Can I use on iPad?

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My question is: Can I use on iPad?.

My 2nd question is: Dear Readers,I never thought that I would be attracted to younger men. But, recently I met someone that is 2 yrs younger than me. I am 26 and he's 24. I like him because despite that he is younger than me, he is very responsible in his work and mature in his converstations. He is also very religious and told me that he wants to settle down sooner or later.I have older suitors too. But, there's always something off with them being over 30 and still single.

I found that many of the older guys that I know are either too idealistic or just have some other problems.My dilemma is that how seriously I can take him? I am looking for a serious relationship (thru and I am not willing to waste my time for someone that is still trying things out. He just graduated from his Master degree 3 mths ago. What is the indications that our relationship (thru can work out? Given that I'm older and he's younger.I really appreciate any input....

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Lol I read the title and thought: it's going to be a woman of 40 something talking about being madly in love and lust with a  man of 25... 2 years is not an age gap, and he's not 'younger' - he's your age. My twin sister's bf of 12 years is about 2 years younger than her, and so is my little sister's husband. This imho isn't about an age gap thing - it's about how well you two can work together as partners. I wish you all the best...

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A 2 year age difference really is no big deal.  And you're both still quite young - so try to go into it - into all dates right now just enjoying the moment.  Yes you want to judge whether a person is sincere, trustworthy, compatible, etc but not everything has to be decided in the instant ala - will we get married or should I end it ASAP?.

Don't be so fixated on the destination that you don't enjoy the journey.


Comment #2

I have been dating (online dating with the most amazing man for the past 3 months. I'm 29, he's 23 and I've never been happier. When it's right it's right. Yes, there are certain risks in dating (online dating with a guy in his early 20s but for us it doesn't seem like it's going to be a problem. It all depends on his maturity. I happened to find a mature 23 year old. And by the way, 26 and 24 is not a big difference at all! I wouldn't think twice unless his maturity was questionable.Best of luck!..

Comment #3

"Lol I read the title and thought: it's going to be a woman of 40 something talking about being madly in love and lust with a man of 25... 2 years is not an age gap, and he's not 'younger' - he's your age."LOL, I totally thought the same thing! I was all ready for some 40-something "coug" falling for a 20-something "gigolo," and already going "what could they possibly have in common???" (I know, I know, prejudging, BAD).Dude, at your age, 2 years is not much younger; you're at the same stage in life, probably have similar interests and peer groups. I wouldn't give 2 thoughts about it, just be with him if he makes you happy! <still chuckling>.

***If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there. Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)***..

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That's really no age difference at all, why do you feel like it is?.


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Yes you should look at why you consider 2 years an age gap - are you looking for reasons to resist being in a relationship?.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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