Can we eat cheese and nuts during Medifast?

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I know we are supposed to eat only Medifast foods. but are we allowed to have cheese and nuts? when I was on Atkins which is a very low carb diet I could have those, and I am not having them with my Medifast snacks, I am having it insted of ? .

And the cheese I buy is south beach cheese.


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Pretty much the only problems I had with trigger foods while doing the 5&1 was cheese and nuts. These 'episodes' probably slowed down the time to goal by one or two months. SOme people can handle it, and some can't. I couldn't handle it, because of so many years on low-carb diets. My mind was conditioned to believe that were OK or 'free' foods. That is a mental struggle that has always been with me, because before Medifast, those were the only diets that 'worked' for me..

At the most, I would only consume them in the amounts allowed on the Medifast approved snack list. I am sure someone will chime in here about the exact amounts..

For me, whenever I mentally start going down the 'this is no carb or low carb' road, I get into trouble...

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I dont' think nuts are on the list anymore!.

I have cheese alot for my L&G Make sure it's as low fat as you can get per the guidelines.

Remember this is NOT a low carb diet like Atkins so works for Atkins is not what works for Medifast It seems low carb like Atkins because it seems like we aren't eating any But they are in the meals and the veggies. So read your book well and then read it again I always seem to have A HA moments when I find something new in there, and read the links on the success tools part of this website and you will be ALL SET.

Best wishes.


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For me, whenever I mentally start going down the 'this is no carb or low carb' road, I get into trouble..

Dbbthreads ... testify to that...

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The only nuts listed in the QSG are sunflower and pine nuts - listed under additional fats. I'm not finding anything else about them, but it might not be a bad idea to check with NS..

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Wow thanks so much for all your help, and it really did help alot. I have been eating the nuts insted of Medifast snacks and not loosing at all even though was below the 8-85 carbs and didnt understand why?.

I also have the mental problem alot lately telling my self oh you look better and you are smaller, but I still have at least 50 lbs to go and that wont happen if I dont get back to the mind set I had when I started this in may, it has been a big struggle for me lately to get totally back on plan and I really do want to.

Thanks again.


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