, I simply adjust my times as needed. It has really helped me stay on track during my first week..


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Ooh, I love the phone alarm idea. I have started putting two meals in my purse regardless of where I'm going. It's rare that I'll be out more than two meal's worth of time, so I'm covered...

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Another idea is to make the bagels=2 Medifast meals. So if your out (mall) want to eat "mall food". ORder a side salad and wrap it in the bagel. Sometimes I run out of the bars or the to grab and go food and instead make up the bagels. They are quite satisfying...

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What bagels are you talking about? Are they Medifast? I haven't had ANY type of bread in 2 you caught my attention...hehehe..


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I just started using an alarm on my cell every 2 hours because I get so busy at work I don't bother to eat. I rarely feel actual hunger so some days I would only eat my L&G if I didn't have reminders. I also started putting all 5 of my meals in a separate container so it'd be easier to keep track. I hate the idea of doubling up or forcing myself to eat, so I view my reminder system as a way to keep my metabolism going...

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Hey - weekends were tough for me, too - at first. Some harder than others. Parties are even worse! BUT I survived this past weekend - my twins 3rd b-day AND I am going away for my 20th anniversary this weekend - and I am staying OP!!! I am 8 weeks in and 50 pounds down. So, I am NOT losing ground now..

Kurz posted this bagel recipe - she rocks on recipes - check out her cauliflower pizza post..


You can use any soup. I make these as buns and sprinkle w/ sesame seeds on top..

I travel a lot for work and am starting to carry these on me..


1 packet Tomato Soup.

1 packet Scrambled Eggs.

1/4 tsp Garlic Powder.

1/2 tsp Dried Basil.

1 tsp baking powder.

4 tablespoons water.

It is thick and gloppy, you're going to need a plastic spatula but make it into two small bagel shapes on tin foil sprayed with cooking spray. Then I baked it at around 375 for about 12 - 13 minutes. Oh, and I think the batter does smell a little off-putting, but it bakes up fine.

This makes two nice round bagels that are thick enough to slice into half (so you can toast it/spread cream cheese on it!) with a great texture and taste.


I don't even bother toasting and I skip the tomato soup (bad reflux) in favor of cream of broccoli. You should see these suckers puff up in the oven. They do flatten out as they cool. So very yummy, very salty - the soup is very salty - but very good..

When you don't get to have bread - this rocks..

ALSO - some one posted making these FLATTER - like flatbread..

You can search the MMMMM recipe forum "flatbread" and it should come up..

Weekends are tough - they were very difficult for me when I started..

I save my Medifast meal options until Friday & Saturday night..

Then I use my Medifast Brownie along with a snack (pretzels or puffs) and if hubby breaks out cheese & crackers - I use the Medifast crackers w/ one cheese stick that I carefully slice into 12 pieces and put onto each little cracker..

I carry my lunch sack with me EVERYWHERE. I am not shy. It goes with me every day to work and every day on the weekends. If I am shopping, it can stay in the car, or if I am in the mall or other place where I will be all day, I bring it with me. I leave an ice pack in there, an insulated 16oz water bottle, 2-3 bars, 2-3 snack meals (pretzels/puffs), and at least one soy crisp (LUV!!!!) I don't bring anything that requires microwaving or prep of any kind. Get in the habit of carrying your Medifast with you.

If some one is nosy or rude enough to ask - just say this is SPECIAL food that you NEED and are REQUIRED by your doctor to eat..

Good luck!..

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Sometimes I might be a little off with the times when we're out on the weekends. I try to have one Medifast meal at home and then drink a shake when we're driving. Often if I'm at the mall, we have lunch so I have my L&G there. Then usually another meal on the drive home depending on timing (puffs, brownie, etc). Otherwise, I bring all the meals I think I will need. I also keep a bar in my purse for emergencies...

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Pre-planning is key till you get the hang of it. Most times you can plot out what to eat when in advance. Make sure you have extra "portable" Medifast meals in the car in case you get caught short. The phone alarm is really helpful if you can swing that. Best of luck.....

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Thank you everyone so far for your tips! I really appreciate it. Hopefully I can get the hang of the weekend thing by the time it rolls around again. It's going to be a hard transition as I sometimes only ate once or twice a day on the weekends. If I'm busy, I tend not to notice that I'm hungry! I'll have to start using the phone alarm and maybe get a bigger purse to carry my Medifast meals and bottle!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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