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Two things....

#1 - I feel as though I'm kind of starving myself and the scale is maintaining and not moving. (Almost 2 weeks without a loss. Totally OP and living in the bathroom because of all the water!) So far - 13lb. loss - 20 to go. When I was in WW's, I would at least see a weekly loss (VERY fearful that it's going to be 2 weeks without a loss, plus I was eating more and... if I remember right, much more satisfied! Just love the no counting of points and the ease of MF!!.

#2 - I cannot afford to be on this for the long haul. Husband's not liking the $290 monthly budget! I have purchased enough for 2 months OP. Unless I get another job, I probably won't be able to do month 3 and full transition that is recommended.

What to do? What to do? I am soooooo afraid of trying to go back to eating like I did on WW's because I'm fearful that all the weight will come back after all my hard work for the past 5 weeks!! I guess I'm just wondering if any of you have advice on how to transition out of this without still having to do the 5 or 4 Medifast meals. Has anyone experienced this? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I'm thinking of going to 4&2 as I'm walking more too..


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Hi Schilson:.

You mentioned that you are walking more. Have you been exercising? The plan recommends that you do not exercise for the first 3 weeks to allow your body to become accustomed to the new way of eating. I've read lots of posts where people have said they kept exercising during the first 3 weeks and their weight loss was poor. Perhaps post your concerns on a thread on the Nutritional Support board..

You can email me at RIX1976@aol as I have a few other suggestions for you...

Comment #1

I don't have experience, but if it were me I would do 4&2 or even 3&3 to spread them out further..

Good luck with your last 20 pounds. Sounds like your doing awsome!..

Comment #2

Schilso Congratulations on your weight loss 13lbs is nothing to sneeze about and works out to about 2lbs/week. Remember we didn't gain this weight overnight so it might take a while to get it all off..

Ditto about chatting w/nutritionists before modifying the plan you don't want to be undoing anything you've done as I believe Medifast (and the whole ketosis thing) might not work as well if you only eat 2-3-4 of their meals per day and then there is transition and maintenance..

Good luck..

Comment #3

Hi Schilson!.

Well, I can tell you that it is extremely important that you get in all of your Medifast foods if you remove a meal, you are essentially removing a "leg" of the program. The 5 packets are formulated with a certain proportion of protein, carbs, fiber, fat, and the vitamins, minerals and fat burning "goodies" that are in each packet.....

AND - the program states that for the first three weeks of the program, if you were a regular exerciser pre MF, to decrease your exercise by 50%, and if you did NOT exercise pre MF, to wait 3 weeks..

That is in order to give your body time to adjust to the lower calorie levels without stressing it out too much! I know that while the program may appear to be expensive, in the long run, if you are making runs to Starbucks, or Circle K or Mcdonalds or any other unhealthy eating venue, or just picking up extra snacks from the store, you are WELL outspending what you would spend by eating healthy on MF.......

I am a BIG exerciser, and it is really important to get all of those meals in or you will stall your weight loss!!.

Feel free to PM me if you want some more help - I've lost over 75 pounds on this program and over 57 Inches!!!! IT DOES WORK!!! Let me know if there is anything I can do!..

Comment #4

I hope this helps but find a Medifast docotor!!!!!!!!!!! Medifast doc charge $30 a week for the shakes, you go every 2 weeks for 60 for two weeks worth of shakes and my 25 copay. Medifast docs cant make a profit, so they must charge you what they pay! Its the cheepest way to go, Oh and they only ussually have the shakes! dauchka..

Comment #5

The 4/2 is still possible to stay in ketosis,,I did, and 4/2 is what my Dr and nutritional support recommended I do after the first few months. You just have to watch carbs very carefully..

As to transitioning off, I also have a few ideas, I will pm them to you. Be sure to check your pm.

Dauchka also gave a great suggestion about an Medifast Dr. Maybe that is an alternative for you also..

Best wishes, whichever you decide to do...

Comment #6

Seriously, if your husband were to see some great results, he'd be tearing his back pocket off to get a credit card out of his wallet to PAY for your next order. You shouldn't be worrying so much about that, you should be concentrating on why you started this in the 1st place. Bottom line is, if you follow the program ( no cheating) you will lose. If you are exercising in addition, you will lose even more. Your body can't help but lose if your caloric intake is under 1000 for the day. Watch what you eat in your 1 L&G.

You need to recommit yourself to it, you're off to a good start. Your husband will come around if you show results.

I've been messing around 240 for weeks now, but I know that's my fault and used up my last weeks at the center, and now they want me to go into transistion or ANTE-UP another $175 (for another 7 weeks & 20 lbs) just to come to the center for counseling and weighins. So I'm out on that, and decided it's up to me, no-one will do this for me, and I got into this for a reason, ME. I want to be healthy and live to watch my kids grow up.

Give yourself credit, but don't back off, keep on track.. Promise your husband a min of 5 lbs per month if he keeps you in products. That's a little over 1 lb per week, you can do that...Just get serious about it.. Oh and one more thing, don't try to go back to WW, it won't workout. Once you've given up on a diet, it is nearly impossible to get behind it again and be motivated. Medifast is the best!.

But then again lets face facts,.



Comment #7

I am in the same boat with the money thing. My boyfriend lost his job so my first priority is keeping a roof over our heads. I have been ordering a little at a time when I have some extra money. It may end up cosing more in the long run (with shipping, etc) but I can still get the food that I need and keep OP. It's much easier for me to spend $50 in one shot than almost $300...

Comment #8

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and encouragement. So far, I have lost 14 pounds - fifth weigh in (today)! I'm happy with the results and have been pretty much OP this whole time...I can't believe the willpower I've had since starting MF...I guess it has to start in the head and heart first, and when I placed my first Medifast shipment, I had already committed with both!! Now, I'm afraid that I'll lose that if I have to go off MF! (Rick, I wish you were my husband. BTW - family and friends have already noticed a change in my body.).

I did not know that there was such a thing as a Medifast doctor! How can I find out if there is one in my area? I wouldn't mind having to buy just the shakes especially after trying the shake cakes for the first time yesterday - Yummy!!.

Schu1, thanks a million for your ideas!!!.

I too was thinking about ordering a smaller amount at a time. Maybe the DH will agree to this?.

I have been exercising a lot more lately. How can you NOT with the beautiful weather this time of year? Today I went for a long walk (over an hour) then my two boys wanted to ride bike to the zoo (45 min there and back plus walking at the zoo). Now tonight I'm STARVING! Still have 1 more Medifast to go though. Since I've been exercising more and my appetite's increasing, I've been increasing my lean. It would probably be best to go to the 4&2 though, right? I just can't get myself to eat another "real meal"!!.

Thanks again, everyone! I know that when I do have to step's all of you that I'll miss the most!!..

Comment #9

You can still stay on the boards! I don't think they kick you off for not placing an order..

I've also noticed that after my second order, I'm saving money on MF. There's alot less incindentals. No Starbucks, No mid-day cookie at work, no junk food from the check out isle at the store. Maybe sit down with an older bank statement (mines online so I can get a good visual of what I was spending on food) But compare what you were spending on 'junk' food compared to what Medifast is costing you...

Comment #10

My finding has been like kaycee33's - Yes I spend a lot on MF, but I don't need as much pocket money during the week (no lunches, etc,) and my weekly grocery bill is less. Also, shakes are offered pretty regularly on "auction" at $11/box..

Keep up the good work - you are doing better than you think at this moment...

Comment #11

I have to agree - lunches out and Starbucks coffees were taking a lot of my money... I think between that and the lower groceries bill I am saving $$..

Comment #12

If I were single, I would agree with the "saving money" argument, but I still have a family to feed so there hasn't been much of a change in the grocery bill. I'm just not eating what they're eating. The only thing there is more of is leftovers! I've never been a coffee drinker so the Starbucks argument doesn't apply either. My family is probably benefiting - less fast food - more home cooked food (even though I only partake during the L & G). I'm a teacher so I'm not working now which makes it much easier to do Medifast even though I'm having to prepare meals for the kiddos and DH.

Going to try the 4 & 2 for the next few days in order to make my meals last a bit longer. It shouldn't hurt as I'm walking each morning for over an hour...biking with the kids...strolling through the zoo...playing ball with my boys...I'm on vacation, remember?..

Comment #13

Sounds like you're cutting back quite a bit. I hope the 4 and 2 works well for you. It sounds like you're very active and that is a good thing. I think it would be wonderful if you could lose weight and do a 4/2 meal plan. I hope your husband can bite the financial bullet long enough for you to get where you want/need to be with your weight so that you can be healthy and happy!..

Comment #14

Hi, I found my Medifast doctor from this website, go to the home page like you are not a member and am going to place an order, there is a part, find a doctor in your area! Dauchka..

Comment #15

Well first let me agree that two incomes or one Medifast does take some budgeting to stay on plan however for me I registered the numbers out like this;.

Mon - Fri $20 per day for breakfast and lunch thats $100 p/w $400 p/m (already Medifast saved me $100 bucks).

Weekends; were pizza, cook outs, eating at restaurants with the kids and family average cost $150 - $200.

I also noticed that the petty cash I keep stored in my wallet lasts a LOT longer b/c I am not making trips to drive thrus or grocery store for quick fixes; I have 7 y/o twins so I make the trips to the grocery store account for their meals, which have gotten healthier, and my L&G lasts 2 weeks instead of our bi weekly run for chips and junk..

In the end I knew somehow I needed to make Medifast work into my budget, thank God he showed me the way b/c I know plastic surgery to lose weight and or the many diet fads I was on in the end would have been WAYYY over my budget..

Good Luck to you and many CONGRATS on the weight loss..

Comment #16

My husband was stressed about the money I spent for my first order. And who could blame him? I've done dozens of diets that cost God knows how much between the programs or books, food, accesories etc. I told him that it breaks down to $10/day. Whether I was dieting or not, I ate more than $10a day between breakfast, lunch, snacks, deserts and the larger portion of food at dinner that I have replaced with my L&G. I'm on day 12 and have been OP every day, so he's much more supportive about it now...

Comment #17

I never had this much money in my bank account before MF. My lunch alone was costing me 12$!!!!..

Comment #18

I think you can find some products on eBay. It might save you a bit...

Comment #19

I have to say - between Starbucks, lunches out, and junk food purchased, Medifast SAVES me money when I stick to it...and I feed teenagers still...

Comment #20

Schilson, Have some products if you would like them. I don't care for the new Tea, Punch, and Cranb. Mango drinks. Send me a PM if interested. Linda..

Comment #21

I had to go on "pause" last year right before the holidays, mostly for financial reasons. I was amazed that I was able to stay about 5 lbs from where I ended last Halloween. I think it's because I really thought about portion size when I was eating regular food. I didn't go crazy because I didn't want to ruin my hard work..

Well I finally got my husband talked back into spending the money for program supply and I'm starting back up again. This program works the best for me. (I've been off/on w.w. since my early 20s I'm 48 now) As another poster mentioned, with w.w. it's hard to get motivated for like the 80th time...

Comment #22

Wow - I think you and I are having very similar experiences with Medifast! I've been on the plan since the middle of April, and to date I've lost 16lbs total. The scale hasn't gone down for me since early June and I've really agonized over what to do. I've followed the plan as written, haven't cheated once and I'm still not seeing the results that many others on these boards have (I even saw my doctor and had panels of bloodwork done to rule out hypothyroidism). It's discouraging, and I totally understand why you're finding it hard to justify the cost.. I just cancelled my VIP membership and am going to transition off the plan starting next week. I've talked to Nutrition Support and they've told me that this plan doesn't work as well for everyone, obviously. If you haven't contacted them to go through your daily eating plan and exercise regime, you should...

Comment #23

There's also a pretty good selection of Medifast products on e-bay...

Comment #24

Does anyone know if the products on ebay are exactly the same as the company sells? Or are they seconds (something wrong with them) Where do folks get them to sell? I am afraid to purchase something that has been in others hands, does anyone here have any good/bad experience with ebay?..

Comment #25

I have bought from there and it was just fine...

Comment #26

Think of it as an investment in good health and happiness. That alone is worth every penny of it...

Comment #27

Remember muscle weights more than fat... if you are loosing fat and gaining muscle from walking.. then your scale won't move.. but the good thing is you are still loosing fat...

If you are trully 100% OP then you are loosing fat..

Just sometimes the scale doesn't reflect it.. trying measuring yourself instead.. measuring tap is more honest than the scale when your excersizing...

Comment #28

Hi, Jus want to let you know that I am also on a budget and when I am low on cash and desperate I order Medifast foods off EBAY. I prefer to order from Medifast directly but there is a lot of stuff on EBAY and a lot of it is cheaper. Good Luck..

Comment #29

Hey Tamery...good point re measuring yourself when exercising, and how much prettier mucscle is than fat is. But just so you know, muscle does not weigh more than fat. It takes up a lot less space...for sure, but one lb of muscle= one lb. And one lb of fat = one lb. But if you put them side by side, the one lb of muscle will be much smaller than the lb of fat.

So here's to us all losing the fat we want and showing off our beautiful muscle underneath...

Comment #30

Ebay is a good place to buy Medifast products, most of the sellers are like myself , Medifast users who just dont like certain things they bought and want to get it out of the way and make a few bucks. I started selling all the boxes of oatmeal I had since I didnt like it, then my wife saw how much weight I was losing and "confiscated it" for herself lol.

Keep it up! go back and read the guidelines or get involved with a health coach and say to yourself, I'm going to follow the plan exactly for one week, and then that leads to another and another..

The whole reason Medifast works for me is because I dont get frustrated with it. as soon as I feel like it isnt going well, that is when I really get angry and follow it more closely and my next weigh in is great and I'm so impressed how it works it's like new found motivation all over again!!.

And that is why ive stuck to it and have lost an amazing 60 lbs in less than 60 days!!!.

You can do it!!!!!!!!..

Comment #31

It Does get Pricey .... I love the blueberry Shakes But wowzers it's expensive.....

Comment #32

It's been awhile since you've posted this but I've just now had a chance to get back online. I wanted to share my Medifast success & experience with you. I also, couldn't afford to buy Medifast monthly and I also was getting burnt out on the plan day in and day out. I found the answer for myself as I do love Medifast! I buy about 2 weeks of Medifast food a month. I do one week on and one week off following a lean and green on my own in between the MF. Sometimes I will do a wk and a half or change it up here and there but trying to stick with Medifast at least 2 wks out of the month.

It's been ongoing for me for quite awhile but I am getting close to my goal. Good luck with whatever plan you choose! I wish you all the best!..

Comment #33

Hi there, (wow, this is my very first post! ).

In addition to ebay, you may also want to try craigslist. I came across an ad from someone who tried the program and was allergic. She sold me about 3 weeks worth of food (plus an extra shaker) for $50. All it took was a couple of emails back and forth and I had to drive a half hour to meet the woman and pick it up..

Good luck!.


Comment #34

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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