Can you drink wine/alcohol and lose weight with Medifast?

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I know this is NOT recommended, however, I was just wondering if anyone has slipped up and had a couple of glasses of wine (or whatever) and remained on program and continued to lose? Just wondering????..

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No wine (or whatever). I do have a habit of SMELLING my husband's though. That really seems to satisfy! (of course, it really freaks out the other diners...).

You may want to do a search about that topic on these boards. I think I read somewhere that alcoholic drinks not only add calories and carbs, but cause a change in the way food is metabolized. So, it's kind of a double whammy. Now, I'm no doctor, but.....

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Oh and just so you know it can go straight to your head on MF. Chris is right, do a search there are lots of discussions about this topic. That way you get the full picture...

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Search the nutritional support board with the advanced search. It's been asked and answered there a few times as well...

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All great advice here,,just choose to be the designated driver, and video all the others while they dance on tabletops with lampshades on their heads! Blackmail anyone!! If you feel the need to fit in, just choose club soda over ice with a lime twist, it can be very refreshing!..

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I didn't drink any alcohol for about the first 6 weeks on the plan. Now I occasionally have a vodka and soda when I go out and it hasn't affected my weight loss. (Meaning, I am still losing at the same rate I was losing when I didn't include alcohol). It might be because vodka and soda has minimal (if any?) carbs so it doesn't kick me out of ketosis, although it does add calories. Before I get flamed, I know it isn't recommended and I know it isn't on plan but the OP asked if anyone drank alcohol and what the results were and I answered honestly. It is probably BEST to stay away from it all together but I am only about 10 pounds from goal and missed alcohol so I started gradually adding it back in. Ultimately, you have to make your own decision and be ready for what consequences it might bring...

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Just to add, I have been on Medifast for the last month and the times when I have drank, I did't continue to lose, but I didn't gain more than a pound or so. The thing is though, that the alcohol effects are much more intense and not in a good way. For me, once I have a couple of beers, then I want to eat. Not good, so best to avoid..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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