Can you eat too late on medifast?

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I know on other diets they tell you not to eat past a certain point. Is it ok to eat my last meal at like 9:30pm and then go to bed?.


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You can it in bed if you want too!.

Seriously, many of us eat late in the night. I almost always have a cocoa or something a half hour before bed, that is just how my day works out more often than not!..

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This has been something I've wrestled with as well - I've always had the mindset to try not to eat within 2-3 hours of bedtime. I'f I'm just NOT hungry and having a hard time making myself eat, I find the hot choc or cappucino perfect before bedtime (plus they feel less like FOOD and more like a treat!)..

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Cool, great ideas and input. Thanks everyone. I am so glad I can have them late!..

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YEAH! I eat my last meal around 9ish! Keeps me satified until I eat the next day!..

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