Can I take Nutrisystem foods on airplane?

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Does anyone know What, if any Nutrisystem food can be taken on board an airplane as carry on? I really don't want to pay $50 to check my luggage if I don't have to. Going away for 3 days and I would like to stick to the Nutrisystem plan if I can. Any suggestions?..

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Your question was: Can I take Nutrisystem foods on airplane?.

If you have enough lead time, how about mailing or sending your food via UPS?..

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There was enough lead time, but it slipped my mind that I wouldn't be able to take the entrees with me.

I wondered about the pizzas though. Very little liquid in them at all.

I think I will just have to spend the $50 to check my luggage this time. It will be worth it to have my food with me and not be tempted to cheat.

Thank you for letting me know. I would hate it if they confiscated my food :-(..

Comment #2

Maybe go to the airport early, ask to speak to TSA and see if they will let you carry the bag on board before you pay to check it?..

Comment #3

I flew to DC last week and carried on bars, snacks, hamburger patties and mac n cheese. No problems at all. I put the mac n cheese in ziplock bags just in case they decided they wanted to open the container. they didn't..

Speaking of flying, and being totally off topic, have you all seen the Southwest Airlines commercial where all of the big baggage guys get in a line, lift up their shirts to show "bags fly free" on their bellies as they make rude noises at the other airline's passengers? That has got to be one of the funniest commercials ever!!!!.


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I am flying in a few weeks and assume I will have no problem with bars, muffins and desserts in my carry on. I will probably not worry about bringing dinners as 2 out of three days I will eat dinner at rehearsal dinner and reception. My concern is my WF individual salad dressing packets (which I frequently carry in my purse) - will TSA think they are weapons of mass destruction???..

Comment #5

Throw them in your baggie with your other liquids and I'm sure they will be OK...

Comment #6

Actually I was just going to hit a pharmacy after arrival to buy mouthwash, etc instead of putting it in a silly baggie...

Comment #7

My husband has traveled with Nutrisystem dinner entres with no problems. He never checks luggage. Said they didn't even question him, because I told him he wasn't getting on! I was wrong!! The airport here, at least lets him travel with them!!..

Comment #8

Having had a partially filled 3.4 oz container (100 ml) of hair product confiscated leaving the US the day before the regulations were changed from 3 oz. to 3.4 oz containers (as Europe finally got around to implementing the carry-on liquid ban), I would not try and take any of the soft-canned goods on board. I have traveled with bars, dried fruit, muffins, pastries, powdered items, etc. but do not take the canned items. Others have said that they have had to check their bag because TSA will not let pass (and their bags were opened for inspection after it was x-rayed). It may vary from airport to airport and among the agents, but either check the bag or ship ahead...

Comment #9

I have taken the bars, pastries, muffins, desserts, and the cups that you add boiling water through security without any problems. I think the hamburgers would be okay to take through too but I haven't tried it...

Comment #10

The TSA shouldnt be throwing away your food. If they do give you a hard time just ask to see a supervisor.....

Comment #11

Arguing with security is rarely a good idea. A $3 packet of food is certainly not worth it..

And they throw away lots of things every day...

Comment #12

If you go to order a la carte, you can find under "value packs" a 7 day travel pack...

Comment #13

Good idea. I checked though and they do have several liquid in the can pieces - checken soup, beef stew. They also include a mushroom risotto, which is partially liquid..

If I were you, I would stick to the dry mixes...

Comment #14

I am flying Delta in the a.m. I packed my desserts, lunch bars and breakfast bars in my suitcase that I will be "checking"...fingers crossed!.


Comment #15

I had a big stash of Nutrisystem muffins and desserts in my carry-on, along with half dozen individual packets of WF dressing, flying Delta. It got me a closer examination of my computer bag, but no grief...

Comment #16

I am brand new and so impressed with you women on this board. Can you tell me what WF dressing is. And also I hear people talk about PB2 peanut butter. Where do I get it and do you put it on celery or what else? I love PB..

Comment #17

Since i've had lots of perfume, soap, you name it taken, i'd go with checked baggage..

It's not worth the hassle.

And believe me, if there's any question, they'll keep it...

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