Changing the Serving Size for Nutrisystem?

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How forgiving is Nutrisystem if you say, eat 1 extra banana or apple in your diet? Like 1 or 2 extra servings of fruit. I love fruit, and sometimes I feel myself eating slightly over the recommended daily amount. I wish Nutrisystem had unlimited fruit the way they do vegetables. My relationship with vegetables isn't too great. I'm starting to get sick of the veggies that I once liked since I've been eating them every day. Fruit on the other hand is different.

Or what if you have days where you double up on snacks/desserts? I don't mean two chocolate cakes in one sitting....although very possible. I mean if you eat Cheese Puffs earlier in the day, and then cake at night?..

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Your question was: Changing the Serving Size for Nutrisystem?.

It sounds like you have a compulsion to work through. You need to figure out why you have such a strong need to eat more than you're supposed to. There is no logical reason you need to have 2 snacks in one day (men excluded). There is also no reason you need to have more fruit. Measure out a serving a stick to it. Learn the new ways.

Based on your previous postings and what you say in this post, I would not encourage you to find a way to add more fruits. I'd say you need to find a way to get yourself mentally able to commit to this...

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Do you eat baby (or other raw) carrots? I'm a big fruit lover, and I love the sweetness of the baby carrots.

Watch out for the slipper slope. A little more here and a little more there, and then you're back to where you started...

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I usually trade the lunch veggies/salad for one fruit serving...was told this is OK...

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Oh, yeah I love baby carrots.....the convenience of them is nice too. Thanks for the advice....I'll be more than happy to trade out a salad for fruit. My 1st month is almost over and even though I had a couple of days where I had a tad bit more fruit than veggies, and a couple of Saturdays where I had Soy Chips & cake....I still feel as though I've lost weight. My clothes are a little looser, and today at the Mother's Day dinner, family noticed. I've never stuck with a regime for a month, so in a sense I'm kinda proud of myself. I fought off "real" cake urges today and continued to eat my Nutrisystem food while everyone enjoyed comfort foods.

It'll be the 1st time since starting...

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Doubling up on vegetables - ok.

Doubling up on fruits - not ok.

You could use 20 calories of fruit as an extra ("free") food.

Women can have 2 Nutrisystem snacks/desserts a day (by replacing afternoon fruit & dairy/protein snack with Nutrisystem.

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An apropriate serving for bananas is .5 or 1/2 med banana 52 calories..

While I know fruits are healthy all foods work together on the plan so substituting foods is not a good idea.

I would suggest asking the counsolers what options are avaliable if you are going to make a habit of tweaking your servings. An ocasional over indulgence could become a habit be it fruit or anything else...

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