Can we make Medifast meals ahead of time?

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Day ONE starts tomorrow (yay!) and I've read some things about people making up their Medifast meals ahead of time. Are there any that SHOULDN'T be made ahead? Is it feasible to make stuff the night before? It's a whole lot easier (believe it or not) for me to take containers of pre-made stuff to work than to try to mix and soak and set, etc. Would love to go to bed tonight knowing all I had to do was grab and go. I can re-heat easily enough there, but I know stuff like the soups really benefits from some soak time. How do you do yours?..

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I just recently got a tip to add the soup and boiling water to a thermos in the morning before work! Makes everything nice and rehydrated by lunchtime and putting it in the thermos keeps it warm. I make a lot fewer messes in the microwave at work now!..

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Great idea! Guess I'll be picking up a thermos when I go to get my new blender this weekend Thanks!..

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I almost always make most of my meals ahead of time, even the shakes. The soups and oatmeal especially benefit from being made ahead and allowed to soak.

I mix the shakes up in a little drink container. I have to shake the container to remix it before I drink it, but I think the extended soaking makes it less gritty when I finally drink it. (I prefer a freshly-mixed shake, but the pre-mixed are still very doable.).

The thermos idea is good, but I just mix my soups in a little lidded container and just nuke the soup for about 1:20 in the microwave. It's never boiled over or been a problem...

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I make all my meals on sundays for the whole week, it makes it so much easier to just grab and go with the meals for the day...

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Oh, awesome! Thanks bunches for the replies. Now I feel even BETTER about today..

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I don't make anything ahead of time. I love it that in the morning I just grab my packets and go. At work I've set up a small pantry just for me! Among other things, I have a small smoothie blender for the shakes as I find the results are way better than the shaker jar. Being able to grab my packets and go is such freedom for me...

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Thanks for this, too. Planning ahead is great, but it's good to know the food is good when made as directed. I have plenty of drawer space at work to devote to hurry-up-and-get-out-of-the-house-in-the-morning days, so that takes some of the what-ifs away from my sometimes panicky brain. Do you blend your shakes with ice or just water?..

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