Can I have coffee during Medifast plan?

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I'm seriously confused! I'm on my second week of the program and of course my period had to come early so I was craving sweets. I read on the forems about someone crushing ice and using a packet of crystal lite to make a snowcone. And of course I only had the pitcher packs. So what I did was just mixed 4 oz. of water with a like a half teaspoon of CL. I wasn't quite sure how many clories it would be so I just counted it as my three free foods for the day.

But I totally forgot that I was going on a date to the movies! I started craving everything in site so I had a peice of sugarfree gum and told myself that the snowcone probably only was worth 2 free foods.

Then after the movie I had an extra hour with my BF so I decided I really needed coffe and that I knew Medifast said to limit cafene to 3X a day. Plus I told myself that I'd never have enough time to eat my last meal cuz I had two left at 9 pm (slept in late) so I also justifierd it that way..

Now my question is: Does the program permit 3 peices of gum, 3 condiment/ seasonings, and 3 cafeene servings? Or is it an maximum of three of these things every day? And will by having the coffee and the other things plus missing a meal cause me to stop loosing weight? Because in one week I lost 8 pounds and if that continues I'll be past my goal weight in about a month!..

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Sorry about the horrible spelling errors. I forgot to proof read!..

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I'm not sure how the crystal light is to be counted but the sugar free gum is considered an optional snack. Medifast recommends that you limit your caffeine to 3 a day and I'm pretty sure that doesn't count against the condiments..

What worries me is that you skipped a meal. You should never do that. Each Medifast meal is 20% of your daily vitamins and minerals, when you skip one you are missing all that. PLUS it could make you hungry and actually make you crave more...

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Three condiments a day is what you get. Plain coffee, I believe, is limited to two cups a day. More importantly, you really shouldn't skip Medifast Meals as with such a calorie restrictive diet, you are losing nutrients..

Suggestions for that sweet tooth (from a former sugar junkie.

The Medifast hot cocoa makes a decadent frozen chocolate bar. Mix the hot cocoa with a little bit of water and your favorite SF Syrup (I like Torani Raspberry) and drop balls of it onto wax paper. Freeze for an hour or so - these are so rich and chocolatey I can only eat half at a sitting.

If you need to get 2 meals down at the same time, why not try a bar and a shake?.

Good luck to yoU!..

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Thanks to the both of you! I didn't know you could have 2 meals at once, I thought that would be worse than going to bed without the last one because of the extra calories. But I'll know for future reference...

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Oh my gosh I am salivating right now! I will look for those syrups when I am out today and I am making this tonight!..

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Recommendation and like you said you are new, so you are learning - but next time you are out with your boyfriend take some bars, puffs, pretzels something with you in your purse so that if you do end up at the movies, you can have a bar or something there to satisfy your cravings.

I always have extra food with me becuase sometimes although I dont plan to be out of the house long running errands, things happen and before I know it, it's 8 or 9 o'clock at night and so at least by having things ready to grab in the car or with me I never feel deprieved or that I shoudl go to bed without eating all my meals.

You will do great. Just try to plan a little differently next time...

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Hello and Welcome to MF! I thought the same thing when I first started but my health coach advised me that while Medifast recommends you eat the meals 1 at a time every 2-3 hours, if it's getting late and you have 2 meals left to eat, it is better to eat both than to skip a meal. I do this sometimes on the weekend if I sleep late and know that I'm going to out for most of the day without being able to cook a meal, such as scrambled eggs and a shake for breakfast, then carrying along a bar, pretzel sticks, and muffins (made from the oatmeal) in my bag. Good luck on your journey!..

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Hi everyone,.

I really enjoy my coffee in the morning and am used to putting flavored coffemate in it. Do any of you have any suggestions on what to use for a flavored creamer? Would a soy creamer be better?..

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Coffeemate makes a powdered sugar free vanilla creamer. I'm not sure how you would count that, same as the syrups I'd guess. Target also makes sugar free coffee syrups under the Archer Farms brand. That is what I use. The hazelnut is just ok, the caramel is pretty good...

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Hello and welcome!.

There are no "free" foods on MF. You have 5 Medifast meals and 1 lean and green meal. You have options of adding 1 snack and up to 3 condiments. None of this is "free" and needs to be accounted for as they all have carbs and this is a carb restricted plan. Even sugar free stuff that says it has zero carbs has carbs. It's just that our government allows manufacturers to use a "fudge factor" in their labeling.

That's why there's a restriction on how much of this stuff we can use.

Creamer use, liquid or powered is found on the condiments list and counts as one of your up to three allowed in a day. The condiment list can be downloaded here:.

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I mix a Cappucino shake in the shaker. Then I make a couple of shots of espresso, pour it over ice and pour the already made shake on top of that. Stir together and I've got iced cappucino AND the caffeine jolt I need in the morning AND a meal all in one. You can add sugar-free flavored syrups to it to change it up a bit...

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Crystal light is definitely to be counted. 1 individual sleeve contains 2 servings, each serving is 5 cals and .9 carbs each..

You are allowed 3 condiments a day, which includes gum, artificial sweeteners, etc. It is suggested that you have no more than 3 cups of caffeine simply because on the reduced calories, you could feel the effects more. I have known people to drink far more than that a day with no ill effects. It's just how YOU handle it. Caffeine should have no impact on your weight loss..

Regularly skipping Medifast meals, however, WILL. As long as you don't do it regularly, you should be OK, but your body needs the nutrition in those little meals..

THERE ARE NO FREE FOODS ON MF, not even veggies. See the Quick Start Guide for more information..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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