Can't stand the taste of Nutrisystem food?

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It was Feb 15 2009. I hit my all time high weight of 250. I am a 5' 10" male. I decided to start nutrisystem. I went on the plan and with the exception of some very light cheating I lost about 45 lbs. YEAH!!! At about the end of August last year I started climbing up again.

I would attempt the plan again and again but I could not stay focused on the plan. I also could not bear to eat the food.. Today May 20 I am about where I was when I started in Feb 2009. Back to 250. I feel like crap.

I have tried to get on the program again and again but I can't bring myself to eat the awful food. Not sure what I am asking for here or why I am posting. Maybe for someone to kick me in the fat A__ and tell me what I need to do. But on the other hand I can't eat the stuff..

I was actually thinking of trying medifast or something else then slowly going back to N/S.

This just sucks..

Anyone else in the same boat or were you there? What did you do?..

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Your question was: Can't stand the taste of Nutrisystem food?.

If you didn't like the food on Nutrisystem you will HATE Medifast. The few food items don't taste anything like food. Some of the shakes are good, but just about every product has the sorbitol or malitol (artificial sweeteners) in them, and soy, so can cause stomach upset, especially since most of your food is liquid, not solid..

I switched to Nutrisystem because I couldn't bear to eat another Medifast item! So far, so good - down 7.5 pounds in two weeks...

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I was thinking medifast maybe because I just need something new to get me going then when I was in the "Zone" I could switch back..

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Hey bro...why don't you start with me? I have a story just about identicle to yours. I decided to stop with the B.S. and start fresh today. The food always stinks the first few days. Let your taste budds adjust to it. It sure as hell isn't Wendys, but it tastes better every day your on it. If you need support or just want to chat, feel free to PM me...

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As you can see from my weight graph below your situation isn't unique.

Over the past winter I was begining to question whether I could get back on track with NS. My activity level was way down and many of the Nutrisystem dinners I had enjoyed didn't seem so appealing any more. Didn't pig out at fast food restaurants or anything like that but I did stop paying attention to what and how much I was eating..

It's early days yet but over the past few weeks I seem to have begun to change my mindset. I think the most significant things I did were a) go back to writing down everything I eat both Nutrisystem and non Nutrisystem and tracking the calories (yeah I know that's one of NS's selling points, no calorie counting but what the heck); b)make sure I eat every 3-4 hours; and c) get on the treadmill at least every other day for at least an hour..

As soon as some weight started coming off again I began to feel better physically and also felt I was regaining some control over things. For whatever reason that seems to make it easier to resist temptation and stay on track..

There are still lots of items on the Nutrisystem menu I don't care for but they have enough choice that I can find things I enjoy. I've taken to delaying my AD to once every couple of months (too many dinner items piling up) and have started using The Daily Plate to track calories in non Nutrisystem foods. Again, for me I think this is helping me feel in control..

Don't give up..

Good luck...

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Thanks Eric. I was actually thinking of trying to psych myself up but tomorrow is my anniversary and then soon after is memorial day BBQ's If I do start it will be the day after memorial day..

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Yep, been there done that but only with Atkins.

So my change was to start Nutrisystem. By doing something different and having foods ready to eat I eliminated all of my excuses. My thought is to eventually switch back over to Atkins once I feel comfortably in the safe zone for losing.

If you're going to do something you have to just jump in with both feet. You have to want to do this. You also have to stop beating yourself up. It took me years to stop beating myself up and finally do this. I kept starting up and then losing focus quickly because I just hated what I had let myself fall back into. That is the hardest part to deal with...

Comment #6

I loved Wendy's (and everything like it) too. After 18 weeks on Nutrisystem I can't even think about wanting that stuff, let alone eating it! The sooner you start, the sooner the numbers on the scale will start moving downward. As kjenks said, you gotta really want it, or it won't work...nothing will...

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That's your problem...there is always something, some excuse to delay getting healthy. I remember you from before. Wasn't one of your threads, "Confessions of a Cheater" or something like that? You were feeding your cravings...controlled cheating you called it. Started off with little things, then got worse, then you lost control. At the beginning of the year you were here to restart again..

I think you proved that "controlled cheating" does not work for you. The more you feed the cravings, the more you crave those foods. Listen to your body - you have food triggers and you need to avoid them. You got cocky when you lost some weight and were boasting that you could have a nibble here and there of your kids' food and other stuff. Apparently that doesn't work for you..

You said WW didn't work for you because you were using up your points but not on the right foods. You have to come to grips with the fact that you have to change your eating habits permanently or you will be a yo-yo dieter. That means permanently eliminating some foods from your diet because it is a slippery slope with you. If you can't find a healthier alternative, then it's off the menu.

You've convinced yourself that you hate the food and can't bring yourself to eat it. Then why not follow the Nutrisystem program strictly but using your own foods? Learn the program guidelines, make healthy food choices and then you continue to follow the Nutrisystem principles when you reach goal...

Comment #8

I know how hard it is to get started. I kept finding reasons to delay my start day too. Birthdays are great excuses. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Halloween, Valentines Day, Easter, July 4th, and on and on. You need to want to start. When your ready...we will be here...

Comment #9

You can do it. Here is some help.

Good luck...

Comment #10

I am amazed at what a memory you have. You are correct on all fronts. All excuses are equal. I just need to find a way back in to the zone. I like your idea about doing n/s without their food. I just need to get to the right place mentally. I hate looking at my closet every morning and realizing most of the stuff does not fit ...

Comment #11

Yes you do. There is no point in starting until you are ready to commit...

Comment #12

OMG - Looks like you just got yourself a good old fashioned tongue lashing, benalexe! It appears that someone knows you better than you know (or admit) yourself. I have nothing to add to that, except - you are the only one responsible for you and if you can't bring yourself to making any kind of lifestyle change permanently, you're not ready for ANY diet plan. Take time to fully reflect on how you are feeling and what you truly want, then make a move - no one can convince or coerce you...

Comment #13

Two words: Lifestyle change.

There will always be holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduations, funerals, out of town guests, etc. You need to change how you live, not just deprive yourself until you hit goal.

FWIW, I started the week of my husband's birthday. The next week was Thanksgiving. I did the best I could through those situations, and kept learning how to change my thinking and eating...

Comment #14

I'm "see"onfessing that I did Nutrisystem in '07 & lost 72lb.s & from 14 to 2 in 7 months. I kept it off for 2 years, & during 6 weeks of travel last year. After that I regained all but about 8-10 lb.s. be"see"ause I just didn't ramrod myself ba"see"k into what had been a healthy Nutrisystem habit. I'm 100& on Nutrisystem now, & have lost 10 lb.s so far. Please join me, relosing?..

Comment #15

Here's some sobering numbers for you:.





KFC Double Down.





KFC Grilled Double Down.





Arbys Chicken Bacon & Swiss Sandwich  Crispy.





Comment #16

I agree with losing....

Thats the first thing that hit me when I read this thread....there's always going to be another holiday, another excuse to bbq or eat something you shouldn't. And so why are all those holidays about eating bad for you? I've eaten and enjoyed baked chicken and vegetables for my anniversary...It smells a lot like an excuse and until you realize that, you will not be able to stick to any plan.....

Comment #17

I think most of us here can identify with wanting to get "into the zone" to start a workout or weight loss plan or both. The fact is - it just doesn't work that way. You have to change your mind first about this and then start doing the work - the motivation (being in the zone) will follow.

There is no one moment that will make us want to get healthy - it's an accumulation of moments like having to face a closet full of clothes that don't fit anymore, the unconscious avoiding of full length mirrors and store windows that show our true reflection, the silent hating ourselves for gaining or re-gaining the weight..

I'm here to lose just under 40 pounds I re-gained after losing over 100 on Medifast back in 2006. It's hard work, but it's worth it - I'm worth it. When you believe you are worth it then you will be ready to take that first step back to being healthy..

P.S. PM me if you want to know the ugly/whole truth about Medifast...

Comment #18

This thread brings to mind the saying, "You can't think your way into right living, but you can live your way into right thinking."..

Comment #19

Okay I am starting today. I have a bunch of Nutrisystem food. I am going to hold my noise and eat it to avoid the taste mind over matter. started at 253.2 OUCH. I think that is an all time high..

Comment #20

There are several ways to make the food taste better and fresher. Check the recipe pages or just search recipes for the food you are eating. I make most of my dinners and lunches into stews or soups in a pot by adding more water, and veggies like celery, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and seasonings like garlic, Italian seasonings, red pepper flakes; whatever goes with the meal. I even add a small amount chopped dill pickles to the mac and cheese with beef and put it on coleslaw. There are many ways to doctor the food and get your extra veggies as well. You may need some time to adapt to new ways of eating and not feel hungry.

Keep reading the board discussions when you get a craving or fall off the Nutrisystem plan... Good luck. We all are having our difficulties but we can get it right!..

Comment #21

If you're deciding to eat healthy, then do it. No caving in for Memorial Day barbeques just because "everyone else is doing it", or because "Oh, so-and-so brought their specialty, I have to try some". You can be stronger than that, if you choose to be.

That said, last time I read the ingredients on the NutriSystem food, there was no magic pixie dust. If you genuinely can't stand the food, there are other structured programs out there. Or you can cook your own food. Just remember the science Nutrisystem has done and balance your meals for the right ratio of veggies/fruits/protiens/carbs/fats.

Bacon double cheeseburgers taste great. They also don't fit most peoples caloric budgets unless they are working hours of manual labor. Most of us don't work on a farm or dig ditches or climb up and down scaffolding all day long. Be honest with yourself about what foods your activity level will support...

Comment #22

"Hold your nose and eat to avoid the taste?".

I've been reading through this thread and I'm just floored. But we all look at things differently. I'm so thankful for the convenience of this food and how good it is. Not all on it's own, but there is a great foundation with high protein to work with. I add what I want to, whether it is hot sauce, or spinach, or shredded chicken or cumin, etc etc etc...........

If you truly feel you need to hold your nose and eat to avoid the taste, I can't imagine how this will work out for you. I've been reading and hearing about some whacky diets out there including one where you eat 500 calories a day and take early pregnancy hormone shots to lose weight.

I guess, I love good food too much, I won't take hormone shots, I won't do some extreme surgery to cut up my stomach, I won't try to live on 500 calories a day and I certainly won't try to exist or get through the day holding my nose and avoiding the taste..

I truly hope you find something that works for you..

Side note: Losingw8now......... You are consistently on point and so caring in the way you continue to give input and be there for everyone. Not sucking up, I don't agree with every last thing you say. Although, I don't remember the last time I've disagreed with your idea's. LOL.


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