Can Someone tell me how to use the VitaminShoppe Strip Natural Cleanser the 32 oz bottle.?

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My first question is: Can Someone tell me how to use the VitaminShoppe Strip Natural Cleanser the 32 oz bottle.?.

My next question is: As far as I am aware she has been eating healthy and excercising regularly the past year, but she is really struggling with some stubborn fat around her back and arms, she is desperate to get back to her youthful physique..

I have been researching various cutting diets and training regimes of which I will advise her, and have also been recommended grenades as a supplement..

Was just wondering in case this fails.what would be the next option? Clen or T3? I know there is no substitute for loads of cardio and sheer determination but I do think that some people haven't got the metabolism is takes? Does anyone feel the same?.

I mean there is this guy at my work.he arrives early around 7:30am with no breakfast and I don't see him eat a single crumb all day up until 5pm.and he is the size of a house!? Me and my colleagues have joked whether or not he hooks himself up to a lard drip at home.bit harsh I know..

Done some reading up on clen.mixed reports, seems to be quite dependant upon the individual. Am aware it is not actually a steroid just shares anti-catabolic properties like those of winny, is it safe used properly like AS's? Read different techniques on how to take; 2 weeks on 2 weeks off/ED or EOD, but how long do people cycle on it for? Till you've reached your goals or? Also, I know you taper up/down, but would you do this every 2 weeks on or only when you first start and at the very end?.

Think T3 would probably be overkill?.

Any views/comments appreciated..


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Your question was: Can Someone tell me how to use the VitaminShoppe Strip Natural Cleanser the 32 oz bottle.?.

Depends on what her diet truly is..

Ive shredded myself in the past when I couldnt train with nothing but very hi amounts of walking(10miles+a day) and other than the 1g per lb of bw of protein I used normal foods and didnt go lower than 300g of carbs a day..

It does amaze me how some people can seemingly exist on nothing but still be overweight..

Could this be cos theyve slowed their metabolism down THAT much???????..

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Just shows how efficient the human body can be living on nearly nothing and all...

Comment #2

Will incorporate those supps cheers Lee..

Ok, I went to see her last night to get some more info on her diet/training..

On a typical day she would eat the following:.

Breakfast; bowl of cereal (cheerios)..

Lunch; two slices of wholemeal bread with humous, chicken and salad..

Dinner; meat and veg..

On a good week she would go to the gym every lunch time before she ate and attend body pump, tone and circuit classes, plus she walks for 40 mins home-station-work every day..

Problem areas seem to be at the weekend when she goes out drinking (vodka/beer) she'll have a takeaway. I'm sure booze affects woman worse than men in this department, when I was travelling woman seem to put on weight whilst men lost weight through drinking. Also, she occasionally eats chocoloate which she craves on her period..

Even with the drinking/takeaway I still feel she should be slimmer considering her diet/training in the week, what are your thoughts?..

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Also, can I apply the same rules for males when cutting i.e. 6 small meals per day, carb cycling, constant intake of healthy fats, circuit training (deads,squats,pull-ups,dips) plus fasted cardio etc etc..

Will adivse to cut drinking and knock the takeaways on the head of course...

Comment #4

Just be careful not to do a yoyo diet as woman (and men to a lesser extent) who go up and down in weight over the years end up putting on more weight which is thought to be caused by brain response that would, in nature, act to preserve during times of famine...

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Im going to be honest here and it will sound harsh.....

That diet is awful there is no wonder shes not losing weight, compounded by alcohol is a killer for weight loss male or female, try getting ripped drinking more than a couple of units a week..

3 meals a day isnt supporting an increase in metabolic rate....

If she is serious about getting in shape and not that many are once they know it takes more than a bowl of special K for breakfast another bowl at lunch and a normal meal in the evening someone should be shot for that little gem!!! two T5 a day and eat nowt for a month...Rant over!!!.

The first thing to do is ask her to write down everything she eats and drinks for a week. Ive never asked anyone to do this and it not become immediately apparent why they are overweight..

The second is ask for an exercise diary with a true assessment of effort levels, i..e 35 mins cardio are we talking pool of sweat on and around the treadmill or are we talking reading a mag peddling a recumbent bike....

Presumably the aimed for end result is for a firm toned physique, which can be achieved without clem T3 or any other drug..

To get in and stay in shape requires an attitude change, food is fuel for the machine, not for pleasure.

Get the two things asked for above and Ill happily write a diet plan out and suggest an exercise program...

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She's not a bodybuilder or an athlete though. so her diet is what an "average jo" would eat. it's much easier for her to loose weight. write down her weekly diet, add up the kcals. now subract 200 from it daily (1400kcals/week) and get her to do some resistance training not just cardio. drop by 100 a week until she loses weight. that WILL work...

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Thanks for your input pikey best not to beat around the bush imo..

She has started a diary today so will update in a week.isnt 6 meals a bit excessive if she already has quite a muscular physique?..

Comment #8

The six meals wont affect her levels of muscle. you need to get her eating less and more often..

What eating more often will do is speed her metabolism up a bit making it burn food faster as the body knows it has a ready supply..

Rather than storing it as fat cos it knows it only comes along 3 times rather than 6..

Might not be scientifically correct tried to keep it simple..

Eat smaller meals more often.

Principal is good though..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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