Can you replace the Medifast Oatmeal?

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Hi there, I find the Medifast oatmeal kind of not tasty...I threw up the entire bowl I made on Sunday. Does anyone know if they let you swap out the oatmeal for some other meal when you replace your order?.

I apologize if this is a dumb question. I did order another box of scrambled eggs last week..

Thanks for your time..

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I also have a really hard time with the oatmeal. So instead of trading it, I tried making a pancake out of it. Much easier to eat. You can find lots of recipes on this site, but I didn't want to use anything in the oatmeal on a regular basis, so I just add enough water to a consistancy that will work for a pancake. Cook it in a frying pan sprayed with PAM and eat it more like a piece of breat?!? I can handle this and it only takes a few minutes. Good luck!..

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I can't stand to eat it myself so I make mini muffins out of it. Personally I make 2 packages at a time using the recipe on the side of the peach oatmeal box for all flavors and letting it sit for about 5 minutes to thicken.. I bake it for 17 minutes otherwise they seem to be a bit gummy. Strangely enough I look forward to eating them every morning!! Good luck!!..

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The oatmeal tastes a little better if you had a small amount of cinnamon...

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I think you can return a box of something - or exchange it - if there is only one packet taken out of it..

PS - I really like the Oatmeal though - go figure!..

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OMG!!! you guys are LIFE SAVERS!!! Seriously, I will try the pancake AND the muffins!!!! THANK U very much!..

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I did find out that the oatmeal is better with Cinn. but now I LOVE the muffins. You should search for the recipes on here cause I think they are much better than the one on the box. Each packet makes two muffins and I love the blueberry and apple cinn. ones. I make six muffins at a time and enjoy through the week.

And baking powder so I lose a condiment but it is sure worth it Good luck!..

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Abbynat thanks girl! I will do that and I will try the cinnamon suggestions as well.

This is very helpful you all, I was going to toss them out. Not any more..

Hugs to you all..

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Even though I like the oatmeal, I found a recipe for muffins that I much prefer over just the oatmeal (or the scrambled eggs - I don't really like those). I just mix one packet of any oatmeal with a packet of pudding (I like using the chocolate) and one packet of the eggs. Then add a teaspoon of baking powder and enough water to make a very thick batter. Divide between three muffin cups (makes three meals) and cook 17 minutes at 350. Some people add splenda, cinnamon, or sugar free syrup as well, but I like it without those and it saves condiments for other meals. :-)..

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Those sound yummy! and since you are making 3 at a time it sounds like a great idea for when youre traveling and dont have access to a microwave. yet dont want to eat bars all day. great advice!..

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These are really good. I have made them a few times, esp. when going on road trips!..

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They'll let you exchange the oatmeal for something else. I didn't care for the chili, yuck! All you have to do is call 1-866-451-9264...

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I add a little bit of vanilla extract and a teaspoon of Splenda. Also since my microwave is really powerful I only set it to one minute. If I need more consistency, I give it another 15 seconds. It tastes good...

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Guess I need to get some eggs on my next order!..

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I'm making these RIGHT NOW! I hope they are as good as they sound because I'd love to have a more "bready" thing I can eat in the morning...

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Okay, yeah, they're really good! The texture is exactly what I was hoping for. FTR, I used blueberry oatmeal and vanilla pudding to make them. I might add the teeeeensiest bit of Splenda next time; but if I never did I think I would still love these. Thanks for the recipe!!..

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I tried the blueberry oatmeal this morning as a pancake and it was yummy! I put a TBS of Walden Farms Sugar Free Syrup on top and all the happy "eating" cells in my body did a sort of a jig. Thanks for the idea! Now I don't have to throw three boxes of oatmeal away...

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