Does Murad Acne Complex make it hard to concentrate?

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I'm going into my 4th month of Murad Acne Complex and I'm noticing concentration issues. This actually started a month ago, but it seems like it's not going away. I have a very hard time retaining anything I read or anything people tell me and I feel like I'm always in a daze.Anyone else experiencing this?? This is weird... Thanks!!..

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Yep. me too!failed my independent study class over the summer, when I started the tane, and now for this semester I've gotta drop a class because the highest grade I can get is a C IF I do good on the final and final project... btw i've got only 7 pills left now, so in theory, it might work, but then again, why stress when you can drop? lol keep your chin up, and try studying in the mornings, thats when I usually retained the most info...afternoons i'm dead tired, and evenings, forget about

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Glad I'm not the only one!!I hope this doesn't last the whole course.....

Comment #2

Mmmhhh I'm really sorry for you... perhaps people on tane just need to rest and sleep a bit more than they usually do... I am on my 20th day... I hope I'll never experience anything like that cause I'm studying for my last 2 exams and I'm writing my thesis... I wonna graduate in a few months... what's your dosage and weight?..

Comment #3

Yep, more often than not I'm off in "scotty land".Then again, being mentally retarded for the better part of 5-6months is a small price to pay for clear skin...

Comment #4

Same here. It's tough at times. I've noticed since starting Murad Acne Complex I'm tired during the day (I take Claritin to combat my allergies while it helps waken me up) and at night I have a hard time sleeping. Also, yep, my concentration is off, like I don't want to think or do much. Luckily, I don't have a super demanding job - otherwise I'd be fired. I try to get up from my desk here/there to get my *** in gear!Hang in there!Yvette..

Comment #5

Hey Ive found this too, cant concentrate and havent been going to Uni very often as a result.Also I feel quite agitated and have the problem of not getting to sleep easily but when I do I will sleep forever and find it very difficult to get up in the morning..

Comment #6

Yeah I also have the same problem and had to drop a class due to not remebering what iv read, but then again I smoke weed..

Comment #7

Well, all I can say, is that you're not alone. I've nearly done with my 6 month courseI've got 6 more pills left to take, and these past 7 months (I kinda ended up skipping a lot during my course apparentlymostly forgetting to take it, and some intentional) but quite honestly, I've never felt stupider than now. Having to tell my teachers from this semester that I haven't done the work, or ratherAVOIDING my teachers because I can't bare to look them in the eye. Everyone reacts differently to it, but for me, I was tired from day 1. In fact, for the first 3 months I couldn't stay awake past 10 or 11...and I had a hard time waking upit would take me 30 minutes every morning to just get out of bed. I've actually perfected my time now, and it'll take me as few as 20 minutes to get up, ready and out the door with all my stuff...lolIt actually took me quite some time to just stay awake at night, but it always helps to be around energetic people.By now, I've gotten used to the tiredness and all, and can sometimes manage staying up late at night, but I can only do it about once a week right now.

No matter how much I loaded up on it, it maybe gave me an hour at the most. :/ For those of you in college, my suggestion to you all is to try and get your work done when you're most awake, because you've got a better chance of actually doing the assignment. Thats the only way I've been getting mine done this semester. And oh yea, write down everything that your teachers write on the board, and what they say too if you can catch it all, because I retain absolutely nothing of what was said the whole semester. I can tell you that I went to class, but aside from that, I didn't know what my homework assignments were much less when anything was due.

I'm gonna try to work on one of my homework assignments (due 2 months ago...gotta love teachers who don't have "deadlines" !!! p only way I'm passing his class!!! LOL)Good night! and sorry it's so long, sometimes I just can't stop

Comment #8

Oh my gosh - this is sooooo reassuring!!I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Sometimes I feel quite "stupid" when talking to people, I get lost in the conversation, can't remember anything, "space out" all the time and the worst part of it all is that I can't retain anything - so I've stopped reading my favorite book cause I'm sick of re-reading every page. Blah.I hope my brain recovers once I stop taking tane.I have many side effects, but this is the worst. I could deal with joint aches, back aches, dry lips, dry patches on my arms, dry eyes, dry everything else!!, but the brain issues are quite bothersome. I have another 5 months left and I can handle it as long as I know that this is going to go away!Does anyone know if it will go away FOR SURE!!??????Thanks for all your comments, it's so nice that we're all here for each other. My non-acne friends don't quite understand when I explain to them what's going on.

Okay, rant is now over. LOL!!!TGIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the extra F is intentional.)..

Comment #9

Hi! I have the same problem with my friends... they don't understand the acne problem... if they had seen my face one month ago maybe they'd understand... but I don't show my face when I am in very bad conditions... and that's why in this period I don't go out so often... and when my friends ask me why and I try to explain, they don't believe me...

Because they've never seen my face TOTALLY inflamed and when I go out and refuse to drink alcohol, they ask me why so many times that I must explain I'm taking a powreful drug... and then they ask me "why do you need such a strong medicine?"... and when I answer that it is for my face, they say "you shouldn't take so many medicines, they're bad for you" or they lough and say "are you crazy??"..

Comment #10

Yeh dont worry think a lot of people probably experience it, at least we have an excuse. Hopefully itll go away after finishing the course, fingers crossed. The red marks are the worst side effect I recon except for the whole goin a bit mental for a while, then again I can never tell what I look like. I look in one mirror and seems like theres no red marks, no skin peeling and no spots and then ill look in another and wont recognise myself, guess it's the lighting but which one is right! argh, those blasted public toilets are the worst. Is it just me who finds this? Maybe everyone does, even those without acne, then again Ive never seen any of my friends hide from mirrors as I do...hmmm..

Comment #11

I could have written this paragraph myself because I'm exaclty the same. I don't go out if my face is covered with spots either... and my friends don't think my acne is that bad because they don't see it at it's worst.Ah well, we know what we're doing is right for us!!!!Same lighting problem over here!!! I never know what my skin REALLY looks like cause every mirror tells a different story. If it weren't for red marks, my face would look pretty decent today. I just got over my last breakout and keeping fingers crossed that going into month 4 will clear me up... sick of all these crazy breakouts...

Comment #12

Last time I took tane it took a week or so for me to become "unretarded".it was even more rewarding because you're on Murad Acne Complex for so long you forget what it feels like to think normally! it's awesome! I'm looking forward to it. lol...

Comment #13

Good to know when I'll have my sense and body back... Me be pooped...

Comment #14

How long after stopping Murad Acne Complex do you get your "normalcy" in thought processes, being able to tan outside...etc...

Comment #15

Hopefully ill be taking it next month, right before college and my senior year of high school. total blow off year..

Comment #16

I totally relate to everything every single person on this page has said. Sometimes I will be at work staring at my computer and realize I don't have the energy to do one single thing. Coffee doesn't help at all. I can't imagine being on Murad Acne Complex while in school - sorry to all you kids who have to! At least at work, I can slack off on the bad days and make it up a few days later. And ditto to the friends not understanding - I was visiting friends in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, and they dragged me out to bars all night. Um, totally not fun when you can't drink and you feel ugly and you'd rather be in bed.

It actually tastes like real beer!! I am a huge fan of that now. I can't wait to have my normal energy level, and brain function back two more months for me...

Comment #17

Ps - I use hydrocortisone cream from the drugstore for the dry patches on my arms, hands, neck. it really helps!..

Comment #18

I can empathise with you, I keep having to make excuses as to why I cant go out - I think I could live with the not drinking but it's the worry of peeling skin which happens more the later it gets and not being aware that it's happeningmy Murad Acne Complex course is synced with my uni course so for the mo I can use too much work as an excuseI just hope after it's finished the side effects go away..

Comment #19

Wow great thread! I'm not sure whether I am but I think I do suffer from short term memory loss since starting Murad Acne Complex. I can read a chapter or a lecture and literally forget about it 2 hrs later. It doesn't help that I have a heavy semester this term, 2 extra electives on top of my 5 core modules. I don't have side effects on Murad Acne Complex but I think this is one. I also realised I can't seem to concentrate on things as well as I do before and getting stressed more often then I should.Currently I'm not in a very good position, I have an exam tomorrow and almost everything I studied seem to have leaked out of my brain after 5 days of mugging. I'm not planning to sleep tonight by the way( don't tell me to). It doesn't help even more that I have scholars for friends although I'm not one myself...

Comment #20

Im not trying to trivilize your feelings but try having ADD and it getting worse as you get older..

Comment #21

What I worry now is that whenever something is wrong I automatically assume Murad Acne Complex is to blame, a long with exhaustion Im finding that Im quite breathless all the time and at times feel like Im gonna have a panic attack, I dont know whether Im just coming down with flu or summit. Murad Acne Complex seems to be my scapegoat for anything and everything wrong these days..

Comment #22

This is true for me also. This semester has been horrible for me. I just can't focus anymore. Sometimes I feel dumb...

Comment #23

Oh my gosh, I can't wait to be normal again!!!!! I too feel awful for people who are on Murad Acne Complex who have to endure studying at the same time. I don't know how I'd get through that with the way I'm feeling lately. blah.I hear ya about wanting to be in bed, rather than out partying with non-alcoholic drinks! lolIs this OTC?I feel terrible for those who suffer with ADD, it's awful!!But everyone has their own problems... and this one is quite bothersome to me right now....and (obviously) to others as well.Oh my gosh! I'm doing the EXACT same thing... every little thing that bothers me is being blamed on Murad Acne Complex. Poor Murad Acne Complex!! LOL..

Comment #24

Wow. I can identify 100% with this, I thought I was the only crazy one around here. I am a freshman in college, and I've been so tired on Murad Acne Complex that it makes it almost impossible to study. Furthermore, motivation/concentration has declined while on the drug.Luckily I am finished in 10 days, and hopefully I'll be prepared for the spring semester, I am taking 20 semester units so I better be.I am very tired during the day, and have most of my energy at nightwhich is when I need to be asleep so I can wake up the next morning for early classes.Also, durring prolonged reading sessions my vision becomes extremely blurry...oh well. Notwithstanding the side-effects, Murad Acne Complex has cleared me of it's worth it, I think...

Comment #25

Guess most people on Murad Acne Complex are going through the same thing, out of interest do people here stick to their dosage or do they play it by ear depending on side effects and how well it's doing etc? Thinking of dropping mine a bit to see if it reduces the dryness at all..

Comment #26

Hey there -I occassionally skip part of my dose if I need to. I'm on low dose 30mg a day, but if I'm not feeling well or my face irritated, I only take 20mg. My Derm. said this was fine. I don't do it often though as I know it would just prolong my treatment length. Cheers...

Comment #27

Same boatwhen reading it's one or two words at a time rather than my ultra-fast skimming I'm used to. when people talk I sometimes completely zone out. I can't really process much information and my mind is evidently not as sharp as it usually is.Btw I can say thisThrough easter I was tired but I was also ill, so when writing my thesis I had days of loads of energy and drive which I did work hard on, but still struggled.Then the Murad Acne Complex fatigue really set in and now I find I have to review and look at things one word at a time when writing the thesis. It's very hard to concentrate. Im glad I got the bulk of it out of the way when I wasn't suffering such cloudy thought.FTR I'm off Murad Acne Complex for a month whilst I recollect my shit by derm advice. also related to vision issues...

Comment #28

Heya,I'm back on Murad Acne Complex (only taking 20mg this course tho...) and having the reading/concentrating/memory issues again! It does go away... so hang in there!!!!Robyn..

Comment #29

I'm on 20mg as well and it's been just a little over a month since I started taking it.Its the holidays for me and I go back to school (im 17) on monday and I have not been able to do my assignments (eek!!!!) which are due pretty soon. I just cant seem to concentrate even though I'm on a low dose... is it normal to experience loss of concentration so early?just wondering... does the concentration problem go away after a while or does it get worse during the course?..

Comment #30

Everyone's different, so we all experience different things at different times. But ya it's annoying!!!!I don't remember it getting worse throughout the course... and it's "on and off" for me, not always there. So the breaks are nice. lol..

Comment #31

My confusion went away, I attribute a lot of it to the exhaustion I was sufferinghowever my blurry vision has persisted, and to top it off my hair has begun to thin.One month and a bit left in my course/..

Comment #32

I bet if all of us haven't read anything related to the lack of concentration given by this treatment, just a few of us would have noticed it. But yeah, i'm in the same boat...

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