Can I eat Medifast bars everyday?

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Hi Everyone,.

I am looking for advice from you Veterans. I love love love the Medifast bars but what is everyone opinion on having one everyday? I have heard that weight loss may be slower because of carb count for the day. I have been trying to go every other day with a bar but it is one thing I really look forward to. I am starting my 3rd week tomorrow and have lost 13 lbs in my first 2 weeks...

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Here's my thought: Have one every day. If you are losing - keep having them. If your loss slows down - try having them less. If your loss stalls - try not having them at all for a while. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to just do the 5+1 without worrying about all the numbers...just go by what your body is telling it letting go of those fat cells or not?..

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I agree with CowgirlatHeart! It's ok to have one a day. And remember, it counts as a meal. You also want to make sure you don't have a snack when you eat the bars...

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There's no hard & fast "rule" that says not to have a snack & a bar in the same day. Just be aware that depending on what the snack is (celery vs Medifast crackers for example) total carbs that day will be higher. long as you are between 85 - 100 carbs per day you are ok. Simpler yet...are you losing? Then you're doing ok! If you're not losing...refer back to my earlier post here...

Comment #3

Thought I'd put in my two cents.... I have been on Medifast for 12 weeks.... and have enjoyed, and I mean ENJOYED !!! a bar every single day !! I love the carmel nut bars and look forward to one every day.... eat the bar if it makes you happy !! that's what I say...

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My advice is just like Cowgirl's: don't borrow trouble..

You're losing weight, so don't worry about it! If you stop losing weight, or you lose slowly enough to make you unhappy and frustrated, then try to tweak things. Until then, don't borrow trouble, just settle in and let the weight drift off..

Comment #5

Good advice here. If you are losing and having a bar everyday, then continue to do so. Why mess with success, especially if you enjoy the bars? I have had one EVERY DAY for 7 months and it has not hurt my weight loss. And I will probably still have a bar every day even if it stalls me out since I love them...

Comment #6

I LOVE the bars and have one almost every afternoon. So far, my weight loss has been steady (23 pounds in 7 weeks). I usually eat the bar around 4 PM and really helps to tide me over until my L&G at 7 or 7:30. I don't eat any of the snacks (haven't ordered any so far), so the bar is my one "treat" for the day. If I hit a prolonged plateau, I'll have to reconsider what I'm doing, but even with the bar, I'm staying under 900 calories and 90 carbs...

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I'm on board with everyone else here. You're losing, so feel free to eat the bars daily. Lots of folks do, and they have lots of success. I'll say that I used to have a bar every day, then got a little nervous during a bad week, so cut down to about two or three per week. I miss having them every day, though, and if my weight loss keeps up at the rate it's been going, I may go back to my bar-a-day ways. So yes, I sympathyze with your concern, but the losses you're seeing say everything, so eat a bar a day and enjoy!..

Comment #8

I just reached my goal last month and the one thing I can truly say is that I have a bar EVERY SINGLE DAY from 12/4/06 (the day I started MF) till today. I lost the first 80 pounds in exactly 6 months and it look about 7 weeks to lose the last 5, but my bar is the Medifast meal I enjoy the most..

I don't know if I would have lost faster if I cut the bars, but I am very pleased with my success so far. Luckily, I didnt have any major plateaus in the first 6 months so I never considered cutting them out..

I agree with most of the veterans out here. If you're losing just continue to eat them, If you stall consider switching your meals around. Even just changing the time of the day you eat your bar and when you exercise could make a difference..


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I just started having a bar every day this week. I don't weigh again until Saturday so I don't know yet if there is an impact. I find that I need to have the bar in the afternoon to hold me over until dinner (L&G). When I was having a shake at that time I would be starving by dinner time and usually with a headache. This week since I have been having the bar everyday, no headaches and I am not starving before dinnertime.

I am hoping this change will not impact my losses. I have been slow and steady so far and I think regardless I will stay with this change because I feel better headaches everyday was no fun at all..

I LOVE the bars they are like my daily treat. And the best part it's not cheating. :-)..

Comment #10

I second (and third) all of the previous posts... Here's to the bar! Seriously, it is the highlight of my day. My goal in this whole thing is, as long as I am losing at least one pound each week, I'm losing. Only if I was consistently not losing as much for several weeks would I consider it (after considering everything else, such as cheats, TOM, etc., FIRST! ). I also have mine in the afternoon, right before I go work out. Since it is the highest carb Medifast meal, I figure the exercise is working on it right away..

Keep at it and congratulations on your success so far!..

Comment #11

I have a bar everyday and the weight is still falling - almost a pound a day! Of course, I eat the EXACT same thing EVERYDAY! Only one bar, and everything else is shakes......

Comment #12

A day without a bar is a day that I won't be able to do MF. It is my treat and helps keep me on plan. I love the chocholate cooked in the microwave for about 15 seconds - it comes out like a hot brownie - YUM. I have lost 24lbs in 6 weeks. I cannot believe that 5 carbs and 50 calories could halt someone's weightloss, but who knows...

Comment #13

It's all about what else you choose. The bottom line is not if you have a bar or even if you have a bar and a snack it is what does the nutritional summary say about your day. I did 5/1 before the new guidelines when it was simply 5 Medifast meals (limited to one bar) and a lean and green and an optional snack. The nutritional guidelines were 1,000 calories or less, at least 100 protein and under 100 carbs and less than (I think) 30% of calories from fat (mine was usually under 20%). A person, like Ginger above, who uses a lot of shakes should have no problem staying within guidelines (even with a snack and a generous lean and green). One of the things many of us have witnessed is many newbies who try to stay at the bottom of the guidelines in calories and carbs or even try to get below the minimum.

This diet is restrictive enough without restricting it further. Have the bar every day but log it and everything else and make sure you just stay under the top of the guidelines. Blessings, Sterling..

Comment #14

GB - I saw your reply so I went to Success Tools and read the Quick Start Guide & Snacks Guide. I couldn't find anything. Could you please post a link to where the rule is? Thanks!..

Comment #15

OK, here's my two cents....I eat a bar EVERY day and I have a snack almost every day. I also eat whatever Medifast food I am in the mood for. I usually only drink 1 shake a day. The rest are soup, pudding, oatmeal, just whatever I am in the mood for. Look at my is not hurting me a bit. I will admit that some days I actually have had two bars if I am feeling a little "munchy" but I don't recommend that, but I think that is better than getting totally off plan (which I have never done).

The weeks my losses are a little low, guess what was missing?! EXERCISE!!! Exercise is the only thing that makes a difference in the amount of weight I lose each week. I quit counting carbs and calories months ago. Just do 5/1 and exercise. This weight loss plan is supposed to be easy, if I wanted to count stuff I would do something else. Just do 5/1 and you will be fine...

Comment #16


I have a bar every day, and it hasn't affected my loss. The only thing that has is TOM. My opinion, they are part of the plan. If you enjoy them, go for it! The more you enjoy something, the more you are likely to stay with it!!.

I throw in a snack now and then too and that would be on days I eat bars! I just use the food and the plan. No more than one snack, no more than one bar per day are the only "rules" I've seen for these items. That's what I go by, but that's just me! Again, I've continued to lose weekly with the exception of 2 weeks since I've been on plan, and again, that was TOM. Exercise helps, that's for sure.

Good luck!!!.


Comment #17

I dont eat the bars because I dont feel good when I do..

BUT.... if I were you.... and I LOVED THEM... and I was still losing weight... I would eat them every day!.

You can always cut back to every other day if you start to plateau..

This isn't a diet. It is a lifestyle change. It is your health. If eating a bar keeps you healthy and you are attaining your goals then keep at it. Most people fail diets because they feel deprived. Dont deprive yourself if it is working!.

You are doing great!..

Comment #18

I couldn't stay on Medifast without the bars - it's my treat - how can I be dieting if I can have this terrific (to me) chocolate bar every darn day? Psychologically, they make a huge difference. I have one every afternoon when I get my "hungry horrors" - then I'm all set - I've had "candy!".

As you can see, I've got the sweet tooth (teeth!) from heck - always have; always will. Set a bowl of potato chips next to me - I won't even look at them. M&M's - get out of my way! We're all different, I know. The bars keep me sane and happy - if I take a bit longer to reach my goal, they're worth it!..

Comment #19

We seem to have this discussion often about "can I have a snack and a bar". I see on page 12 of the quick start plan that it states, "In addition to the 5 Medifast Meals and 1 LG meal, you may choose the following snacks each day. Medifast approved snacks include (and then they list the snacks)"..

The bar is a meal, it is not a snack. Therefore, I have always read it as you have the bar for one of your meals if you want, and then you still get a snack. I am almost sure I saw Medifast Nutrition answer this the same way a couple of months ago..

Anyone else find anything in the Medifast literature to clear this up? I do a snack with my lunch soup and I do a bar each day and I do fine. I think in the end, each of us has different needs and some lose with bars and others don't, so we each have to decide what works for us individually...

Comment #20

What kind of exercise do you do, dawncamp? That's great to hear! I worry about what I hear about too much exercise slowing down weight loss...

Comment #21

I am into my 4th week and I have to eat my bar everyday. It is my treat and I love them too. I am losing weight and have also thought the same way but why fix what isnt broke? I have never ordered the snacks and dont plan on it either..those I can do dont miss what you dont have....Much luck to you ....

Comment #22

In my Welcome packet there is a white and blue sheet of paper titled "Medifast tips" and it says...

"Try to avoid eating a Medifast snack product and a Medifast bar in the the same day due to their higher carb content. If you like eating both snacks and bars, try to alternate days that you incomrporate a Medifast snack into your program with days you are eating a bar. Refer to the list of non-Medifast snacks that you may incorporate into your program every day for more options.".

So I guess it's not expressly "forbidden" or anything, just not recommended.

I would tend to agree with the majority of posters here... as long as you are keeping your numbers healthy, and it works for you... go for it!.

I've not yet tried the snack products myself... but those bars are just so yummy that I have to fight with myself not to eat the box.

Everything good is worth the wait... have patience and believe..

Comment #23

Notice they say "Snack Products" meaning MF's snacks (Soycrisps/fast soups) as opposed to Medifast approved snacks ( things like celery stalks/pickle spears) which are lower in calories and carbs than the Medifast products. I sometimes have a couple pickle spears if I'm needing something extra. And YES I do have my daily beloved bar!!!..

Comment #24

When I started Medifast I was having 1 bar a day. I have since stopped eating a bar a day and have experienced faster lost than usual. I think everyone is different, though. I'm saving up my bars for transition now...

Comment #25

All good advise above. Part of this program is learning to trust yourself, and figuring out what's working best for you. I too enjoy (and continue to enjoy on maintenance) a bar a day. I am a pretty regular exerciser, and after a workout your body is craving it's fuel of choice which is carbs, so if you are exercising and still losing, don't worry about eating a bar every day..

Towards the last as I approached goal, to help keep my carb count under the 85 gms I switched my shakes to the diabetic ones. No real diff in the flavor and they are lower in carbs and higher in protein...

Comment #26

So far, I have 1 L&G, 4 shakes, 1 bar. I have the bar for my last meal-sort of as my reward for staying on plan.

If I ever go off plan, then I won't get the "reward". So far, I haven't gone off plan, so I get my bar everyday and I love every morsel of it, too!!!.

However, I don't love it as much as getting healthy so, if I hit a plateau, I'll drop the bars..

Some say well, it may take a little longer and that they will never give up the bars, but I chose Medifast to lose quickly and I'll give them up if they slow me down...

Comment #27

I've had them almost everyday for 8months, and yep still lost a TON of weight,lol..

Comment #28

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