Can we eat pickles during Medifast?

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Hey ya'll,.

I am fairly new to Medifast and seem to consistantly come up on the low side of my "green". I am not much of a vegetable eater so I was wondering if pickles or pickled okra would be okay and if so, how much would be a serving...

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Gee, I don't know why not. They are both allowed veggies, well, I'm not sure about okra, icky! What they worry about is the sodium in pickled things. I guess if you don't worry about it and know that sodium could show up as water weight, go for it...

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2 pickle spears per day are allowed as a snack; however I'm not sure how pickles/pickled okra would work for L&G. I 2nd Pam - I'd be suprised, since that would give you a crazy large sodium count for the day. Howeve,r if you post to the nutrition board, I'm sure someone can give you a more "official" answer! :-).

Btw if you're good with pickles, I'll share one of my "leans" - I'll sometimes make a nice cucumber salad w/ sliced or chopped cukes, a SMALL amt of onion for flavor (only 1 tsp is allowed per day), some vinegar, small amt of oil (so make sure you have a L that day that gives you a fat serving) and some spices. Often I'll throw in dill, salt, & pepper... etc. Sort of like a pickle - ok, not really, but kind of!..

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Here is a recipe for pickled green pepper, there is no salt in them.

You will need to get some canning jars if you don't have any..

Green pepper (cut into strips).

1 clove of garlic (per mason jar).

Boil enough apple cider vinegar to fill up your mason jars, however many jars you are gonna make..

Put one garlic clove in jar, along with as many sliced peppers you can fit in there too, pour the boiled vinegar into jar and seal..

These need to set for at least 3 weeks before you eat them. The longer the better, I make a few jars, wait and reap the rewards. These are really good, measure out your green portion, and if you want add a big of salt and pepper...

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I love pickled stuff EXPECIALLY Okra and Beets. Sadly most pickled beets have sugar (and beets aren't on plan anyway) so I would check the pickled okree for sugar too - but if it's sugar free I would guess you caould have it I have also seen pickled cauliflower and peppers..

But as always the definitive source is Nutritional Support..


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YES YES YES I love pickled stuff too. Pickled okra both hot and regular. YUM.

I had a jar of pickled okra my 1st week on MF. They have like 2 grams of carbs per serving (forget the serving size) and I don't recall any sugar..

I don't care if they are not legal, I love them and they keep me from cheating, (those and dill pickles) so I'm eatin' em! mmmm..

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For all you pickle lovers out there. I bought a new product at the store today. They are called "Pickle Packs." They are little snack sized jars (about the size of a pudding cup) of little baby dill pickles. According to the package, there are 0 calories, 0 carbs, but 500mgs of sodium per jar, and there are 6 little jars to a pack. Has anyone else tried them?..

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Yolanda, what's the brand name of those pickle packs? Sometimes I get the biggest craving for pickles it would be nice to feel like I'm eating several of them!..

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Hey all!!! My family doesn't call me "Pickle Puss" for nothing....

I've NEVER met a pickled ANYthing I didn't love...and don't get me started on OLIVES.

Thanks "larbec" for the greenpepper pickle recipe. Do they need to be refridgerated??? I've got greenpeppers coming out my....well ...I have a lot of them right now....That's what I will do with them for sure!.

Also...I've got Okra in tubs!!! I grew them and a friend of mine did as well...then found out he didn't like he's giving his to me! I'll slice them into quarters and do the same pickling process as "larbec" suggested...THOSE I do believe need the hot bath processing...their are low acid veggies..

I love talking about pickles! Anyone else have a favorite recipe??? I save all the watermelon rind through out the summer and pickle it...however...I won't be eating any of those pickles for some that I'm back on plan..

Take and peace...lynnann..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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