Carrot cake recipes for Nutrisystem?

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Hello All,.

I tried the Carrot Cake and it tastes really bad. I just ate a bite out of the package. I am wondering if any of you have made any type of recipe with it to make it taste GREAT!???.

Thanks for any advice on this item..


San Diego, CA..

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Your question was: Carrot cake recipes for Nutrisystem?.

Hey, how bad does it really taste?? I ordered several with my next order because I love carrot cake but have never tasted the Nutrisystem version. I'm going to watch this post to see everyone's opinions and then may change my order if too many negatives...

Comment #1

I guess everyone has different taste because I think they're deliciousordered extra. All I do is warm them up for like 10-15 sec, sometimes top with ff whipped cream, sometimes not. I really like themgive them a chance and decide for yourself. :-)..

Comment #2

Carrot cake is one of my favorite deserts, just as it is, right out of the package. Warmed up, even better. Everybody's taste is different...

Comment #3

I love them, as well. warm it in the microwave for a few seconds, put some ff cool whip on top and YUM!! I order several every order...

Comment #4

I'm another one who loves this. All I do is warm it for about 15 seconds in the micro. Will have to try the FF cool whip on it!..

Comment #5

I love these, I nuke it for 10 seconds just to melt the icing, it is wonderful..

Comment #6

I love them as well. BIG carrot cake fan here, and I think the Nutrisystem ones are darn close to the real thing. They have a bit of "frosting" that gets nice and melty if you warm them for a few secs in the microwave. But if you think you might miss the 1/2-inch of cream cheese frosting that is usually slathered all over the real thing, maybe experiment with FF cream cheese and splenda. Personally, I didn't miss it...

Comment #7

Don't change your order - you may love it - everyone has different tastes and you can't let anyone else's opinion of it sway you into not trying it..

I haven't tried it either but I have a few here and I am going to have tonight with ff whipped cream..

Comment #8

I like it fine, and I've always just eaten it right out of the package. It IS a wee bit more "solid" than your standard carrot cake Not quite as light and fluffy, but I still order 1-2 of them with each order. I'd get more, but I'm a dessert bar junkie. Definitely don't let others' opinions sway you. A few of my absolute favorite Nutrisystem items are things that I've seen others complain about as being awful.

To the original poster: What exactly do you dislike about it, so we can try to come up with some ideas? Is it the fact that there is less topping, the fact that it IS a bit "solid" like I said, or something else? I think the idea of experimenting with FF cream cheese and splenda is a good one if it's the topping. If it's the texture, maybe try doing the same and crumbling the cake into it a little?..

Comment #9

Count me in as one who loves the carrot cake...

Comment #10

I split it in half before warming in microwave. Then I top it with 1 tablespoon of Walden Farms Caramel Dip and 1 tablespoon of fat free Cool Whip. Then I sprinkle chopped walnuts (dinner fat) on top. ONe of my favorites!..

Comment #11

You might want to try just a couple in your next order. I was optimistic when it first came out because I love carrot cake, but it has a weird overly spiced flavor to me, so I don't order it...

Comment #12

Exactly. I only ordered one to try it and will never order it again, but I seem to be in the minority because most people LOVE it, so I suggest trying everything at least once or twice and then you can figure out you do or don't like. I would not take anyone's word for it...

Comment #13

I'm one in the minority who's not fond of this. It just seems to dry and "chunky" for me...much prefer the golden pound or chocolate cake...

Comment #14

I love them too. I freeze them for about 15 mins, then slice into 1 inch pieces.... they are like little loaves, so then I have like 4 or five slices so it seems like I have a lot of servings! I think it tastes better a little frozen.... funny...

Comment #15

Sounds decandent!!.

I do believe I'm going to order somethanks all!.

To the original poster: these look like some good ideas, don't they? Thanks for the post!..

Comment #16

I use one of my fuits to top it with a peach cup (Walmart- packed in water). I drink some of the juice first so it's not so juicy and pour the rest on top and maybe a little SF cool whip. Works great on the pound cake too...

Comment #17

I love the carrot cake. I've eaten it without warmimg and also after nuking for ten seconds. I increased my order as it is one of my favorite desserts. When I first ate one, I started a thread entitled, "I never met a carrot cake I didn't like.'..

Comment #18

I was not a fan of carrot cake but was surprised I recieved it as part of a free week and have liked it. Not as much as the chocolate cake or the fudge brownie but it is still good...

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