Can I eat ONLY Medifast bars?

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Don't beat me up. I think I know the answer allready. But seriously, if I stayed within the calorie limit, what could it hurt? I only like the choclate bars and shakes. Has anyone done this before?.


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You'll be way over in your carbs and calories. One bar per day, but any other meal you can have multiples of. With winter approaching, I'm doing more soups now, but through the summer, I did one bar and 4 shakes every day! Plus my L&G of course. You might do something like that!!.

Each bar has about 160 calories and 20 carbs. If you ate 5 of those in a day, you're already @ 800 calories and 100 carbs, plus you have to get in your L&G..

Remember, your tastes will change, but you could do your shakes and a bar, like I said! Good luck!!.


Comment #1

Not going to do any beating up...but have to wonder how with 5 bars a day you will be able to stay within the limits set by Medifast for calories & carbs? Don't know - haven't done the math. Thought Medifast had it all figured out for me so I just go along with their guidelines. Maybe your question can be answered best by Nutrition Support???..

Comment #2

Sorry Mary, but too many carbs... Is why you can not have just bars. I would love to do the same and keep trying to figure out a way.... But every time, reason pops back into my head and reminds me of all the carbs.... I actually buy the diabetic bars and shakes as often as possible, because they are less sweet..

Good Luck!..

Comment #3

Mathematically there just is no way to eat 5 bars a day and not exceed the calories and carbs allowed on the program. And skipping Medifast meals is a very bad idea - it can stall your weight loss fast...

Comment #4

I'm pretty sure Medifast spent a lot of time and money coming up with this program. All you have to do is follow the plan. It just works. Anything else may not work. Glad I chose the one that definitely works...

Comment #5

I agree, if I could live on Medifast carmel nut bars, trust me, I would...but alas, it is not meant to be. As stated above, you would go way over your carb intake for the day, which would throw you completely off plan. Maybe try some of the capella drops in the shakes, those make a huge diff to the flavors, give you some variety....?..

Comment #6

I'd be happy with chocolate mint bars for quite a while, myself....<heh>. But you know, you'd really get bored after a while, don't you think? Use the bar a day as a treat thing - and mix up the other meals just like a regular day would be...

Comment #7

I suppose it's better than some things you could eat - like ONLY Big Macs, or ONLY Hershey bars. Let's face it, most of us are on Medifast because we didn't make good food choices, and if all-bars does it for you, you'll lose weight if it's less calories than you burn each day. It'd be slower weight loss, but it'd be weight loss..

This is my second time doing Medifast all-out and I had a couple tries in there where I didn't make it out of the first week. I honestly think a part of my problem then was having to choke down the food. This time around, I ordered the RTD shakes since they're so much easier and I limited my order to only things I actually like - the chicken and rice soup, the chocolate mint bars, the beef vegetable stew. Personally, my "regular" food diet isn't very varied (it was all fattening, heh) and I think I'll do better with less variety rather than more..

Good luck!..

Comment #8


Read the Medifast Manual. read the tools tab.

You will lean so much & understand how the plan works..

Comment #9

One bar (a day) is considered a meal.... although you may think of it as a 'treat'... it's just not a snack like the other Medifast options...

Comment #10

That is perhaps the most twisted logic I've seen anyone try to pass off as advice on this site. All bars is absolutely not recommended as part of the Medifast plan. It is one of the clearest rules of the program. One bar per day. That's it. If you have more, you are not on the Medifast plan anymore. Telling someone to have all bars for their 5 Medifast meals is very poor advice...

Comment #11

Well, I have been there...done that. To some extent anyway. I was on MediFast last year and lost about 50 lbs. The bars were the only thing that sometimes got me off strict plan. On occasion, I would eat my bar early in the day (Instead of as a treat at night) and all I could think about was MORE BARS. Sometimes I really DID eat almost all bars all day.

Quite honestly, 5 bars a day is a WAY better food choice than had made up to the point that I got on MediFast. I wouldn't recommend it to lose the most weight in the quickest manner, but don't beat yourself up over it if you get a little crazy. I DO LOVE THOSE BARS!!! Have you tried the soy crisps.? Don't get me started..........

Comment #12

There's a pattern among those who have suggested eating 5 bars are a good idea. They are back on plan again. Which means they didn't succeed that first time. This plan is about making smart choices, not just while on plan, but after. It's a total package sort of thing. If you don't make good choices while on plan, you will likely maintain those habits when you reach goal.

Learn good habits now, and it will save you the trouble of having to restart the plan again down the road...

Comment #13

I think this is the equivolent of being on WW and using all of your points to eat McDonalds etc everyday, and then stand on the scale wondering why it has not budged because you "did not eat more points than allowed". Bad advice. We would all like to think we can eat 5 bars a day and lose weight but it just ain't the case...

Comment #14

Wow, some of these posts really lack tact but hey I guess they are honest. Lets try to be nice and remember that we can all gain the weight back...its extremely rude to point fingers. This is not the place for that.....

Anyhow, despite the rudeness of some of the responses...For the most part I agree with them. Don't even think about eating 5 bars/day, just follow the plan and you'll do fine. If you want the plan to work, you've got to work the plan..

Comment #15

The bars are good...........but I do not think anyone would WANT to eat five of them per day. That would just be too hard and you would tire of that plan very quickly. It is like saying I will lose wt. as long as I eat 1000 or less calories per day no matter what it is. True..........but the body needs more than say 1000 calories of candy per day or chips or whatever. The body needs balance.


Comment #16

No need to be rude. My point was simple, and true: if you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. It's that "easy". Few people lose weight that way, however, because there are reasons they were overweight in the first place, things like discipline and portion size and lack of willpower to persevere when the scale budges the 1-2 pounds per week that we've all heard touted as "appropriate". It is, therefore, totally possible to eat five bars/day and lose weight. No, it's not "on plan." I never said it was.

That's a huge assumption for you to make, and even ruder than your first post - I thought your "pretension" bit in your sig was supposed to be a joke! In my case, my reason for being back on plan a second time is wearing footie jammies right now and being rocked to sleep by my husband...

Comment #17

It's not rude - it's true. Your logic is no different than saying eating 5 snickers bars is better than eating 5 double quarter pounders. While it may be true, it is irrelevant. The logic is illogical..

And actually. the only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. And everyone who loses weight naturally loses it that way..

The fact that the OP asked the question on the Medifast site pretty much implies that they were referring to the Medifast plan. Are you kidding me with this?.

And my last argument was not an assumption. It was also true. The people who suggested eating 5 bars a day was a good idea all previously failed on the Medifast plan. I would hope people use mentors who have succeeded...

Comment #18

Here's the first thing I said:.

And here's what you said:.

How are you still "correcting" me when we're saying the same thing?.

As for "it's not rude, it's true", the opposite of rude is not false. You can say true things, and say them more nicely..

That's not even accurate - I was loving my success the first time around. A "by the book" guy such as yourself wouldn't recommend Medifast when pregnant, since as you know that's a contraindication. And, for the record, most people that "recommit" succeeded when following Medifast just fine, and failed at maintenance. I see your own admirable success is quite new. I hope your long-term willpower is as strong as your short-term enthusiasm...

Comment #19

I've been thinking this for the longest time and couldn't have said it better. Thanks..

Comment #20

Wow - DHS..... you continue to amaze me..... in your own words..."yawn".

Way to go Ladies!..

Comment #21

Stickintoit and and Luvinmefirst,,well said ladies!!,,,,and Mikealy,,"yawn",,is it your bedtime??? LOL..

Comment #22

MaryBG - Thanks for being brave enough to ask a question such as this. It's not easy being new and asking somethng about the plan, is it? I could tell by your opening remarks of "Don't Beat Me Up." That is just horrible that you have to feel that way. Any question is a good question and you should feel comfortable in asking it. I hope you continue to do so. I just wonder why you felt that way in the first place? Was it because you felt like you were going to be attacked or maybe knew the answer but hoped there might be a way? There are many wonderful people that you can talk to on here - just read posts and you will find those that seem like-minded to you. I wish you much success in the way that meets your needs - but for your health and in which the way this program was researched - only one bar a day is the best choice to make! (I don't even eat one bar a day because I want my weight loss to be the most optimal that I can make it, and I figured they are more carbs than I need. I also found that since it is processed different than the powders that it was harder for me to digest....personal opinion.) I look forward to reading about your successes!..

Comment #23

If you eat just bars you will not remain in a ketogenic state because they have more carbs than the other products. Plus, they have 150 almost. And most importantly, you want to learn to eat a balanced sort of diet...not just bars that are sweet and delicious! If you were to eat just bars and lose all the weight you want, when you tried to transition it would be about impossible.

Good luck Anything worth having take hard work! You are worth it!..

Comment #24

Hi Mary! You were probably did know the answer to the question before you asked....but yes, the Medifast plan is only one bar per day at most.

They are yummy...and taste like candy, so it would be great if you could eat all 5 meals...but, if you did that, you wouldn't be on MF. Plus, I think one of the biggest things about Medifast is learning to change the way you eat and they way you think about food. Seeing food as fuel instead of something that feeds your desires and emotions.

So people think it is rude...but saying that eating 5 bars a day is OK, well it isn't okay. I worry for Mary's sake if she reads those posts and thinks that is a way to be successful, but that's what we all want...for everyone to be successful..

Good luck to you Mary...and my advice, check out the recipes section because it can make a lot of the other things much better. I really disliked the soup as soup... but I love it as bread or chips or a tortilla..



Comment #25

I concur..

Tracy, thanks for your post. Your answer was thoughtful, informative and supportive. I always appreciate your input! Czuchada, great post as well!.

Shelley, I don't think is saying that "eating 5 bars a day isn't ok" is rude. It's very simply the way you say it. Any opinion offered, whether in response to the OP or others who have offered their advice needs to be done with respect. By all means, let's offer varying opinions, and provide support where possible. But let's not do it in a manner that's demeaning to others.

Stickinto it, congratulations on your decision to come back onto the plan after the birth of your little one. Good luck to you!!.

Mary, of course this is all about you! There have already been some great suggestions here. I would also add that you may want to contact Nutrisystem if it is truly a challenge for you to tolerate anything other than the bars. They may have some other solutions that will allow you to stay within the plan and achieve the greatest success possible..

Good luck!..

Comment #26

Hmm...if you could let me know when people have been on program or achieved their goal weight long enough to offer advice. It seems like I missed the memo. It's clear you don't like Dave's advice, but why does it mean you need to belittle the work he has put in and his commitment to the program. But disregard because I have only been here shy of two months and haven't hit my goal yet....does that invalidate my opinion as well?.


Comment #27

Gee, I hope I don't get beat up for my answer. LOL! On really rough, PMS times, I have had 2 bars a day, and it did not effect my weight loss, however I do not do this often. Only at the SOS times, if you know what I mean...

Comment #28

It was clear Dave didn't like my advice, but he didn't have to belittle me, or re-committers in general; had his posts been less snippy, no one here would've had anything but congratulatory and encouraging words for him..

We are all here because we let our habits get the best of us, and we are all here because we want to change that. I think there's lots of room for camaraderie and kindness all around, and having met many wonderful people here already in just the few days I've been back, I know that any kindness Dave extends will be returned to him threefold...

Comment #29

I can't believe I'm weighing in here, goes....

I don't think bars can be compared to Big Macs. Despite higher carbs/calories, they still have nutrition content that is much better than a Big Mac, or Whopper...true story..

BUT. I think a true answer could COULD eat all bars - but you could not have 5 of them - you could probably have maybe 3 or 3.25 of them to add up to the same cals/carbs as would be, say, 5 other varied Medifast meals.

If you can do an all oatmeal day, why not an all bar day? You just couldn't eat every 2 or 3 hours, and you couldn't eat 5 bars and stay w/in nutritional limits that show success.

So - the moral of the story (for me) is - while an all-5-bar-day is not going to get you results you want, nor is it Medifast plan-ish, but you feel you really need an all bar day for some reason (legal disclaimer: I am not advocating this just because I am stating it), then I suppose you could just reduce the number to come close to what the Medifast meals would total, if you had all 5..

While I admire DHS for his success and continued support to us on the boards, I do have to chime in and convey my surprise at his abruptness in his post. However, taking it into context with his other numerous supportive and pretty amazing posts, I am willing to let it roll....sometimes in the game of tug of war, someone just needs to drop the rope....there's no "fight" if there's no one there to "fight" sense in looking for trouble..

Good luck to everyone, and although I admit it's relatively exciting reading for me on a boring Friday night, can't we all just get along???.


Comment #30

But what about the rest of the nutrition? Vitamins, minerals etc.? I'm sure Nutrisystem would give this a big NO. But hey, why not post it to them and see what their answer will be?.

This isn't a rhetorical question. There are specific, fact-based reasons why this is not recommended. It is spelled out pretty clearly in the QuickStart Guide and the question about more than one bar a day has been asked and answered multiple times by NS...

Comment #31

I often wonder the same thing as I read a post that has morphed into a tug of war. Well said...

Comment #32

You know, I just have to post on this issue. I'll probably kill this thread, but what the hey!.

I think that it is difficult for those of us who are on plan 100% to be asked to endorse or respond positively to a question about whether eating outside of the plan "rules" is OK. This is where the frustration comes in.

It is similar to logging into an Atkins diet support thread and asking if it would be OK to have pasta twice a week, or logging onto an anti-smoking board and asking if it would be OK to have just one or two cigarettes a week. You would probably get responses in a similar vein..

Food is such a touchy issue, and the reasons for being on plan or off plan or whatever are too complex to address here. And, I won't sit in judgement of anyone. But, the bottom line is:.

IF you are on medifast, is it OK to eat off-plan? And do you want my positive support while you do so?.

Dave's point of view is NO, OF COURSE NOT. He is direct and speaks bluntly, but you will always get the truth. And sometimes, the truth hurts. Whatever your reason for eating off plan is, the bottom line is that it isn't OK within the parameters of this plan. And I understand the frustration when I read post after post after post from people who seem to have a disconnect between losing weight and doing the work it takes to get there. NOT that this is our original poster's case.

All I will say is that, for me, the issue is clear. I am on this plan to lose weight. There are "rules" to following this plan in order to achieve my goals. I need to follow these rules. And please don't ask me to tell you it is OK to do your own thing under the guise of being on plan.

It isn't my business what others choose to do on this plan. However, I find it almost impossible to provide positive support to those who choose NOT to follow the plan and then are upset that they don't achieve their goals, or even worse, want me to be supportive whilst they do so... I DO support those who slip off plan and then get right back on, because this is a different issue altogether..

Just my humble opinion,.


"Give peace a chance..."..

Comment #33

Hi Maya...I just wanted to respond so you wouldn't feel you are killing the thread. lol j/k.

I wanted to say that I was surprised and delighted to read your response. For me, you hit the nail right on the head....and described it much more eloquently than I ever could.

If I was to try to get into the OP's head, which of a dangerous thing to do, but let's give it a shot. It seems to me that with her question, she was hoping to find a way to be able to eat all bars during the day....and if answers support that, it confirms what she may have been looking for. I love pizza...and if someone told me a few times over how the diet might work if I ate pizza, I'd be in bad shape. So, for me...and maybe some others, I need to reinforce what is on plan and in the best interest of people doing MF. to 5 bars, 3 bars, 3.5 bars, etc...because it just isn't on plan. It isn't to fight or be's to help because I know everyone will be more successful if they are 100% committed..

Wait a minute...why am I explaining did it perfectly. Thanks for that. This is me being quiet now. (don't expect it to last long lol).


Comment #34

Hey, SZ -.

Like in my legal disclaimer - I wasn't saying nor advocating anyone do what I was saying. Of course Nutrisystem would give it a big "no." Why didn't you just respond to the OP and tell them to "just ask NS" so the OP could get the big "no" from NS?.

In other words, I wasn't supporting, advocating, or recommending anything. I was merely stating that IF you truly felt the need, that would be the only way I could think of to accomplish it and not be way out of the ball park.

And correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe the bars do carry with them some nutritional value, which was my whole point re: Big Macs, etc. Comparing apples to to fat......

Relax, people!.

(Dropping the rope...)..

Comment #35

When I tried Medifast the first time (and NutriSystem and numerous other plans), I ate more bars per day than recommended. Each and every time. It's why I'm as heavy as ever. When I finally decided to "do" a plan the way it was supposed to be done, one with more than 20 years of success behind it, I joined in that success. You can eat 5 bars a day if you want. You can eat 10.

However, you won't be doing the Medifast plan and odds aren't you won't be very successful. View the food as fuel, learn to make it taste better to you, and you may soon find more of the foods taste pretty good (I did)...

Comment #36

Jorian -.

Now THAT was well said..


Can this one die now????..

Comment #37

It just seemed like such a nonsensical hypothetical. Worse so than the original post. Which is why I didn't respond to the original post but responded to yours. 'K?.

Edit to add: Sure, let's let it drop...

Comment #38

So much for not being snarky, eh?.

Have a good night!..

Comment #39


You got me - that made me smile.

You are right!..

Comment #40

First off,,DO NOT READ IF A NEWBIE a few facts here,,Is eating more than one bar a day the "real" Medifast plan?? OF COURSE NOT! We all agree on that, INCLUDING the original poster,,I imagine she was simply asking out of hope! lol,,I don't think she deserved to be crawled all over, nor does anyone else who posts!,,now,,as to the carbs,,it WOULD be possible to have more than one bar, reduce somewhere on the L/G,the lowest carb veggies,,such as salad greens, no dressing, or use all the shakes for let's say 3 of the five meals, and if choosing the lowest carb bars, you quite posssibly could stay 100 carbs or slightly below,,but of course, not with all bars. That said,,bottom line,,as much as ketosis speeds up our weight loss,,,you can lose weight as long as calories taken in are less than calories expended,,,,plain ,simple, proven logic.( yes, I did the math) I am not condoning doing this in any way,,,this would NOT be the Medifast plan, but still a person COULD lose this way,albiet it slowly,,,now,,I am sure I will be jumped mightily about this, but facts are facts and I really don't give a rat's patootie what some will say, as I AM NOT ENDORSING eating all bars,,(have to keep saying that, since some do not "see" the actual words.) I would find all bars boring anyway. Now,,,this thread can die..

Comment #41

Well, as someone said earlier, the Medifast Police will not show up at your door and haul you away for eating all bars, however, people way smarter than me have figured this out and how to make it work. It's been studied and tested and proven to be a safe and effective diet plan, IF it is followed properly. If you want to eat all bars, or anything else off plan, you can do it more cheaply and easily by just going to your local grocery store and buying some diet product off the shelf...

Comment #42

I said I didn't endorse it,,geesh,,I simply did the math today and figured out, as crazy as it may seem,,2 bars a day could possibly work in a pinch,,people take anything that shows a different perspective way too seriously,,,check it people,,I am a maintainer,,I BELIEVE in the 100% plan,,,but I still THINK and I was simply throwing a few thoughts out...

Comment #43

Lets start a rumor that if you eat more than one bar a day all your hair will fall out. LOL Just trying to lighten the snarky mood a bit...

Comment #44

Lol TREYNOLDS,,I think that would kill the sale of ALL the bars,,,wouldn't be a question then,,..

Comment #45

Dah, dah DAH....

You are ALL now trapped in....


You are all DOOMED to loop around and around and AROUND in it's evil ways....

Bwahhh ha ha ha ha ha....

It's late, and I'm losing it....


"No excuses..."..

Comment #46

ROFL @ Trey.

Hey Freia Reminds me of the other forums where they play last word, like a control game.

No one ever wins.

LOL so the last word is now mine..

Comment #47

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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