Can we eat hot dogs in Medifast diet?

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Anyone know if we can have these? I bought the Jennie O turkey ones yesterday since they were on sale, but now I'm wondering if they are allowed at all. In retrospect, if they are allowed, perhaps I should have bought the Healthy Choice Ones instead. Saw the sale and forgot all about comparing the ingredients and nutritional info...Any insights appreciated. TIA..

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I looked at all the posts to Nutrisystem on turkey hot dogs and they all said No...too high in sodium & fat & possibly not high enough in protein. Sorry...

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They also add sugar to hot dogs and other deli meats..

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I've copied down the nutrition info on the hotdogs:.


Fat: 5 g.

Chol: 25mg.

Sodium: 370 mg.

Carb: 1g.

Protein 4g.

Obviously not the best choice but compared to some of the things I could have bought, they aren't "that" bad. In any case, I've got one pack I the fridge and 2 more in the freezer so someone's gonna have to eat them sometime. I guess this will teach me to be better prepared when I go to the grocery store...

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You can do better with chicken or fish choices, even beef choices - let the kids have them, if that's an option. Otherwise, put them in the freezer and save for maintenance...

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Oh see? now I want a hot dog. LOL..

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I saw the subject "Hot Dogs" and just had to log my first post. I too bought turkey dogs thinking that I could "make them work." Wrong! They halted my weightloss last week after I ate 4 of them over three days. Oops. So, no more turkey dogs for me!..

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