Can I eat Chicken w/Broccoli on Medifast?

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Before I started on MF, we had chicken w/ broccoli every Friday night. When I was on Weight Watcher's, according to the book, it was 2 points per that's some where around 100 calories I think.

I didn't know if anyone of you ever ate it on Medifast while still being on plan. I really crave it, but don't want to do something crazy!.

So if I CAN have it, what is the serving size???.



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Is chicken with broccoli some kind of recipe, or just chicken with brocolli on the side??? I have 6 oz of chicken breast with 1.5 cups of broccoli for my L&G several times per week. If I'm totally missing it, sorry!..

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Yeah, I'm not getting it either..

Chicken is approved. 6 oz serving size..

Broccoli is approved. 1/2 cup serving size. So, you can have 1.5 cups for your green serving if you want to...

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Are you talking Chinese chicken and broccoli? If so then it would be difficult to say. A lot of those sauces have a lot of sugar, salt and oil in them. Most places will allow you to order the sauce on the side. And judging a portion would be difficult. I think the average L&G is supposed to be something around 300-350 cals, <10 fat and <15-20 carbs (don't quote me, that is just what my memory says!) I think the problem comes in with the carbs in the sauce. If you meant chinese, does your restaraunt offer a nutrition breakdown? Maybe you could try I don't know.

Edit:at calorie king I found PF Changs has per serving 660 cals, 26 fat, and 45 carbs! And I hate to think about the sodium...... My advice, order it steamed and with sauceon the side to be safe.............(again if you meant Chinese).

Edit again!!! I found this from nutrition support.

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Shannon, did you receive the Quick Start Guide with your food? If not, go to the top of the page, click on the Success Tools Tab, click on Eat Right topic and scroll down. The Guide can be downloaded, and there are lots of other guides - vegetable list, condiment options - there you can use..

Welcome and good luck!!..

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My chinese food trick.. I order my food steamed with the sauce on the side. I have NEVER had any chinese restaurant give me a hard time about this.

Every chinese restaurant is different, but most of the places I go to around here the sauce on chicken and broccoli is not sweet. I would ask Nutrisystem if you could use a T. or 2 of it as a condiment option... alternately, you could just use a few shakes of soy sauce...

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I'm sorry, I just assumed everyone would know I meant the Chinese kind. Thanks for the advice!.


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My husband is a Chinese chef, and owns his own restaurant. He does not do buffet, cook to order only, so he makes changes to food all the time per the customer request. He himself is diabetic, so adjusts to that diet cooking very well also. I just called him to see exactly what he puts in a regular order of Ck/Bro....It has a tiny bit of sugar, two kinds soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, and cornstarch. Typically that is, BUT, he says any restaurant can adjust if they do not do buffet, but menu order only. For me he substitutes splenda for the sugar, leaves the cornstarch and oyster sauce off, and still uses the soy and a small amount of sesame oil.

These are much higher in sugar. I figure hubby knows all this, as he has been a chef/restaurant owner for over 30 years. Hope this helps clarify some for you. You can make healthy choices with Chinese food! Enjoy your dinner!..

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Dang - your husband is a CHEF? Lucky duck!.

(lol - I don't think I've used that phrase since I was in grade school)..

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Yes, I am lucky, but now you can see how I gained those 40 pounds! Fortunately, he was very interested in my diet, and has had fun cooking up new dishes that are Medifast friendly..just gotta love a man like that!..

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Btw,Roachie, you are doing great with your weight loss,,congratulations!..

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