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Some of you already know that May is my last month on the 5&1. It has been a tremendous program that has changed my life! My husband joined me two months ago and is also having great success.

TMI...The bottom line is that we can't afford to be doing this...but we did it anyway and neither of us regret it. However, this is it...we both have one more order each that we plan to use for transition..

I feel a little defeated though because I did not make it to my original goal (175, I am 6' tall for reference). I am close, but my losses have slowed to a crawl the past month and this week brought no change. I understand plateaus, but wish I weren't finishing out my 5&1 experience during one. I've adjusted my goal to 180 because I think I can actually make that by the time I am through with transition. It would be great to get to the end of that ticker! I have made it to a BMI of 24.8 though!!!.

I am thrilled with my success so far...never imagined I'd be sitting here in 14s (not that long ago I was in a 22). Medifast has changed my life and I am confident that I can take what I've learned here and maintain. I'm hoping to get on down to my original goal of 175 too.

So, as I face starting transition in a few days I am optimistic and feeling good overall, just wish I could have held out to my initial goal before going there yk?.

The boards have been priceless to me. Thanks for all the advice and inspiration, I will continue to rely on it I'm sure! Thanks too for a safe place to vent a little.....

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I just started back on Medifast and notice some new products that help with those plateau's. Maybe you could order a box or two of those as part of your transition period?..

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Continued good luck... and just an FYI.... many people still lose weight in transition. ALthough 5/1 makes it easier, you CAN take what you have learned and continue on. Great job for you and your hubby... I know that you can finish what you started!..

Comment #2

You have done excellent!!! Congratulations! I am sure you will rock transition!..

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Eat lean with lots of veggies, exercise, and practice using your "resistance muscle" and you will do great! Remember, small meals every few hours, and stay hydrated! (water and water!). You CAN and WILL continue to your goal!..

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You did awesome! Try not to let that other 5 lbs get you down. Once I did that after losing a bunch of weight and ended up putting it all back on just because of that last five. Eek! You can still get there after you go off the 5 and 1 by making good choices and keeping the new habits you learned. I know you can do it!!!!..

Comment #5

Thanks all, I appreciate your comments. Tracy, I did get some Momentum products to use.

I'm just trying to stay positive and focus on what I've accomplished to date, not what I haven't. This journey isn't over, in some senses it's just beginning..

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MarieMom, I'm so impressed with your accomplishments. I hope you have so much more success as you continue your journey to health..

I hope you stay on the boards!!!.


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You are nothing but a PURE SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You worked Medifast for all that it is and got results!! That's the key! RESULTS!!.

As for feeling defeated..............STOP RIGHT THERE!! You are in NO WAY defeated! You are victorious in every sense of the word!! Five pounds is a drop in the bucket! You probably lost that while writing this thread!!!.

MF gave you the tools, you used the tools correctly, now take what you've learned from MF, go into transition and KICK THAT 5 LBS. BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Hope we will still see you on the boards. It's a great place to be!!!.

((((((((((((((((( HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))..

Comment #8

Marie - tough love alert: You've got to look at the glass as half full, not half empty. Keep the focus on what you did accomplish - losing 33 pound since February is nothing to be shy about!.

I like the suggestion of practicing your resistance muscle - that's a good one! Be careful to follow the transistion guidelines, that's the most important part of the whole plan..

Congrats and good luck in transition!..

Comment #9

Oh have nothing to feel defeated about. You have done such a great job of making the program work for you during the time you had. Concentrate on your accomplishments..not those few pounds left on your ticker. It's only a ticker.your weightloss is what counts most. That last 3 pounds will happen!.

Read and study the Transition section of The Secret Is Out. Work the program and it will work for you. With the new skills and your level of committment you will find a way to work through your revised form of transistion.

You have given yourself a wonderful gift of MF. Now, accept the next gift..working through transition and reaching your final goal to a new life!.

You are a wonderful support to me. I'm here for you..

LIFE IS GRAND!!!..Marylin..

Comment #10

Thanks again for all the kind words...I am proud of myself and am optimistic.

I just felt like I needed to be straight up about changing my ticker and my move into transition. Honesty is always the best policy..

Comment #11

Hang on in there! You have done so well, and with your DH on board too! Go forward! You will succeed!..

Comment #12

Congratulations on all you have achieved!!! I appreciate the need to vent, but do take plenty of time to enjoy all you've done for yourself too.... you have become healthier, stronger and even more attractive, so love every minute of it!.

You can continue to lose on "real" food if you choose, or you can exercise and maintain and then see how you feel after a while. For me, I wanted to make sure I could really keep the weight off before deciding if I needed to lose more or not... now it's a year later and I'm going for those last few pounds..

BUT nothing feels better that knowing I could and DID keep it all off! So enjoy that powerful feeling, because in the long run, that feeling is worth waaaay more than a few pounds......

Comment #13

Thanks for your post Gatita. I feel wonderful and am still getting used to the idea that I am smaller than I was at my wedding 7 years ago! I do feel empowered and positive, but like you mentioned, my focus now is on learning how to transition and maintain. I want to honor my Medifast journey (and myself) by keeping the weight off!.

Congrats on your success and long term maintenance! Knowing that it has been done by others before me makes it that much more 'doable' for me..

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