Can i find these items at the VitaminShoppe? guggul,juniper berries,chromium chelate,vanadyl sulfate?

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My first question is: Can I find these items at the VitaminShoppe? guggul,juniper berries,chromium chelate,vanadyl sulfate?.

My next question is: Hey just some potential gyno advice.

I have played around with Pro Hormones for a few cycles and made good gains, following a proper PCT after but I have finally decided to man up and prick myself.

Now for my concern, I am very gyno sensitive, so much so that I had to have an operation at the age of 20 (before I touched any PH) to get rid of gyno... It runs in my family and most of the males get it. (aparently due to naturally high test levels).

My question is... should I run Arimidex throughout the cycle to keep amortization at zero? If so, at what dose and should I run a little dose of Clomid thoughout?.

This is my fist cycle so after much thought and consideration I'm running:.

Test E at 600mg a week, split into 2 injections.

PCT is alternating Nolva and Clomid week by week slowly dropping the dose.

Im new to this forum so your input is much appreciated..

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Your question was: Can I find these items at the VitaminShoppe? guggul,juniper berries,chromium chelate,vanadyl sulfate?.

What was the reasoning on the other forum for alternating the two?.

A standard use of these two would be.

Day 1 - 300mg clomid/20mg nolva.

Day 2 - 11 150mg clomid/20mg nolva.

Days 12 - 28 50mg clomid/20mg nolva.

HCG - 500iu's throughout the cycle once a week stopping 2 weeks into PCT..

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Thanks, will do,.

So what are the benifits of stack the two together? As far as I am aware they do the same thing.....

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Way to much IMO .... if your gyno prone or worried .25 daily if you want to control bloat and e-sides then EOD .25 is fine, if you start getting .5 and over then this will decrease your estrogen levels dramatically... effecting you DHT and also gains...

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What operation did you actually have to remove gyno? I was under the impression that once the gland had been removed you couldnt get it agin? please someone correct me if I'm wrong on that!.

Have yuo had gyno since or any sensitivity round the nipple while on PHs?..

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Hi lee , No once the gyno bud is removed it cannot come back...

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You are basing "way to much" on what? if this guy did not suffer from gyno then I would agree with you but by his own admission he suffers very badly so .5mg is about right to prevent gyno.......

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It is overkill imo , anythink above 2mg daily isnt going to effect the person more, I'm basing it on my research over the past 4 years and studies ive read. ill try and pull some up.... if you increase the anti e, then dht will not bind which will leave dht sides for sure..

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I agree 2mg a day is way over kill but then I never said anything near this dose, I said 0.5mg ed or 1mg EOD (same dose) to start with and if needed go higher....yes I agree dropping eostrogen to low will cause sides but not as many as some think...what is the highest you have used Adex and what sides did you get?..

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I personally went upto .5 daily but I think even that is overkill and could effect gains and increase sides....

My rule of thumb is.

.25 daily if you have/ or are prone to gyno.

.25 EOD If your not.

If someone is very prone to gyno then the shouldnt be using adex, should be looking into stronger compounds from a doctor..

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No sensitivity round the nipples on PH, did my PCT cycle correctly but kept arimidex on for a while after as I read about estrogen rebounds on week 3 of a PCT, so I wanted to prevent that..

The operation involved cutting the nipple off, removing the tissue and then sewing the nipple back on. It was done in oct 07..

I think I'm going to take 1mg eod and if I get any irritation ill up the dose...

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Yes but this is where we are all different you suffer from hairloss on test yet I have the thickest mass of hair and I have used some large doses in my time....i suffer from very little sides as do alot of people when using .5mg of adex you have to find what is the best dose for you and go with that.....

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Thanks for the advice, slightly off the subject...

If I am prone to gyno does that mean my body is very sensitive to any changes in hormone levels? Or just that my natural test levels are high?.

If so does that mean I should see bigger gains or/and larger sides than someone who is not very sensitive to gyno?.

Something I was wondering but cant any information on..

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So I'm coming to the end of my cycle now,.

I have been taking adex 0.25 every day, some days my nipples would still be a little sensitive and I have found now that my gyno is starting to creep back....

I have increased the dose to 0.5 every day and will continue during the PCT...Is this OK? If I wanted to use Lectro to try and remove the gyno when would be the best time?.


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You can swap over to letro in PCT if you want but whilst in PCT the gyno should subside...what PCT have you got planned?..

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HCG, nova and clomid, I was then going to run arimidex alongside but you say that I can swap out for lectro?.

What dosage and what effects will lectro have?.

Thanks again..

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Some actually cut along nipple and remove the gland then lipo out fatthis can leave small pockets, loose skin and scars.

I took smart lipo, my doc even did some suction with it too plus he removed gland. within months results got better and better.

This is the best option in my opinion...

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