Can we exchange Medifast food?

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Hey well I am extremely new to MF... only on day three. I ordered the pre selected meals and have the mindset that I paid all of this money and I am going to eat everysingle Medifast meal I have, no matter what! Well, that lasted until my oatmeal and CN soup...

So, does anyone know of a Medifast food exchange program? I mean I am sure my tastebuds are different than someone elses so maybe something I love ( like the PB bars!!!) someone else would not like and someone else would love what I don't like... lol.

I am still going through tons of post on this site so just not sure if this is a possibility or not..

I would be willing to ship you (I will pay for shipping both ways) ALL of my SOUPS and OATMEALS and LM Bars in exhange for something I can eat and not gag....

Any takers?.


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So far the ones I don't like are the banana orange and strawberry shakes, everything else has been good. LOL! You have a good idea! LOL! Today is the first time trying the lemon bar but otherwise they've been great and I've tried all that came in my variety pack so far I think...

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Sorry, but that is not permitted..

From the Community Rules.......

5) Trading Food Products.

The trading, selling, or distribution of any food products among users is not permitted on MyMedifast. This includes public and private areas...

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Welcome to Medifast!.

Unfortunately, trading is not permitted on the Medifast boards..

If you have only eaten one out of a box, you can exchange them with MF, I would contact customer support..

Or you could try to make the meals tastier. Maybe try preparing your soup or oatmeal in a different way? Both taste much better if you add the water and let them sit for at least 30 minutes before heating. Otherwise you can get crunchy soup- not so good in my opinion..

Also, you can make an oatmeal "pancake". Just add less water (about 3 tablespoons) and make a pancake shape. Heat up a small frying pan on the stove and spray it with a little Pam. Cook the pancake 1-2 minutes on both sides. Super easy and great if it's the texture of the oatmeal that bothers you...

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Ooohhh okay I probably should have read a little more before I posted but I had just finished attempting to eat the oatmeal so I was somewhat aggravated lol.

Thanks for the food tips! I will definitely try them this week!.


Comment #4

You can also make the oatmeal with extra water and drink it. I really like it that way..

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I kind of understand the Medifast position about the trading of food, but - once you have something you don't like it can a major hassle and pretty expensive to send it back. And I like to give the food at least a second try before I decide I really don't like it which means I couldn't send it back anyway. It has made me really cautious about trying different products - once I find one I like I just keep ordering it...

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If it's just a box or two of food, I would recommend holding on to it b/c your tastes may change AND you'll have a little "insurance" tucked away if Medifast is late delivering your next order of food...

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Thanks for the info, I didn't know this either. that's too bad. I'm sticking it out til the next order...I ordered my own choices for the next one...

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I placed an order that I customized for my first order, I get too bored eating just one thing. Its good to know you can send a box back if it's only one packet used. I find the oatmeal is the hardest thing to get down in the mornings. But I add extra water and microwave it, stirring every 20 seconds to keep it from getting dry and crusty on the sides then let it sit for a while before I eat it. Its thicker but not too pasty that way. I am going to try one of everything I ordered and keep a list of my favorites so that next order will be all of stuff I know I like...

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I really like the recipe on the Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal box for the cookies. Not much like an oatmeal cookie, but I like them in the evening for something sweet. I make 6 small cookies from 1 packet...

Comment #10

I agree Holly... the otmeal is DISGUSTING and so is the soup. I was really nervous and thought exactly the same thing you did.... "How the heck do I get rid of this?" but I have been making the oatmeal pancakes every day now and they are actually filling and tolerable. I do a simpler recipe which you might wanna try which is to put in a bowl, add a pinch of baking soda and some cinnamon, Mix up with enough water to form like a paste, pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes and it's like an oatmeal cookie. Some people also add equal to sweeten it as well. I hope this helps!!..

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I got tell you...the oatmeal is well less than appeitizing. Not a fan of tring to make something better. Customize your order. Another hint.....dont use your vanilla shake in your coffee....OMG..

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