Can I use in Japan?

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My question is: Can I use in Japan?.

My 2nd question is: Well, he sent the text out of a somewhat selfish desire to share feelings that he's probably kept inside for some time now..

Approximately three months after a breakup with someone you (naturally) still have feelings for isn't exactly an eternity in which to have moved on and found your soul mate. Most people go through meeting a lot of men before we find one we really click with. It takes time to first separate yourself from a relationship (thru you really loved and then to find someone you feel a great connection with. It doesn't happen right away, and rarely does it happen three months later.

"Guys" as a gender do not collectively conform to one behavior. Everyone has masculine traits and feminine traits regardless of the sex we're born into, and we all sometimes act in ways that are unpredictable based on some gender formula. Sometimes human beings just feel the urge to express themselves. Maybe he wants to get a feel for where you are in the breakup process. Since you still love him, if you were to send him a text that said exactly what his did, why would you have done it? The answer may closely resemble his reasoning, too..

He hasn't moved on yet and is probably lonely and missing you. His motiviation is most likely simple, to tell you how he feels and maybe get a response that you still feel that way too. Perhaps he hasn't thought of what this revelation might lead to, it's clear you're not going to get back into a relationship (thru that wasn't working because of distance and hasn't changed..

If I might make a suggestion, if you are at all interested in moving on, don't tell him "I love you" back. The more you do to keep this situation from becoming confusing, or by getting to the point where you have confessed you still have feelings for one another that can't go anywhere, the better off you will be...

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So he texted me all day yesterday.  called me last night. .

But he is just really all talk and no action..

I just broke it off just now..

It was really difficult..

Wow, I feel so crappy right now.



Comment #1

Well it sounds like he's still trying to keep you "hooked in" to some extent. Why hasna't he contacted you directly to talk.


Comment #2

Absolutely dont say I love you back. It's easy, very tempting, to fall back into something you know because it's scary on your own but if it's not right it's not right..


Comment #3

You really can't communicate via texts. Need to be at least a phone call.


Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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